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Friday, April 4, 2003

Pug Floyd

Yesterday Stan and I went to the pet store to buy Lucifer Sam a collar. We took him with was so cute. We bought a hot Pink collar with Crazy Diamonds on it. I saw a Pink stuffed Pig plush dog chew toy that was just irresistable, and to complete the Animals analogy, we also got a Sheep plush chew toy. I'm sure the checkout girl didn't get the in-joke, even when I told her that Lucifer Sam's name is from a Pink Floyd song.

It's so fun to watch our two Dogs play "pug-of-war" with a Pig or a Sheep. They play so well together....Hieronymus and Plato never played like that, but Hieronymus was sort of a curmudgeon and didn't care for toys that much. Even when he was a younger dog, he had about one toy that he liked and that was it. Lucifer Sam is so much more like Plato, even though he's a Pug. Sometimes Lucifer Sam gets to be a little much for Plato, however (Plato is 6 1/2...fairly middle-aged) and he has to jump up onto a futon so Lucifer can't catch him. We call it "a shelter from Pugs on the Wing."

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Thursday, April 3, 2003

Bratty old deaf rocker, I am.

Called up the Perkins Loan people because I never received my bill for this quarter. They told me to put some number in the "mlamla" section on the check when I send it in to them. For the life of me, I couldn't understand the young woman who I was speaking to. The "mlamla section?" To me, the closest thing her mumbling sounded like was "The Meddle Section". (Yes, have been listening to too much Pink Floyd, funny you should ask). I knew that was not possibly what she could have said, so I asked, "The middle section of the check?"
"No," she responded, "the mlamla section." Good god. I was lost. "On the left," she explained further.
"By where my name is?" I asked.
"Yes," she said, "I mean, on the bottom. On the left."
"Where it says notes?"
"Yes. There."
"Um...ok...thanks." I still hadn't a clue what she said.
I explained it to Stan when I was off the phone. "The Memo section!" he said.
"Oh, MEMO!"
I'm deaf.


Then after an excruciatingly long wait at the DMV trying to get our car plates transferred, the woman who was waiting on us said something in a very exasperated tone to me (because I *dared* ask her for clarification) to which I responded, "Well, you don't have to get mad at me!!!!"

I'm just not in the mood to deal with crusty people right now.

Stan's wife has an attitude problem.

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DREAM - War and Eye Shadow

I was in an old house which was either my own or my grandmother's. I don't know why, but I remember the colors black, grey and white, and markings with Xs and 0s like a game plan on a chalkboard, except it was a warplan diagram. Supposedly, there were people coming into our neighborhood and taking it over. Who were these people? I don't know. But I was supposed to take up arms and fight them. My mom was with me and telling me that I had to fight when they started attacking. I asked her why I couldn't just surrender, and she told me that would not be a viable option, and that I had at least try to fight them first. Later, I was in a Walgreens and looking at the makeup section. There was this deluxe package of eye shadow that came in every possible shade imaginable in different formats (some powder, some liquid). For some reason (unbeknownst to the rational and conscious me) I wanted to get it, even though it cost $58.99. I told my mom that I wanted it but that she would have to spot me the money because I didn't have it (can you imagine? my mom's attitude would be buy your own goddamned eye shadow! but in politer terms) so she put it on her credit card. Um...who's mom did I have in my dream anyway? And admittedly the eye shadow package was rather nifty from an artistic color-lover's standpoint, why the hell would I pay $58.99 for EYE SHADOW? Again, another ridiculous dream intended for some girly girl, not me.

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Wednesday, April 2, 2003

People are so damn stupid

It defies comprehension. Stuck in their safe myopic little worlds. Let's all be nice to eachother with no sense of humor so no one gets offended. Screw it. Give me pissed-off honesty and black wit any can keep your protective coating of carefully chosen sugar words disguising passive aggressive venom.

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Porcelain DREAM

This dream was extremely strange. It was comprised of so much stuff, a whole bunch of different images that caused me to convulse and wake myself up after I dreamt them. I can only remember a small portion of what I actually dreamt, which I am documenting here:

I was being forced to give up *everything* I owned because I had to be relocated somewhere. I think I might have been able to keep my pets, but nothing else. I remember that I really wanted to keep my Pink Floyd CDs, but I had to give those up too which made me really sad. I couldn't even take notebooks with me to write in. I was loaded onto some kind of train or bus. Lucifer Sam was playing on the floor but I was afraid he was going to fall through some cracks and end up outside. I was covered with a blanket and there was a rabbit on me...I don't know if it was supposed to be one of our cats or dogs or what.

I think this dream was not part of the previous one, but then again I am not sure. I was with Stan and we were wandering around Estes Park, CO, and for some reason, I was supposed to meet up with The Fourth Pig (nevermind who this) for some strange reason. She was working in some sort of craft store which sold ceramics. I saw her in the store as we entered and waved at her (WTF). Stan started looking around the store and saw some bowls or something. As he grabbed them to take a look at them, there was a noise as if he broke them, but he didn't...they just made noise is all. The 4th Pig looked at him in disgust. Some strange white dust or powder fell off of the ceramic bowls. Stan flinched as if he caused something bad to happen, and I tried to give him a look or say something so that he wouldn't worry about it, that everything was OK.


Well I think it's uncanny that I was dreaming about The 4th Pig and she was working in a ceramic shop: The white dust or powder could either represent coke (she was quite the druggie), but I'm thinking that it was dried porcelain clay, and you know what the word "porcelain" means...female pig genitalia.

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Sunday, March 30, 2003

DREAM....I forgot...

I can't remember it too well, but for some reason I was lying in bed with some guy who was not my type. He had curlyish reddish-blond hair, sort of long, bearded. He was short, maybe Stan's height, but he had really rounded shoulders and no musculature (unlike Stan!)...not thin, but not fat, just sort of there...kinda creeped me out. I forgot the whys and wheres of the dream, though.

I also remember I was in Fort Collins and riding a bicycle west on Mulberry street from around where our apartment (Bohler's Hole) in the 200 block of W. Mulberry was. I remember walking in between the two buildings there, but they were more like stores than residences.

I'm losing so much sleep that I can't even remember my dream details anymore.

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