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02:15:2006 Entry: "Ann : DREAM with a Conscience"

DREAM with a Conscience

First of all, I need to set up the real life situation that was going on simultaneously: It was morning, 5am, Stans's alarm went off, I was in bed listening to the radio, I popped a couple ibuprofen which always make me sleep (but that's not why I take them). Come the 7 am hour, the WPR host had on as a guest a local newspaper reporter or editor who was claiming that Nader voters were to blame for the current presidency, something I believe is an extemely oversimplified and irrational rationalization of the problem at hand. (Let's just single out and blame one set of people for the cause of the current state of our country...hmmm....that sounds familiar....yet I digress). Anyway, in my semi-conscious dozing state, I recognize the name of the reporter. For the purposes of this entry, I will call him "Joe." Joe is someone I dealt with before from the local paper, however I forgot in what capacity I had to deal with him. Probably wrote some story on me or my art that was factually innaccurate, or maybe he wrote something about our mural...I can't remember as it was probably somewhere around 15 years ago and my memory does like to block out things from that era. Maybe it was the case that he claimed to be the arts editor but in essence never published press releases I sent. I do recall having to go around someone (probably Joe) and send press releases to someone else instead. And from what I remember, Joe's name did not sit well with me. Neither did his rant about Nader voters. I believe I heard a caller to the radio show say words to the effect, "Joe, as an arts and music editor, you should know about how Gore's wife Tipper was involved with the PMRC, and how that did not sit well with many voting musicians, which is why they did not vote Democrat in 2000." (A view I completely relate to, even as a non-musician...Tipper has been an annoyance to me since the 80s) I tried to stay awake for Joe's response, truly I did, but the ibuprofen got the best of me, and I drifted swiftly off into DREAMland:

I was in the same room with Joe and he was giving an informal speech to people about this Nader thing. He was saying that he wrote a book about this, and it can be purchased for $6 (I am unsure whether this is in fact real or just a dream fabrication). For some reason, I wanted to buy his book, but I didn't want to spend my own money on it because I disliked Joe so much. Then I caught a glimpse of his attache case or duffle bag or manpurse sitting right beside me. I opened it up to look for his wallet, found it, and pulled out $6. But then my conscience, or something, got the better of me. If I despise this guy so much, why would I want both his $6 and his stupid book? Best not have anything from him. I put the $6 back in his manpurse, but not in his wallet. I did not buy his stupid book.


tipper is the reason I didn't vote for gore. I regret that now. anything would be better than bush (not that I have ever voted for him anyway!) Isn't that wierd how real life stuff seeps into our dreams? if i sleep with the tv on that happens- so i don't.

anymore chantz's snoring is the only thing that filters into my dreams. i hate that!

Posted by Dawn @ 02:15:2006:12:34 PM CST

manpurse? LOL!

I like Tipper more than Theresa Heinze. I read an article in Time about her when Kerry was running, and the headline was something like "Theresa Heinze not afraid to speak her mind." Yeah, when you've got a billion dollars backing you up you can just speak your mind all you want, but out in the real world that doesn't fly too well.

Posted by greenthumb @ 02:15:2006:12:45 PM CST


Hindsight is the best foresight. Had *any* of the people who voted 3rd party because of the Tipper factor could have a "do-over", I would suspect most would. Of course, just because those people would then vote for Gore, that wouldn't guarantee victory for him either. Look what happened in '04. Many people like myself and Michael Moore (I'm getting dejavu here...did I write about this recently?) who voted Nader in '00 voted for Kerry 4 years later. And it still happened. Bush *STILL* won. I mean, everyone I was friends with was saying in '04 , "there's just no way it could happen again!" And it did. There's no stopping the Republican machine from *somehow* getting the most votes via the electoral college (despite losing the popular vote).

It's very depressing, actually.


I think manpurse is a Seinfeldd reference.

I like Teresa Heinz Kerry. But I disagree. I speak my mind all the time, and I have nothing to back me up money-wise! In fact, I think it's easier for those of us without power or influence or $$ to do so (but not necessarily easier to be *heard*) because we aren't beholden to anyone. People who are in the public eye are more subjected to being analyzed and criticized for any little thing they say as opposed to people who aren't public figures (because no one cares!), so I think it would be harder for people like her. Unless I'm misunderstanding what you mean. But Tipper annoys the @#$% out of me...still does.

Posted by Ann @ 02:15:2006:01:07 PM CST

And that's Seinfeld with one D. (d'oh!)

And Dawn, have you tried the earplugs? I used them a couple nights in a row when Stan's volume was turned up, but I end up taking them out toward the end of the night because they're so painful after a while.

Posted by Ann @ 02:15:2006:01:11 PM CST

Ann - no, you're not misunderstanding me, and I understand what you're saying too. (remember "Me and Bobby McGee - "freedoms just another word for nothing left to lose ...") But I know that if I was just to speak my mind at work - in an uncensored, undiplomatic, and unvarnished way 1.) it wouldn't matter because my ass would be fired and 2.) even if it wasn't, everyone would hate me. Both undesirable.

Do you speak your mind out in public, or just in a blog? I wouldn't consider a blog very risky, because (it appears to me) that you are basically among friends, and regardless, if one of (your regular readers/comenters - I'm sure there are people who read it who don't post comments) us didn't like what you said, we hold no influence over your life. What would we do? Not read your blog? Fire you? Not buy your jewelry? Write something nasty that you could censor out if you didn't like it? There's really no risk here. But if a jewelry or web site client was starting to get on your nerves, I'm sure you would bite your tongue and be calm and professional, because that's just the way it is.

So in one way, when you don't have much, little is at stake. But also, when you don't have much (power, resources, influence) you are more at the mercy of other people's opinion of you, which is definitely going to be influenced by what you say.

Posted by greenthumb @ 02:15:2006:01:26 PM CST

What would you say at work that would get you fired, and would they be things that someone like THK would get a pass on? I say this as someone who was (I suspect) terminated from a shit job where I had been having a conversation with some co-workers the week before about God, and I stated that man created God. Suspiciously, I was terminated the following week, however I have no proof that is why they terminated me, or whether my termination had already been in the pipeline before that happened (the business was doomed...eventually other people got FIRED not just terminated as in my case)

I think I'm digressing a bit here.

What I mean to say is, there are certain things that would be inappropriate to say at work (getting in a philosophical discussion about God is not one of them, IMO), such as calling a coworker a f*ckt*rd, or certain sexual conversations that would make people uncomfortable, or racist comments, etc., but these kinds of things would also get someone like THK in big trouble with the media as well. Does that make sense?

Why would she get a pass on saying things that would be fireable offenses for working people? I don't think she would. Sure, she can't be "fired" and even if she was fired from some token job, you're right, her inheritance would get her quite a ways. But my having been fired from the shit job because what I could construe as being from something I said hasn't stopped me in jobs I took later from speaking my mind.

"But if a jewelry or web site client was starting to get on your nerves, I'm sure you would bite your tongue and be calm and professional, because that's just the way it is." How would be any different than someone like THK? Certainly she has situations where she has to bite her tongue. I'm sure her mouth isn't flapping all over the place without any censoring going on, otherwise she'd have Tourette's! And when certain customers have been a pain, I don't bite my tongue because I'm scared they'll withdraw their business, in fact, I WANT them to go elsewhere in cases like that. No amt. of $$$ is worth elevated blood pressure by someone acting like a spoiled shit.

I'm getting a bit lost here.

Posted by Ann @ 02:15:2006:02:15 PM CST

OK, let's try this again. Suppose I'm at a Pug Play Date or something, and some people there start talking about what a good job this presidency is doing to bring democracy to the mid-east. No, I would not speak up because 1) I am not a good verbal debater and 2) possibly pissing off or alienating casual acquaintances because of a political disagreement is not worth it and 3) I'd rather watch the pugs.

But suppose this: Someone wants to offer me an exclusive contract to produce x-amount of graphics for a good amount of $ but they also have written in the contract that I will never say disparaging remarks about Bush in any personal blog or online message board. Would I take the contract? Hell no! I don't care what the amount of money is.

OK, let's say that I'm a paid employee (not contract worker or self-employed) and I have PROOF (not a suspicion, but physical PROOF) that the boss has molested a child. Would I speak up? You bet I would! Would I risk losing my job! You bet! A job like that wouldn't be worth it!

I don't know, am I answering your question? I guess what I'm trying to say is that I would like to know what THK said that would be a fireable offense if she was a working person?

I feel like I'm losing the focus of this.

Posted by Ann @ 02:15:2006:02:34 PM CST

Bad example with the molester boss. I'd call the police first.

Posted by Ann @ 02:15:2006:02:41 PM CST

OK, let me clarify something. When I said " I don't bite my tongue because I'm scared they'll withdraw their business," what I mean is "although I don't let cusswords fly at them and hold my fire, (i.e., biting tongue), I don't censor myself because they'll not give me business. Instead, I do it for my health. $$$ isn't the reason for not speaking my mind, my own health is. Consequences of speaking one's mind go beyond $$. If the consequences are detrimental to my health, i.e., people causing hell in my life, that is one reason to self-censor, for self-preservation. But as far as political expression goes, which is what I think they may have been referring to as far as THK (but I don't know I didn't read the article), that is a little bit different than having a customer you want to tell to bugger off.

Am I making sense or just rambling? I think the latter! The more I try to explain myself, the more lost from the original thought.

Posted by Ann @ 02:15:2006:03:53 PM CST

I think the freedom to say what ever we want, when ever we want for the sake of being able to say anything is a worthless and destructive concept. Free speech or the 1st ammendment has to serve some cause greater than itself.

For myself, I only want to say enough objections to the Bush administration to put myself on record (at least in this blog) as a person who has significant disagreements the these Fascist styled Republicans. However, for me to say everything I would like to say would soon become counter productive, because I don't have any really significant way to contribute to solving problems. Most of my energy is needed for the day to day concerns of ordinary life and I have no real influence in the political arena.

High profile people are influencial and they can go on and on until the rest of us become bored with them.

I think (and this is just my opinion) that the amount and what we say needs to be balanced by our place in society. We all have to think of what we can to to contribute and make our contirbution to out political system.

I think a lot of creative types (artists and musicians) want to have a no restrictions kind of treatment to free speech. I think that as creative people we will always be confrounted by some amount of limitations and we have to find ways to use them to our advantage.

I don't want a lot of complex rules putting restrictions on what artists say and produce either, but I am also not sympathatic to the common idea of no restrictions at all.

There has to be some limits or else even slander would become protected and I don't want some musician (for instance) slandering me in the name of creative artistic expression.

Anyway, I agree with you Ann that it is short sighted and a cop out to blame Nader for all of the waters which have run under the political bridges over the past 6 years.

I actually blame the Democratic party for being apparently spineless and a worthless and uncaring opposition to the current people in the white house.

The crumbling and weak structure of the Democratic party has a lot more blame than anything which could be assigned to Nader.

Posted by Stan @ 02:15:2006:07:06 PM CST

"I actually blame the Democratic party for being apparently spineless and a worthless and uncaring opposition to the current people in the white house." That's pretty much the way I feel too.

Stan, I wish you could've heard "Joe" on the radio this morning. Even the sound of his voice was disturbing (I'm becoming like you!). What an arrogant fool looking to place blame on anyone but himself.

Posted by Ann @ 02:15:2006:07:13 PM CST

I'm losing track of all this too, Ann, and I don't want to re-read all 11 entries to refresh my memory.

The article I read about THK was probably 1.5 years ago (before the election) and I don't remember the details. I just was not particularly impressed by the headline that a millionaire feels free to speak her mind. That's nice, but it's not like she has much personnally at stake, like "ordinary" citizens who are vulnerable.

My comparison to me speaking my mind and getting fired/or not getting along with anyone was not a good choice. However, if I spoke up about too many things at work I would just be a trouble maker who got lousy reviews and little cooperation.

We do need to consider carefully when we voice our opinions, and with whom and why and how. It's way too stressful to be argumentative.

Speaking up is potentially risky - I would say that in general I have failed to speak up, more than over-spoke up. I'm not referring to my personal opinions necessarily. Who really cares about them? But, for example, once I regretted not pointedly pointing out to people who had their two dogs off the leash that they had already gone by a sign at the trail head that said dogs had to be leashed, then had gone by a sign designating the start of a Wilderness Area that stated dogs must be leashed, then a sign stating that they were entering RMNP and no dogs are allowed on trails. I wish I had clearly and firmly pointed out the three signs they had ignored. It probably wouldn't have done any good, but I would have known I had done the right thing. And what if every person on the trail who met these flagrant leash law violators had said the same thing? Maybe they would have been shamed into obeying the laws. (But I've also heard you can't shame the shameless.)

Pug Play Dates sound way too fun to ever ruin with a pointless political or religious discussion.

Stan had several points I hearily agree with.

I don't know why the Democratic party is floundering - Republicans would say its because they're out of touch with too many people. I hope they get it together soon tho, before we have another 4 years of environmental damage.

Now I'm going to walk home in a snow storm and eat a bowl of soup for supper.

Posted by greenthumb @ 02:15:2006:08:54 PM CST

Greenthumb, it sounds like your contention was more with the writer of the article than with THK herself, something I can fully agree with as I've struggled with the press myself too. Hmmm...that comes full circle to the problem with "Joe" in the original entry!

And I've never heard political conversations at pug play dates, I was just using that as an example. I suspect people there know not to ruin a good thing!

Posted by Ann @ 02:15:2006:09:08 PM CST

Woof! :)

Posted by greenthumb @ 02:16:2006:08:26 AM CST

wow, did i pick a bad day to have a life! what a conversation I missed! And since chantz is leaving tomorrow, all I have time for tonight is this:

"f*ckt*rd!!!" I'll have to remember that one!
no, i haven't gotten the ear plugs yet, but i eyeballed some soft ones at the pharmacy counter. I'll be back tomorrow!

Posted by Dawn @ 02:16:2006:10:43 PM CST

I think Stan really hit it on the head with his comment. I think we have freedom of speech as long as it doesn't hurt someone else. Then we need to shut the heck up.

I worked at pizza hut the year before college; I must have been 23 or 24. I was still shy and less likely to stick up for myself than now. I wasn't aggressive and never thought of becoming manager. It was just a paycheck to me. I did, however speak my mind about subjects people brought up, my comments often politically incorrect. The funny thing is that my manager who would be in the conversation, always said, "You can't say that!" Constantly! Uh, yes actually I can. I can say whatever I want, maybe shouldn't, but I can. It was humorous. But I never took it further and said that in full force.

In contrast I worked at a hospital as a housekeeper in this town an few years later, and much more outspoken. The employees there had no common sense at all. They said atrocious things!

"He is such a Jew!" -stupid #1

"Oh, what kind of Jew is that?" -me

"You know what I mean." -stupid #1 no, I don't but I will turn you in you little idiot who said this in the cafeteria where people can hear you and to a girl whose family is Jewish!

"They should put all those wolves in New York and see how they like it!" -stupid #2 (referring to the reintroduction of wolves which is necessary for the stability of our ecosystem. And yet they bitch when there are too many rabbits and foxes. hmmm? Everything is "new York’s" fault, btw) this comment made shortly after 9/11.

My favorite? "I support the war in Iraq because of September 11th!" -stupidest person I have ever met in my life

"Iraq didn't do that, Afghanistan did." -me

"I still support it because my friend's son was killed in Iraq in the last war and he deserves to be avenged!" -stupidest person I have ever met in my life

In all instances I was pretty much dumfounded. I would say what I felt was appropriate, but kept my mouth shut when the real nasty, stupid stuff came out. And one of these people was college educated. These political conversations (except the Jew comment, which was just plain retarded) should have been left at home!

Oh, off topic, but a nurse said this to me: My father just died and I came back from NY and was telling some of them (I was an aide now) about his funeral, and Jewish rituals, etc. No embalming, plain robe, simple wooden casket, and we all used the back of the shovel to scoop dirt over his casket. It was beautiful and very memorable.

"Why didn't they just throw him on a boat and burn it like the Vikings!!!"

I am so serious. I got up and went to the ER and hung out with the attendant until it was time to go home. Thankfully we were at the end of shift. I turned her in to the director of nursing. People have such big mouths sometimes. It’s like there is no filter between their mouth and their brain. Out here, you don't have to be rich to speak your mind. Just dumb white trash.

Posted by Dawn @ 02:18:2006:04:38 PM CST

That's a wild one Dawn.

Posted by Stan @ 02:19:2006:07:40 PM CST

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