Saturday, April 23, 2005

My schizophrenic pronunciation tendencies

So I took the test twice, each with either the same answer if it was a given, or different answers if I fluctuated between two options equally:

Your Linguistic Profile:

75% General American English

15% Upper Midwestern

5% Dixie

5% Midwestern

0% Yankee

Your Linguistic Profile:

50% General American English

20% Upper Midwestern

20% Yankee

5% Dixie

5% Midwestern

So I think this is the way it really plays out, averaging the two:

Your Linguistic Profile:

62.5% General American English

17.5% Upper Midwestern

10% Yankee

5% Dixie

5% Midwestern

What Kind of American English Do You Speak?

Posted by Ann on 04/23/05@01:54 PM CST ..::Link::..Whisper or Scream?

What else could anyone expect?

My inner European an actually Sicilian.

Your Inner European is Italian!

Passionate and colorful.

You show the world what culture really is.

Who's Your Inner European?

What about the most important event of 1961? The rise of the Berlin Wall!

In 1961 (the year you were born)

John F. Kennedy becomes president of the US

An estimated 1200 anti-Castro exiles aided by the US make a failed invasion of Cuba's Bay of Pigs

Navy Cmdr. Alan B. Shepard Jr. becomes the first US spaceman rocketing 118 miles above the earth

Hurricane "Carla" wipes out Texas gulf cities, claiming 46 lives

Russian Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin makes the first manned space flight

Wayne Gretzky, Henry Rollins, Fabio, George Clooney, Dennis Rodman, and Diana, Princess of Wales are born

New York Yankees win the World series

Green Bay Packers win the NFL championship

Chicago Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup

Disney's One Hundred and One Dalmatians is the top grossing film

Catch-22 by Joseph Heller is published

The Miracles' "Shop Around" becomes Motown's first million-selling single

What Happened the Year You Were Born?

More cool things for your blog at

Posted by Stan on 04/23/05@01:27 PM CST ..::Link::..A Whisper Inside.

DREAM: Cousin Kenny, Dog Houses and Old Neighbors

Stan and I were taking Lucifer Sam to the Pug get-together, but instead of the place where they have it, it was like an old multi-story house. For some really weird reason, Stan received a call from Cousin Kenny on the cell. For some reason, he thought he left a message, but I thought Kenny was live. There was this Kenny voice coming out of the phone, and Stan was attempting to receive a message, but I was telling him to TALK because it was not a recording (does that make sense?). I was getting really mad at Stan again because he wouldn't listen to me (hmmm....this seems to be a repeating pattern....take heed of the dream, Stan). Later in the dream, I kept getting separated from Stan and the dog, and when I yelled out to both of them, neither responded. Then when I finally met up with both of them, we got some weird idea that we had to visit our former neighbors, Dave and Mary. We don't know what street they moved to IRL, but in the dream we had "found" their house, or at least we thought so. It was a large mid-century house with a very noisy highway in back. I wasn't sure if it was their house, but I walk up to the front and see a mailbox with the name on it, which looked correct in the dream, but I think the name was actually similar to my own last name, like Stanton or something similar. When we got to the door, we realized they were having a large party and thought this would be a bad time to drop in on them. It was a wedding party, and I realized I was wearing some odd wedding gown type clothing, but with dirty white Chuckies (I usually only wear black Chuckies). How Punk Rock of me. I can't remember what happened, I think we left and I woke up.


I've been having some pretty odd dreams that cause me to act out a lot...mostly talking in my sleep (the night before last I talked in my sleep, fortunately, due to his own bad snoring problems, Stan politely left me for the futon avoiding loud outbursts in his ear) and sometimes flailing about. I must not have that mechanism engaged that prevents one from acting out in sleep, although I've never sleep-walked. My mom told me her dad used to sleepwalk something awful. It was during The War and it was a very stressful situation at his job because they were all working overtime making some sort of object or engine or implement for the war. One time he got up during a nightmare and grabbed a frying pan and waited at the door for someone to come through. His eyes were open, but he was totally in dreamland. How terrifying it must've been for my grandmother to see that. My own dad talks in his sleep a lot. I guess I got both genes.

Posted by Ann on 04/23/05@10:10 AM CST ..::Link::..A Whisper Inside.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Uh oh, here she goes again...

I visited Bran's site and found a couple of tests which led me to the Blogthings which have a bunch of tests. Oh no, not tests.

Anyway, I think Stan will be glad to know that:

Your Inner European is Italian!

Passionate and colorful.

You show the world what culture really is.

Who's Your Inner European?

It must've been the Tiramisu desert and Ferrari, although they didn't have a choice of Jaguar as favorite car...that might've tilted a bit more toward British, no?

Anyway, I got a charge out of this one:

Ann Elizabeth Stretton's Aliases

Your movie star name: Pistachio Nuts Edward

Your fashion designer name is Ann London

Your socialite name is Yankee Doodle Madison

Your fly girl / guy name is A Str

Your detective name is Dog Fort Collins

Your barfly name is Cake Bloody Mary

Your soap opera name is Elizabeth Huckleberry Lane

Your rock star name is Chocolate Jaguar

Your star wars name is Annluc Strrog

Your punk rock band name is The Tired Enema Bag

The Amazing Meganame Generator

The Tired Enema Bag. Heh. Some of them make absolutely no sense to me, but I love my designer, socialite and rockstar name. And punk rock band name.

Posted by Ann on 04/22/05@09:55 AM CST ..::Link::..4 Screamers.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Bad Field Trip DREAM

I was on a field trip in some museum that looked a lot like the old Chemistry building at CSU. I was with a group of schoolkids...indeterminate age, but I do remember some friends from high school. I guess I was a schoolkid too. For some reason, I had predicted something that had come true, and they were cheering me. Then I remembered I'd forgotten my purse upstairs in some lounge/lobby area, so I went up the very scary freight elevator to retrieve it. It was getting near closing time, and there was a very grumpy maid cleaning up who wouldn't let me in the room to look for it. I told her if she didn't let me get it, I'd have no way to get home, and I started to cry. She grudgingly obliged, and I quickly headed down the elevator again. All the kids had gone onto the schoolbus. I heard bus drivers talking, and went outside the building and saw them in some sort of teachers lounge. I tapped on the window and talked to them and asked them if I could still get on the bus and they said yes. When I got on the bus, I found a spot next to my "friends", but they were holding it for someone else. I couldn't find a place where anyone wanted to sit next to me.

Posted by Ann on 04/21/05@07:16 AM CST ..::Link::..Whisper or Scream?

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

DREAM: Snakes and Houses

Very odd dream. I was across the street from our house, staring at the houses on our side of the street. Except it didn't look much like our street. First, there was no hill, so all the houses were down at street level. And although our own house looked pretty much like it did, as I recall, the other houses didn't. In fact, where that one triple-decker house was (the one with eastside brick...two houses down from Lyle's), there was a very strange house that looked like a small two story, but on the side it had two tailer homes stacked on top of eachother. Except one wasn't a trailer...it was an RV because it drove away. It didn't look much like a Madison neighborhood, it looked more like a ramshackle neighborhood from Fort Collins or something. I had a strange sensation about these houses, like one of them used to be inhabited by the guy who's house blew up last year, even though that was couple blocks and a year ago away. Stan and I, and maybe someone else (?) were waiting for someone in one of the weird houses. It was more like they were inside a glass enclosure, like apartment buildings. We went inside the glass enclosure, and waited out in front of one of the "houses." A woman answered the door, tall, blonde, but for some reason we were expecting a guy because we were talking about setting the guy up with someone because he needed a date. We were trying to think of people we could set him up with and came up with Stan's adopted sister, even though she was married. Something about being a Republican? I'm sure the word "republican" was being used on the radio this morning while I had the dream.

Also, there was another dream in here, but I forgot where it connected. Stan and I had a snake. It had some coarse, red fur sticking out in sparse areas. I was in the bedroom holding it and it went up behind our bed and into our plants. It was eating something in plant soil. Sometimes it seemed mammalian. Then it started peeing this weird color liquid, like cafe-au-lait. Now I've not owned a snake for any length of time other than some hognosed snakes that we soon released because I couldn't bear to feed them little toads or pinky mice, but I have owned lizards and I've never known them to "pee" as we mammals think of "peeing." Turtles pee, though, so I don't know if this dream had any accuracy. Anyway, I started freaking out because this snake was peeing all over the bed and getting the bedsheets and pillow covers messed. I also was too prissed out to touch the snake while it was peeing, so I couldn't remove it from behind the bed.

Whoah, what would Freud say?

Posted by Ann on 04/20/05@08:49 AM CST ..::Link::..4 Screamers.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

NAZI? errg!

I had this sinking feeling the other day that this guy (rAtZINger) would be pope. As if our world isn't turning conservative enough....it just got 100X worse.

Maybe the bright side to this is that it would make enough people LEAVE and say, hey, why do I need to follow the dictates of old men who've not known the love of equal women, not enjoyed the fun of family or pets or the toils of workaday life dealing with the trials and tribulations that the rest of us deal with. Who are these cloistered old men and why do millions insist on following them?

But whenever I get optimistic about the enlightenment of the human race, I am deeply let down.

Posted by Ann on 04/19/05@12:13 PM CST ..::Link::..5 Screamers.

Exquisite Corpse 38!

!!! The Exquisite Corpse I contributed to--3rd section--is up at An Exquisite Corpse!

I did a top section for a new corpse yesterday. I thought it turned out groovy. I can't wait to do more. If anyone absolutely LOVES to do digital art (like me), I strongly urge you to join up.

Posted by Ann on 04/19/05@09:17 AM CST ..::Link::..A Whisper Inside.

Monday, April 18, 2005

DREAM: Tourists

Stan and I were in a strange, small touristy town with lots of old buildings made into little tourist shops down the side streets. Some of the shops were all connected together, and when you walked into them they seemed newer, like a mall. We looked into a few shops, some sold beads. I wandered off on my own and went into a vaccuous (sp?) store that sold clothes with a middle-eastern flair. I looked at a shirt that was one of those half-jackets that didn't really cover your front...just something to wear over a bustier as it really was only a pair of long sleaves...Laura Palmer was wearing something like this the night Donna came over before Laura headed to the Roadhouse in Fire Walk wth Me...except mine was even less of a jacket in front, and more blousey in the sleeves. It was black with lime green sequins (I'm not really the sequin type). I put it on, but there wasn't any way to pay for it as no one was minding the store, so I left with it on. I then found Stan and he said we probably should go beause we've visited most of the stores there were. I told him that there were some Polish stores down the street that sold amber that we hadn't visited, and he insisted that we did. I assured him that we DIDN'T, and finally grabbed his cheeks (kinda hard...he's pretty thin and doesn't HAVE cheeks). I forced him to come with me to visit the Polish stores. On the way, we walked into other stores that all connected to eachother. Some looked like they sold pharmaceuticals, others looked like they were mall churches (insert Karl Marx reference here). I found the place where I bought the shirt....it was behind a big door. I pushed on the door, but it seemed to open on its own. There was a man behind the door, opening it for us, as if he knew we were coming. He was a large, plump Asian man dressed up in a cheesey genie costume...like some bad casting job from the mid-century. I told him that I wanted to pay for the shirt I was wearing...I guess he was none too pleased that I had walked off with it, but respected my honesty as I did pay for it. I forgot what happened next, but in a later part of the dream I'm in a motel that's right in the middle of a suburban neighborhood. It's a Monday morning and kids are going to school. For some reason, Stan and I want to watch something outside...something to do with dogs. I'm just in my bra and underwear, so Stan turns off the light in the room and we pull open the curtains. I'm hoping no one would see me.

Posted by Ann on 04/18/05@08:32 AM CST ..::Link::..A Whisper Inside.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Travelling DREAM

Stan and I were travelling. The sun was setting in the south. We were travelling northeast, up toward Canada. I was plotting our trip on a map. We were either travelling up the shoreline of Lake Michigan, up to the UP, but maybe it was the east coast toward Maine, I don't know. I wanted to be on the northshore of the lake as the sun was setting over it so I could take pictures, but for some reason we were getting a late start and I was afraid it would be too dark by the time we got to the spot where I wanted to take pictures. I also dreamt we were in an airport...friends and reltives were there. And we were travelling in some sort of vehicle or vessel, the side of the road was scattered with dead traincar carcasses, some mangled, all abandonned.

Posted by Ann on 04/17/05@02:51 PM CST ..::Link::..A Whisper Inside.
By Ann @ 01:54 PM CST:04:23:05 ..::Link::..Whisper or Scream?

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