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11:11:2004 Entry: "Ann : Killing Multidisciplinary Ann"

Killing Multidisciplinary Ann

Once a long time ago--long is relative term in internet years--someone asked me if I was a Prince fan because of my first website's domain name, The asker said Prince had some song by some similar name. I had to do research on this, but I guess the song's name is Anna Stesia. I guess I further made the asker suspect because I frequently design in purple. No, sorry, not a Prince fan. I probably also confabulated the situation further still because I've been known to make statements such as "I'm attracted to short rock stars" which I have to retract because Roger Waters is pretty damn tall.

A similar weird event happened to me recently, except the shoe was on the other foot. I was playing around with my plugins in Photoshop, and got to wondering about this filter in the Plugin Galaxy suite called "Breakfast." See, BREAKFAST makes PSYCHEDELLIC patterns. Breakfast has a series of effects named after breakfasty things like "Eggs, Sausage, MARMALADE," and oddly enough, "WALL." OK, I mean the coincidence is too much! The designer of the filters just *had to be* making references to Pink Floyd and the song on Atom Heart Mother, "Alan's Psychedellic Breakfast" (the song famous for the spoken line "marmalade, I like marmalade"), and the "Wall" effect was thrown in as a joke.

So I asked the creator of the filters, who has an online forum, whether this was the case. No, he said Floyd was a little before his time. Hmm. Well, it must be a cosmic joke then. What can I say.

I also mentioned the filters on a Pink Floyd forum in a thread about the song "Alan's Psychedellic Breakfast" and got typical dead air there.

It's like these two different worlds. Similar to the Seinfeld episode with "Relationship George" vs. "Independent George" except where George's Georges would virtually destroy eachother if they colided, my "Pink Floyd Ann" and "Artist Ann", not to mention "Cactus Ann" and "Dog Owner Ann" are all floating around in these overlapping worlds that no one can see. Instead of collision and destruction, there's ambivalence, bafflement and isolation, not on the part of me, Ann, but on the part of others in those worlds. George's fear was that they meet. My fear is that they can't. Who knows. Maybe it really is a good thing.


What about a unification filter like Postmodern Ann who can be the hidden self who keeps track of all of the fragments of Ann? This Ann could be infinite and no matter how many differant Anns occure like Pink Floyd, Ann Cactus Ann etc... there would constantly be to Postmodern Ann to unify all fragments. This Postmodern Ann could be so infinate that no matter how many times a Postmodern Anns occures there would always be another Postmodern Ann to unify any additional Postmodern Anns. Maybe?

I love all the Anns no matter how fragmented they may be.

Posted by Stan @ 10:10:2004:08:57 PM CST

Do you really love all the Anns? How about "early 1983 Ann" aka "I think we should just be friends, Stan, Ann"?

How about "Non-sequitor Ann" otherwise "Not to change the subject Ann".

Not to change the subject (well, it's not THAT far off topic of filters and Pink Floyd and such) but I was just thinking how since no one has officially done it yet KNOWINGLY, wouldn't it be fun to actually consciously make graphic filters based on lyrics in Pink Floyd songs?

What brought this idea on was I was thinking that a Photoshop filter effect called "Radiate Cold Shafts of Broken Glass" would be *really cool, man* not to mention actually useful in practical applications.

You know how a lot of Roger's lyrics are based on a list motif (the end of Dogs, Eclipse, just for 2 examples), not to mention the visual image that are evoked in the lyrics, would really fit the format of a lists of filter effects or names of presets.

Have I totally lost it?

Totally Lost It Ann

Posted by Ann @ 10:10:2004:09:23 PM CST

And what about Poser Figure characters based on Seinfeld's Pet Names for Everybody?

Regifter Poser Figure
LowTalker Poser Figure
Spongeworthy Male Poser Figure
Soup Nazi Poser Figure
Bubble Boy Poser Figure
Anti-dentite Poser Figure

Yeah, she's lost it.

I think I need a vacation.

Posted by Ann @ 10:10:2004:09:32 PM CST

Yes... I think it would be great if you could have all of these toys. There could be thousands of Pink Filters and they could be applied to an endless aray of Poser Figures. All of these things may even make it possible to live the perfect life - a life of harmless and unending pleasures... maybe.

Posted by Stan @ 10:10:2004:09:52 PM CST

So, hypothetically, you could create a Seinfeld Poser Figure, import it into Photoshop and apply Pink Floyd filter effects to it. Oooh, worlds collide! Pink Floyd Ann, meet Seinfeld Ann.

What fun!

Posted by Ann @ 10:10:2004:09:55 PM CST

Now that's living!

Posted by Stan @ 10:10:2004:09:58 PM CST

By Ann @ 12:31 AM CST:11:11:04 ..::Link::..