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11:05:2004 Entry: "Ann : Disney Witch Tale #283"

Disney Witch Tale #283

I have no patience for the impractical. I have no patience for the impetuous.

OK, this was going to be a big rant about the wedding and the impracticality of us going, but I think I made myself clear on that point. Instead, I'm just making this a memory lane post.

So we knew this person over a decade ago. She must've had some severe imbalance or something, because one time she wanted us to watch a movie that she had seen and she had liked a lot. OK, fine, I have nothing against watching a movie that someone is drooling over...I have movies like that myself that I wish everyone could watch and savor (although I have found out sometimes it's best to keep them to yourself as they are frequently lost on those who just don't get it). So we tell her yes, we'd like to watch the movie sometime. Turns out she'd rented it, and she wanted us to watch it THAT NIGHT with her. Whoahhhh...hold on here...whatever happened to agreeing on a time to see the movie? What ever happened to dates and having the two parties agree on a mutually arrangeable time? I don't know what specifically was going on with us that we couldn't make it...I think I was finishing up graduate school and Stan had started graduate school and we were both working and very busy. But we couldn't see it that night, or that weekend. We could see it the next weekend. Would that be OK? No, that wasn't OK. It had to be THAT NIGHT. She had already rented the movie. But we can't make it tonight. We're very busy. Can't you wait? No, she couldn't wait. She had to see it, with us, THAT NIGHT.

'The hell?

So it turns out we didn't watch it with her, because we couldn't do it, so she watched the movie by herself and pouted the whole way through it in spoiled little Disney Witch fashion, and then was mad at us for the next two weeks or so. Either she was just so PSYCHOTIC that her rigid little mind for some strange reason would not allow further time to elapse without seeing it, OR, the poison that she had prepared for us had to be used that night before it went bad, spoiled, and then was unable to have the zombie limb-numbing effect she was hoping it would have on Stan or me.

Yeah, it was probably the poison scenario. That would make more sense than her psychosis. Yup.


There's too many people who are weird in a negtive way, I guess.

Posted by Nico @ 10:06:2004:06:56 AM CST

She was an NPW. (nasty piece of work)

I have a lot more stories where that one came from. Maybe I'll post more at some other time.

Posted by Ann @ 10:06:2004:09:05 AM CST

By Ann @ 16:47 PM CST:11:05:04 ..::Link::..