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11:07:2004 Entry: "Ann : DREAM: Huh?"


This is one of those dreams that you instantaneously forget when you wake up. Only are you reminded of it when something during the day is a trigger. When Stan and I were at Jenny Street Market today, they were playing something by Tom Petty. So I remembered my dream: Stan had a cassette tape (!?!) of some movie soundtrack. It mostly had soundtrackish musical ambient tracks, but the final track was something by Tom Petty. ('the hell?) I was a bit baffled wondering why Stan would want it. I kept thinking to myself, "you're actually going to listen to this?" Not that Tom Petty is HORRENDOUS or anything, but there's a lot better.

I think Tim Robbins was also in the dream. And a bunch of left-wing hollywood types.

This is getting odd.


I used to really like Tom Petty, now I can't remember how he sound, I just remember that I liked him.

Posted by Nico @ 10:08:2004:05:38 AM CST

Ha ha! It's sort of hard to forget what he sounds like around here in the states...even if you shut yourself off from the media like I do, you're bound to here him in a store being played or something.

We have this drunken neighbor and when he talks while drunk he sounds like he'd be good backup vocals for Petty and Dylan. Sometimes Stan and I would make up this imaginary band like that and one of us would sing like Petty or Dylan and the other would just babble ala drunken neighbor.

I guess it's one of those "you had to have been there" moments.

Posted by Ann @ 10:08:2004:08:50 AM CST

Holy Halfwits, Batman! Is that what I think I see? I spelled "hear" (as in "I hear Tom Petty being played on that lame FM station in the grocery store" as "here"! I can't believe I did that!

I hang my head in shame.

Hey, at least I caught it.

Posted by Ann @ 10:08:2004:10:29 AM CST

Really funny you mention Tom Petty.., because I was a really great fan of him and his band (the Heartbreakers) for about 15 years ago or so!! :) I am not listening so much to him nowadays but since I have a lot of his records, it still happens, and I still absolutely appreciate his music (maybe also a little nostalgic:). It would really have been great to hear you sing like Tom Petty or Bob Dylan.., I would definitively paid a lot for that...!! :))

Posted by hildur @ 10:08:2004:11:08 AM CST

By Ann @ 11:36 PM CST:11:07:04 ..::Link::..