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Thursday, April 17, 2003

Everyone should have a Pug.

(And a Boston too <---Plato made me say this)

There's nothing that makes you feel better when you have headcold from hell than having a soft, furry button-faced bundle snuggled on the couch with you.

Posted by Ann on 04/17/03@02:29 PM CST ..::Link::..

Wednesday, April 16, 2003


What a crock of spit that whole IMHO (i.e., in my humble opinion) disclaimer is anyway. Of *course* whatever is stated by the writer is in his or her opinion...who else's opinion would it be? To state such is redundant. You don't hear Ebert & Roper saying that in their movie review program. It's obvious the opinions stated by Ebert are noneother than his's not like Siskel came back from the grave and used Ebert as his ventriloquist dummy (insert broken leg joke here). But to not state such on the web is seen as "rude" and will elicit reactions such as "Well, that's just YOUR opinion and that doesn't make it so." (Well goody-two-shoes for whoever figured *that* out) But placing that little four-letter acronym before or after your statement makes it untouchable, undebatable. "Well, I better not attack Ann's viewpoint, even though I truly believe she's full of it, after all, she did put the IMHO disclaimer on it."

And somehow that makes it ok.

How absurd.

Posted by Ann on 04/16/03@03:35 PM CST ..::Link::..

Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Warzone in my head, no cease-fires.

Beautiful summerlike conditions and I have an insufferable headcold. About the time it turns cold again, my own cold will be gone. Figures.

Posted by Ann on 04/15/03@12:35 PM CST ..::Link::..
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