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Saturday, March 29, 2003

DREAMs not me


I was at some women's clothing store looking at clothes. One woman was modelling an outfit that I thought was rather cute (in my dream...IRL I wouldn't like it) and so I tried to find the outfit on the racks, but all that was left was various plaids.

OK, that was a completely ridiculously frivolous girly dream.



I was in a room with about 1-2 dozen people of all ages and colors. None of them spoke English, so I was trying to communicate to them that I, as an American, was not a part of the people fighting over in Iraq and that I harbored no bad feeling toward them, and that I wished that they harbored no ill will toward me. I had no idea how to communicate this, so I started to hug them. Then it became one giant hug fest and everyone was hugging everyone.

Are we dripping in treacle yet?


You can tell when you really need sleep badly when your dreams are like dreams that someone else would have instead of yourself.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2003

DREAMs - Donkey Men and Van Dashboard

I was with a dream companion (genderless, amorphous entity created solely for the purpose of the dream) and we went into a small run-down one-room house that appeared to be abandonned. It was a sunny day and we were looking out of the window. Across the way there were men who looked like donkeys (isn't there something in Pinnochio about this??? Or some child's fairytale? am I mistaken?). The donkeymen then came up onto our roof. My companion and I were hiding, trying not to let them know we were in the house. We were looking up at the ceiling, and I could see the ceiling caving in due to their weight. I wanted to escape out the window, but my companion told me not to, that it would be too dangerous. We stayed inside and watched and the ceiling caved in more, but it caved in as a perfect sort of square shape, complete with a sort of gothic/arabesque ornamentation on the square/cube that hung from the ceiling. Then I discovered that the one-room house actually had other places in it...sublevels and upper levels that could be seen through ornate wraught-iron staircases. There were also other people in the house, but we had to make sure they didn't see us. We went to a level beneath us, and it was quite vast. My companion discovered a bathroom that had clawfoot tubs that were upholstered! I was running all around this place marvelling at the very strange furniture.

I got into our new van and there was a bottle of neon-orange nail polish on the dashboard. I figured it was the previous owner's (although I met her and she wasn't exactly the neon-orange wearing kind) but I decided not to return it to her (it's only nail polish, after all!) Then I was looking at the dashboard and all the controls were like those glow-in the dark analog clocks with "digital" numbers that were popular in the 60s and 70s.

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New Van

'98 Ford Windstar. We've never owned an old car so new before. Red (yum! finally a car color I can be proud of!). Used to be a rental vehicle before the previous owners. Stan's mechanic checked it out and he advised Stan to pay the asking was a good deal. Only some minor things to repair on it to make it completely seaworthy for us (less than $1000) plus it must have a CD player! ;-)

Will be donating the Eagle to the Rawhide Boy's Ranch which is what we did with the Monza last year. Considering the state of the world today, it's not good to have an oil burning car anymore. (I know all cars burn oil, but you know what I burn oil but the Eagle BURNED oil...needed an engine rebuild) Now we'll have two minivans (how totally uncool--I love it), but no kids. Ironic.

New dog, new van, another paradigm shift.

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Monday, March 24, 2003


Oh Man! You know how when you've been deprived of sleep for so long and finally you get some heavy-duty (alpha or beta? I don't know which) waves going, you dream very strangely? This was one of those nights. I wrote down the highlights after I woke up when Stan was leaving for work. I can't remember the exact order of events, not that it matters, really.

I was in my parent's backyard, but somehow it was also our backyard. They were saying that they needed to install a river between their house and the neighbor's. I thought that would be some feat of engineering. I looked over across the yards into the Hofferber's (whose house is two houses down from my parent's house) and noticed they had a pond, like Lyle and Ann's house which is two houses down from our house. Weird. (Isn't it also weird how the neighbors are known to the people in my parent's generation by their last name, while I know our neighbors by their first names? The only neighbors we know their last names are the Connors...and that's just because we know them the best and they feed our cats when we're on vacation.

I was wearing a very strange sports bra beneath my clothes. It went up really high on my chest so that my cleavage wasn't showing at all. Then I realize I had my bra on backwards. I rearranged it so that it was on correctly. For some reason I was trying to dress sexy. I was in a large room, sort of like an auditorium, but smaller than that, maybe more like a classroom, but very modern-looking. I was sitting at a desk. There was a guy there who I had a crush on who was, for some reason, supposedly John Travolta (don't ask...I have no clue either) but he looked different from maybe Travolta in his Welcome Back Kotter days crossed with someone else, but I have no clue and I don't have a crush on John Travolta! (just one of those VERY strange things in a dream). We were discussing, of all things, West Side Story, and I really wanted this person to make a move on me. I remember the last thing I said was "do you think it could really happen?" meaning the plot of West Side Story, and I was somehow relating it to me and this guy, like we were from two opposing sides of some social structure or something. (He did sort of have that high school jock quality which would've been in opposition to us "freaks.") I noticed I was wearing some very strange clothes...a long white dress with cotton lace, Converse AllStars and red socks. Too odd. Then the atmosphere of the room changed. There were more people sitting at more desks, and there were these people there who used to work for Impressions. There was an instructor or lecturer walking around the room, asking assorted trivia questions. I forgot what the question was, but I knew the answer, and it was "Obscured By Clouds" (which IRL was the Pink Floyd album Stan and I listened to before we went to bed). I answered him and he told me I was correct. As a prize I got a large container of some pink powder, which tasted like Strawberry-flavored Slim Fast or Carnation Instant Breakfast. Then everyone in the room was watching a film on a large screen and it was showing some people who were trying to bicycle from the USA to France (like the river my parents wanted to install, another amazing feat). They thought they were going to make it in three days (?!?) but they kept coming across obstacles. I guess it was sort of a documentary on them. Then it was as if I was in this film, and it was in an airport. Then it was as if I was driving, but it was a strange hybrid of driving in Madison/Denver/Milwaukee...I don't know which. All I remembered is that I didn't want to have to drive on the Beltline, so I was trying to take roads to avoid it, but it was very confusing. It was also like a combination of driving and flying because the vehicle I was in definitely seemed to be levitating in the air.

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Sunday, March 23, 2003

DREAM - Test Drive

Stan and I were test driving a car (IRL we're looking for another van--used--so we can get rid of the Eagle that's burning oil now and have been test driving a lot of them lately). We were sitting in the back seat which has red velvet appholstery (all of the vans we've test driven seem to have the same grey interior regardless of the make!) and the current owner, an older man, sort of dumpy-looking, 70-ish maybe, was in the passenger seat in front. Then he started to drive it for us, from the pasenger side. I thought it was most strange. I also thought it was strange that we weren't sitting in front and driving it ourselves. Stan remarked that the back seat was very comfortable...comfortable to the point of total relaxation.

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