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11:05:2004 Entry: "Ann : So we get something in the mail today..."

So we get something in the mail today...

...addressed to "Mrs. Ann Stretton and Mr. Stan Starbuck." So, just who are these adulterers? And who is "Mrs." Stretton married to? Mr. Stretton, one would assume. Who is Mr. Stretton? Is this that Stanley Stretton who keeps getting credit card offers? It's really funny that he has the same first name as Stanley Starbuck. Mrs. Ann Stretton must really like guys named Stanley.

Damn, how absolutely stupid does one have to be to not get the concept that if you are keeping your maiden name, then you address it to "Ms.", not "Mrs."

This wouldn't be so offensive if it was anonymous (well, yeah, it would be offensive, like when I got telemarketer calls and they didn't get the concept I was not Mrs. Starbuck, but still)...but it came from one of Stan's relatives. The dreaded wedding invitation we were fearing. Yeah, like we're going to fly to California during our vacation in Colorado to see a cousin of Stan's get married who never got along with Stan. Can you say "fishing for wedding gifts?"

Worse, Stan's mom is willing to fly us out there! Ummm...and we leave the dogs....where? I don't have much patience for the impractical, and this has been a thorn in my side ever since we heard of this wedding and my mom-in-law's generous offer of plane fare. If it was truly generous though, she'd understand it was not soley plane fare that would cost us a lot doing this, but also boarding dogs, motel fare, etc. If it was truly generous, she'd understand that we have no interest in going. It's not like we fly around the world frequently, and our not-even-always-yearly trips to Colorado are important to us, to see the area and our friends there.

Ugh. Not happy about this.


Being invited to something doesn't mean you have to go, after all, you seem to have no interest in having some sort of tight relationship to this cousin anyway.

Posted by Nico @ 10:05:2004:06:31 AM CST

Oh, we're not going, definitely not. I don't think even the cousin expects us to come. It was just a formality sending us an invite. It's Stan's mom who wants us to go. She's being very impractical. And when Stan tries to explain to her why we can't, she gets upset and doesn't GET IT. She doesn't get it that we're not just going to leave our dogs with Stan's brother in law (who also isn't going), that they need to be professionally boarded (I don't trust some people w/my dogs, you know?). She doesn't get a lot of things about how this would be a big burden for us. She seems to flit around from family reunion here and there, cruise here and there, without a cause or worry. She doesn't understand what it's like to have a hard time getting time off from work (enough days in a row, that is, to take a trip) so that time off is precious to us, and we want to make the most of it the way we can. She's retired, so she doesn't have to think about that. And when she was employed, she had schoolteacher vacations (i.e, summers off) so she also thinks everyone can get summers off. I'm at least glad my parents are more practical on that aspect, although they're really out of it in so many ways as well. Different ways, but still out of it.

Posted by Ann @ 10:05:2004:10:03 AM CST

Yep, can see why you don't want to leave your dogs with just anyone. I trust very few people with my cats, well, infact I only trust myself, but sometimes I need to trust others or I would have to stay home all the time ;)

Posted by Nico @ 10:06:2004:06:55 AM CST

By Ann @ 16:48 PM CST:11:05:04 ..::Link::..