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Saturday, March 22, 2003

His Holiness, a real radical anti-American he is

For all the people out there who would like to tie the anti-war protests to "anti-American" groups, groups that undermine The U.S. way of living, Communist networks, Anarchists and assorted extremist organizations, let me just remind them of one person who also influences millions who is also against this war: The Pope.

Just the simple facts of the matter, is all.

When I posted this information on a message board, it was taken as though I was putting down The Pope. (another example of how people like to misconstrue what I write!) Now The Pope and I don't exactly see eye to eye on certain issues, namely Birth Control, however he and I are on the same side of the coin on this one.

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DREAMs - Rainbow Mac

I was in a bathroom stall with a full-length mirror on the door. On the mirror I didn't see my own reflection, but that of another woman who was standing up (I was sitting on the toilet). She was tall and thin, sort of businessey looking, business-haircut, business dress, maybe my age. No one I knew. I realized that she was actually standing outside the stall and she was looking right at me, which freaked me out. I asked her through the door if she could see me sitting on the toilet, and she said she couldn't see me through the door, but through a pinhole. I was relieved (but why?) Ew.

Here's a better dream: Someone was showing me a new Macintosh computer. It came with all these add-on modular components, like storage devices. Each one was a different color of the rainbow (there were six colors in all). The hard drive also had this cabinet (about two feet high, two feet deep, a foot wide) that had four trays that could be pulled out and each tray contained a hard drive. It was rather cool!

Posted by Ann on 03/22/03@08:40 AM CST ..::Link::..

Friday, March 21, 2003

Shock and Awe

Bullcrap. Shock and Horror. I felt the same disgust at watching the bombing in Bagdhad as I did when I saw the 911 tragedies.

Not awe, horror.

Posted by Ann on 03/21/03@03:42 PM CST ..::Link::..

Amazing Powers of Observation

I wonder what recently gave me an acute sense of perception.

When I was a kid, I was terrible at comprehensive reading. I mean for the most part I was an A/B student, but I just could not grasp the story or text I was required to read about in school. Sometimes I would even cheat just to get through to the next level of tests. Maybe I was just bored with the subject matter. In college I would catch myself, as I was trying to read a textbook in Psychology or Sociology, my mind just drifting away into more interesting landscapes. But lately I'm having the opposite problem. I'm finding that others are not comprehending either what I write or say or what others write or say. I'm not trying to be elusive or evasive in my wording, but all too often people misconstrue my words or misplace a "not" or confuse a double negative and get the absolute opposite interpretation of what I was trying to say. Frankly, it's getting quite tiresome. And it's that way with other people's words too...I am so surprised how often people don't correctly interpret the words of others either, even when it is as clear as day. For example, today on the news one of the reporters was comparing *the sight* of Baghdad burning to that of Dresden in WWII. I understood what he was saying, the sky looked like Germany in the Big War. Then Rumsfeld goes on TV and talks to the press and says that some reporters have been comparing this campaign to that of WWII and that the two are not comparable because it is completely different. Well, to me it was completely obvious that the reporter was talking about the image of the burning sky, not the technology or the war itself. I guess one can forgive Rumsfeld for this mistake, he has a lot on his mind. But I don't think that can be said of people who are casually reading my writings online.

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Dog Update

Stan and I both came down with a crappy cold on the same day, yesterday. We can now have Plato and Lucifer Sam play together. We introduced them to eachother very gradually, and just yesterday I let them play together on the floor. If anything, it's Lucifer Sam who is being the aggressor! Plato is being an EXTREMELEY good dog and letting the little spaz nip and lick him all over (he loves the licking...he hasn't had that since something like before Valentine's Day when Hieronymus was still well. Plato has now become the angel dog, and Lucifer Sam, like his name, is the little demon!

I still need sleep...

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Tuesday, March 18, 2003

DREAM - Someone else's life, no mine.

I was standing in a very strange bathroom with Stan and Tim. I'm not sure if this room was in our house. It was in the process of being remodelled, and I didn't really like it. The very long tub was right in the middle of the room and it made moving around it very difficult because the room was small.

I was painting with oils (I don't use oils anymore...too stinky for having a studio in my house) and the thing I was painting was incredibly lame. A sky with clouds. It was just so unbelievably bad and not my style at all. Must've been someone else's dream.

Posted by Ann on 03/18/03@09:48 AM CST ..::Link::..

Monday, March 17, 2003

Remnant Who Will Return

Oh this is rich. I laughed quite hard when I heard this on NPR today.

Is it me or does this name remind anyone else of a cross between M*chael J*ckson's naming preferences (like "Blanket?") and something Prymat and Beldar?

Posted by Ann on 03/17/03@03:12 PM CST ..::Link::..

Sunday, March 16, 2003

Garage Band

This is scary, but I'm watching the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2003 inductees on VH1 and I just realized that Mick Jones of the Clash looks like the bastard offspring of my dad and Jerry Seinfeld. Kind of funny, actually.

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The Walking Dead

I am so tired, still running on fumes. Stan's been up every few hours at night to potty train Lucifer Sam. We're still keeping him and Plato separated. Plato seems very sad about this and we have to tell him over and over that we love him so much (meanwhile we put him in his crate and let the little puppy run freely). I can't seem to get any work mind seems fragmented. Nonetheless, this is still the best March I've had and haven't felt that typical spring blues that start to affect me around this time. I think that things are finally going well for us...something has changed. And even Hieronymus's death, although so sad, was so quick that none of us were left suffering.

Needless to say, not many dreams lately.

Isn't it a little strange for a nine and a half week old puppy to start humping feet already? I'm afraid I have a sexually precocious youngster on my hands. He's a heartbreaker, allright.

I wonder if I'll ever sleep again.

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