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02:07:2006 Entry: "Ann : The Kool Aid Kronikles, Part 1a"

The Kool Aid Kronikles, Part 1a

Here's a picture of the subtle reddish streak. Sorry, don't have a "before" shot.

koolaid1a (26k image)


That sounded like a LOT of work for teeny tiny results.

Posted by greenthumb @ 01:30:2006:11:50 AM CST

Oh no, it's not a lot of work at all. Very easy to do, and it's all part of experimenting to see what will yield what results without using harsh chemicals. Plus, it's not like I'm just sitting doing nothing while the stuff sets. You can carry on with what you do normally around the house while it's setting. More time is wasted sitting in a chair at a salon. I can't think of worse torture to go through for the sake of looks.

Maybe because I'm an artist doing stuff like this isn't that difficult...painting, applying certain processes, experimentation, whatever.

Posted by Ann @ 01:30:2006:12:04 PM CST

I think it's the artist in you - wanting to experiment - not just get something off a shelf in a bottle. The process being more important than the end result.

I have a vague memory of you dripping kool aid on a notebook in HS to see if the pages would turn colors. (It was brightly colored stock.)

And you say you've changed ... ha, ha!

Posted by greenthumb @ 01:30:2006:12:16 PM CST

So what's wrong with always being an artist?

I never said I've changed. I might've said I've changed my opinions about certain things, or I don't do certain things I used to do, or...??? But so do a lot of people, right? I mean if you don't, you just stay stagnant, and who wants to do that?

Posted by Ann @ 01:30:2006:12:24 PM CST

There's nothing wrong with being an artist that I'm aware of.

No need to be defensive - if I could put a smiley emotive thing after what I write, you would know that I'm not saying anything worth getting in a lather about!

Posted by greenthumb @ 01:30:2006:12:41 PM CST

Not being defensive, just saying I never said I totally changed. ;-) (yes, I realize this sounds like I'm being defensive over being called defensive! aaaagh!)

Quick smiley guide:

Noseless smileys: :)
winking or kidding noseless smiley smiley: ;)

characters can be added between colons and parenthesis to give sense of nasal protrusions:
:-) (I just realized this could also be a smiley with a hairlip, and although I tend to use this one frequently, I don't have a hairlip)
:o) (bulbuous nose)
:^) (pointy nose)
:O) (really bulbuous nose)
:=( (hitler?)

Kiss: :-*

For bespeckled smileys, use an 8 instead of colons: 8)

blah (tongue sticking out): :-P or :-b

laugh: :-D

shock: :-O

bug-eyed supershock: 8-O

so what indifference: :-/

catatonic: :-

this has got to mean something, but I don't know what...large nostrils or odd moustache, perhaps? :E)

prize fighter with broken nose smiley: :~)

:-: (friday the 13th jason mask smiley, well, who knows if he's smiling under there)

:-L (drooling smiley?)

:-b_ _ (super drool)

:-B (smiley with buck teeth)

Posted by Ann @ 01:30:2006:01:42 PM CST

:-: (friday the 13th jason mask smiley, well, who knows if he's smiling under there) LOL!

Now there's one I can really put to use! 8-O I'm sure Jason had an ear to ear grin every time he gruesomely murdered someone ... eeeuuuwww.

Posted by greenthumb @ 01:30:2006:04:47 PM CST

I picture him as being rather catatonic... :-

(for some reason this straightline bar thing that I'm using for the catatonic expressionless mouth doesn't show up, at least on my browser, but in a way, the absence of a mouth for the catatonic expression makes sense too)

Did you ever see the movie Fargo? The big tall blond Swedish-American guy (Gaere Grimsrud) had this blank, emotionless, catatonic expression that I sort come to think of as what certain psychopathic serial killers would have.

You know, come to think of it, I don't know if I've seen any of the Friday the 13th movies except for the first one, and that one I can't remember, so maybe I didn't see that one either.

For 6 months out of my life in 1985, I had an otherwise awful suck job, but I got to take free rental movies home every night, and that would've been the time i woud've seen it, but I just can't recall. It must've made a BIG impression on me. ;-/

I thought the first Halloween movie was good and suspenseful, but I never saw the rest of them. I think that was the one where "the phone call is coming from inside the house!" That was really scary. Now, it would be like, "so what...people have cellphones."

Posted by Ann @ 01:30:2006:05:12 PM CST

I RARELY see scary movies because I get too scared and have my eyes shut most of the time. I did see The Ring, and it was scary but it also lost me.

I get freaked out by stuff that 10 year olds are snickering at. Scary movies are probably my least favorite variety of movies - I'd rather see martial arts or kiddie movies or most anything else - my nerves just can't take them!

The exception being class act scary/suspense movies like "The Birds" or "Psycho" - of course I know what happens in them too. There are several other "classics" that I have never seen, but would like to - a couple that come to mind are "Play Misty for Me" and "Rosemary's Baby."

Posted by greenthumb @ 01:31:2006:08:28 AM CST

You've never seen Play Misty for Me? I LOVE that movie! It is one of my all time favorites! (plus, Clint is HOT in that one...not to sound shallow, but he is) It is a thriller. I love thrillers. "Scary" or "Horror" can contain lots of genres, like thrillers, slasher flicks (they don't scare me, they bore me in their vapidness), or gothic classics like Frankenstein/Dracula.

I saw Rosemary's Baby on tv last year and it made me laugh, really, in fact I think Play Misty is much more suspenseful--real-type people behaving in erratic ways are always scarier to me than fake-o devil monster babies or creepy Freddy Kreuger (sp?) freaks. I'm very immune to horror films, and it takes a lot to scare me, but if it's done well, I love them. Just tell yourself, it's a movie...it's 2-dimensional, it can't hurt you!

I remember when I was in college, I went to see "The Shining" (with Ron) and there was a part in there where *everyone* screamed in unison! That was a good thriller. And I remember when the first Poltergeist came out, we went to see it at that theatre at the University mall, didn't we? I remember riding my bike home in the dark after that and feeling a little weirded out, not that an actual crumbling chocolate zombie would pop out of the earth in a deserted lot on the way, but, well, I don't know if I can describe the feeling.

Posted by Ann @ 01:31:2006:09:01 AM CST

fake-o devil monster babies - LOL - you do have a way with words!

No, I've never seen PMFM. My sister saw that way back when when it first came out with older cousins and it scared her half to death. (That's the type of thing you get to do when you have older cousins who live in sophisticated college towns and you have temporarily escaped direct parental supervision.) Clint was good in a lot of movies.

Within a few months of when I first moved out on my own I was watching the Amityville Horror and there was a scene (buzzing flies) that was obviously setting the viewer up for something gross and I turned off the TV. I realized that since I was living alone, I could not afford to be watching stuff like that or I'd be scared of every little thing. And since then (24 years ago!) I've just never watched hardly anything scary, thriller, gross etc. So now I'm like a 2 year old drinking a Mtn. Dew - a little gets a big reaction from me.

In general, we are all so immune and jaded now. Did you know that when King Kong originally premiered in 1933 that there was a scene of giant spiders eating people and people (women) were fainting at the premier - so the scene was pernamently cut. That wouldn't happen now days. I'm just a couple steps up from fainting at giant spiders.

I have seen Aliens which was very suspenseful - that was pretty tense for me! (and a darn good movie)

I've never seen the Shining - but I've seen the Stanley Hotel up in Estes Park lots of times! In a nut shell - what was the scene that everyone screamed at? Have you ever seen Carrie? I never have, but Don said that when he first saw that movie (mid 70s) he almost fell out of his seat - there is a scene at the end ... well, I won't say, just in case you haven't seen the movie, but do some day. (I doubt the movie would have given Don the same reaction today - a million movies and TV programs later.)

Poltergiest was suspenseful at first, but after the 100th corpse has popped out of the ground, the shock value pretty much had worn off. The really dangerous part was probably riding your bike back home with no bike light!!

About 1973 I spent the night at Helen's and we watched a movie called "Two on a Gillotine" which almost scared us to death - it would be interesting to see what my reaction to that would be today - probably not very strong.

Posted by greenthumb @ 01:31:2006:11:01 AM CST

I've never been *to* the Stanley hotel, only past it. I would like to see it inside some day, but don't know when I'll have the opportunity.

*SPOILERS for those who've never seen the Shining and want to**
The scene everyone screamed at was when the character played by Scatman Crothers (forgot the character's name) is walking down an obviously deserted hallway and out from nowhere, Jack (Jack Nicholson) comes from the side and burries a hatchet in him.

Alien(s) were good movies.

I don't know if we're more jaded now or less gullible. I'd like to think that we (humanity) wouldn't scream at giant spiders on a screen because we know it's impossible, rather than because we've seen a gazillon giant spider films.

I saw Carrie fairly recently. It didn't scare me a bit. If anything, I felt empathy for the poor girl, pity that she had such an awful mother and had to endure such teasing at school. Sissy Spacek is such a good actor. One of my favorites with her is "Badlands" (also starring Martin Sheen pre-Apocalypse Now). It came out before Carrie, in 1973. It's based on a real story of a high school girl that runs away with her older boyfriend and they go on a killing spree throughout the midwest in the 1950s. Despite the subject matter, it's a beautiful movie (Terrence Malik, director).

I think it was Poltergeist II where they brought in this character of this creepy ghostly preacher. Now that was a scary character. He grinned and stared at you as he walked. But the crumbly chocolate zombies was totally bogus.

In Twin Peaks there was this character called "Bob" who is a familiar, an inhabiting spirit who kills people. He appears when this one character, Leland, the father of Laura Palmer is becoming "inhabited" or possessed by him. When they first introduced Bob, he freaked me out. It was very terrifying at times. It was also a very funny series at times too. It had everything. But the scariest parts wasn't when he was killing someone, but when he just "appeared", like you could tell Leland wasn't being himself, and he'd look in a mirror and see Bob's sinister grinning face looking back at him. Then we realized that Stan looked a bit like Bob when he imitated him, so on Halloween in 1992, I went as Laura Palmer and Stan went as Bob.

Posted by Ann @ 01:31:2006:11:27 AM CST

Badlands was based on Charles Starkweather and his girlfriend - I believe he is considered this country's "first" serial murderer. I have never seen the movie. Sissy S. is a good actress - she was so good in "Coal Miners Daughter" - you wouldn't have to be a Loretta Lynn fan to enjoy that movie.

People being possessed by different personalities - or completely taken over - is usually good. "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" is absolutely one of my all, all, all time favorite movies. I've lost count of how many times I've seen it, but it's good every time. (That was a movie Ron W. saw - not with me - and he liked it too.)

If you like scary preachers, "The Night of the Hunter" is a 50s classic.

Posted by greenthumb @ 01:31:2006:11:38 AM CST

Right! Charlie Starkweather, I forgot the name. There was another movie done in the 90s based on that scene starring Tim Roth as Charlie and I forgot the actress who played the girlfriend. I didn't like it as much as Badlands, but I have to admit certain elements were a little more true to 50s styling. They used a very dingy, almost black and white color scheme that made the whole thing very depressing, whereas Badlands was filmed very beautifully. I do like Tim Roth, though, and he's in a lot of movies I like. He also shares the exact birthdate with Stan. (odd trivia)

I don't think I ever saw the original Body Snatchers movie, but I saw one made in the 70s, I'm guessing, with Donald Sutherland. There's a part where some guy sleeps next to a dog (I can't remember the exact scenario) and the pod process takes over and creates a mutant dogman wih a dog'd body and man's face. That was prety freaky. I think that movie is responsible for one of the phrases I use frequently, "pod people."

I'm not familiar with "Night of the Hunter." Who is in it? I'll have to keep a lookout for it. I don't like scary preachers, in fact I hate them, but they do make for good horror content!

Maybe some people get off on being scared--I guess I do, not scared in my own life but scared by a movie. Maybe it releases some endorphin or something that gives us a rush.

Posted by Ann @ 01:31:2006:11:52 AM CST

If you liked the movie Badlands you might like the book "In Cold Blood" which is in my top two books of all time (along with "Hard Living on Clay Street"). I know you don't read books much, but I *could not* over recommend that. I've read it *at least* 6 times, the first time being in 8th grade. It is a classic for a reason. I've never seen the movie (with Robert Blake) - I think because I know it couldn't be better than the book. And BTW there are frequent references to dreams in the book.

Sounds like I'd like the cinementography in Badlands - I like wide open spaces and places that some people find bleak and depressing - however, I've never been to S. Dakota, which (I think) is where the Badlands are.

Definitely see the original IOTBS - part of what makes the movie so good is the era - Cold War/Commie Witch Hunts - in which it was made. There are two endings on the original - the first was a "hopeless" ending which was thought to be too alarming so another more hopeful ending was done. However, both are good and the alternative ending only affects the last 2-3 minutes of the movie. It by no means ruined the movie.

The Night of the Hunter was 1955 with Robert Mitchum and Shelly Winters - I've never seen the movie but I've read the book (as a Reader's Digest condensed book).

I think it's safe to say a lot of people like to get scared - but definitely not in real life. That's no fun at all!!!!!

Posted by greenthumb @ 01:31:2006:12:11 PM CST

I probably would like the book. Maybe some day...

You'd probably like the cinematography in Badlands. South Dakota isn't as depressing as it is just stark, for the most part. Just flat. Wheatfields. Forever. The badlands are actually rather unusual because of the geographical formations, which is almost more like the southwest. I've been there a couple times, once with my parents when I was a teen and then in 1999 with Stan.QA! <--DOG TYPED THAT.

Definitely a place to visit.

Did you ever see "Fatal Attraction?" That's pretty good, but IMHO a complete rip of Play Misty, which was a lot better.

Posted by Ann @ 01:31:2006:12:40 PM CST

Yes, I saw Fatal Attraction and liked it - don't remember too many details.

You would definitely like the book "In Cold Blood" - I can say that with assurance based on knowing you to the extent that I know you, what movies you like, things you write, your empathy with people who don't fit in, your interest in the psychological - inner workings of the mind ... the book gets heavily into the inner workings of the people - especially Perry - it is very much a people book with great emphasis on the character - not a crime drama. Although the actual murders and investigating the crime is of course a part of it. If you ever decided to read the book, you would not be able to put it down. In fact, this is one of the few books I own, and I think I may have to dig it out and re-read it. I haven't read it for 4-5 years.

Posted by greenthumb @ 01:31:2006:02:47 PM CST

There's a movie out now starring Phillip Seymour Hoffman as Truman Capote (perfect casting!), it's supposed to be pretty good and I'd like to see that. Recently I saw a movie "Leaves of Grass" based on a Capote book. Does ICB take place in Kansas? Something sticks in my head like I saw an investigative report on the actual crime it was based on, and it was very gory if I am thinking of the right one.

I'm sure I'll probably inherit the book...I think I've seen it on my mom's shelves, along with some Steinbeck that I'd like to read some day when I'm not working all the time! By then I'll probably have to get the books on tape (or cd...or whatever future audio media) 'cause of my bad eyes!

You know...maybe I should do that now...put it on in the background while I work. Hmm...

Posted by Ann @ 01:31:2006:03:17 PM CST

I would like to see the movie on Truman Copote - I saw a Biography on him and he was quite a character.

The murder of the Clutter family took place in Kansas. The killers were only on the lame for a couple of months before being caught. The trial and executions were in Kansas. The four members of the Clutter family were killed with a shot gun. The Clutter family is really brought to life too - you feel that they were good, salt of the earth people who met a terrible fate, through no fault of their own whatsoever.

You should have been reading that book instead of those Reader's Digests!!

I've never listened to books on tape, but I know you can get them from the library. Nan listens sometimes when she quilts.

I'm not familiar with the actor PSH but I see that he's getting acolades for the role.

Posted by greenthumb @ 01:31:2006:03:28 PM CST

Aaagh! I hated those readers digests even when I read them! I didn't even notice the book at my mom's until I was older. Proably at the time I was reading the readers digests (which wasn't that much, just a little in jr high i think) I wouldn't have been interested in the other books she had, or she wouldn't have let me read them, thinking they were too mature or something. You know how mothers are.

Posted by Ann @ 01:31:2006:03:40 PM CST

Yes, I know how mothers are.

One of the things that makes the book so good is that it doesn't get side tracked into unnecessary titillation or sordid details. For example, it might move the story along by saying something like "They spent their first night in Mexico at a brothel ..." but it doesn't go into further detail. If the book had been written today, the author would have probably found it necessary to put unnecessary sex details in at points like this. The book emphasizes the people.

When I read the book for the first time in 8th grade it was for a book report and I recall my teacher asking me if it was OK with my parents for me to read the book. It has many serious themes - murder, child abuse, racisim, poverty, alcoholism, dysfunctional families, animal cruelty, prison life, etc.

Since the story took place from 1959 to early 60s (the executions did not happen until 67 I believe) and there are many childhood recollections going back to the 30s, there is no politically correct spin either, which I find refreshing.

Posted by greenthumb @ 01:31:2006:03:52 PM CST

One last comment on the subject of ICB, as I'm sure I've more than adequately made my point that this is a great book, and one that you personally would enjoy reading. (When talking about real-life murders, maybe "enjoy" isn't quite the right word ... but you know what I mean.)

I am not an avid reader and not highly opinionated on what the best reads are, for the most part, and not an authority in any way shape or form on books. But there have been lots of murders, and lots and lots of books written on murders, but ICB is in a league by itself. It is the Gold Standard of this genre. I have read other non-fiction books on various murders - both famous and not famous - and none of them came even remotely close to ICB for being a compelling read. The people ICB will stick in your mind for the rest of your life.

Nuf said!!

Posted by greenthumb @ 02:01:2006:08:30 AM CST

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