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11:05:2004 Entry: "Ann : My West Coast Vacation"

My West Coast Vacation

I have been depressed. Not a painful depressed, like something that happens to you PERSONALLY, the twisting depression like a piercing high decibel scream that leaves you wanting to slit your wrists to depart this painful personal torment. No, it's a very low decibel ache, almost inaudible, like an earth moaning environmental hum. It is not personal, it is universal. It's not just me, but everyone who has had their hopes dashed these past few days. It is a universal depression that I feel.

It is easier to believe in some sleazy right-wing conspiracy, a rigging of the computerized voting boxes that leave no paper trail, than to believe that people actually did this to themselves. I want to believe in the conspiracy, I don't want to believe that people chose this. I want to believe in the evil of a few powerful men, not the ignorance of millions.

After a trip to Colorado's Western Slope these past few weeks, I was relieved to be back at home in Madison out range from the Pickup-with-gun-rack-driving Dekes and Delberts of the Rockies. Madison voted for Kerry. We re-elected Senator Russ Feingold and Representative Tammy Baldwin. I feel good about that, in fact, 6 years of Feingold's opponent in many ways would've been worse for us than 4 more years of Dumbya.

Nestled in the southwest of the Colorado mountains was a little mountain town called Telluride. Telluride, a ski resort town and sponsor of a summer jazz festival, is much too upscale for my liking, not to mention its position in the mountains means it gets about three hours of daylight per day. But sometimes upscale can be good. Travelling back to Montrose from Cortez, we stopped to get some groceries in a small store right next to the visitor information center we always stop at to relieve ourselves on that journey. One of the items I found there was some African Tea that I had never seen before. It was delicious, and it made me sleep like a dead man.

Upon returning to Madison, I was unable to find that brand of tea. Today we tried Magic Mill. No African Tea:

Me or Stan (joking): I guess we'll just have to return to Telluride.
Stan or Me: That would be scary.
Stock Clerk (overhearing our conversation): What would be scary?
Stan: Telluride. Have you ever been to Telluride?
Stock Clerk: No, where is it?
Stan: In Colorado.
Stock Clerk: No, I've never been to the West Coast.

That statement just sums it up. Basic fundamentals like geography are missing from the minds of the young. Vietnam is something from those old movies that no one watches anymore. Ignorance abounds. There is no hope. I wish I could feel hopeful, but I don't.

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