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Friday, April 25, 2003

DREAMs, past two nights


Can't remember anything coherent, but here are a few excerpts:

My lower teeth were loose.
I was trying to phone "someone we used to know" who doesn't even have her old phone number anymore, not that I would remember something from a decade ago anyway (why would I want to contact her anyway? I have no clue).
I was at some stupid party with people I didn't like.

It's pointless to go on, I recall too little of it.



I was standing outside the stupid ugly ranch house my parents rented in that awful neighborhood in Fort Collins when they first moved there. There was a car parked in front of the house and Lucifer Sam was running around outside. He kept running under the car and out the other end. Fortunately he didn't run into the street. His eyes were a pale green. Most odd. Also remember something about morning glories.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Re: My last entry

I must be feeling better.


Posted by Ann on 04/23/03@11:00 AM CST ..::Link::..

Roger and Me and another DREAM

1.) I was out back with Lucifer Sam. For some reason, we were on the area in back of our yard sort of up higher where we park our cars (we live on a hill)...there were no cars there, and LS was pooping. He kept pooping and pooping, like he was a sausage factory. He just would not stop! There were some women down the alley walking towards us and shovelling the alley as they walked. It was odd, and I wanted to take LS in before they got too close, otherwise I was afraid he would dart out into the alley after them, but he just kept pooping (there was more poop than there was dog) so I had to interrupt his poop cycle, grabbed him, and proceeded to get dogpoop on my clothes. I came in and told Stan what happened.

2.) I was in a very strange was like a university-type building crossed with a church or something...rather austere and old. There were two people in the building standing by a door to a room, one was some guy I have no idea who he was, and the other was...Roger Waters! Roger was talking to this guy about some project that he wanted this guy to do for him...some sort of promotional project or something. I somehow managed to get in on the conversation and Roger wanted me to typeset or type something for him that was part of the project. The guy left and I continued to talk to Roger about the project (although I can't remember really what we were talking about). We went into the room together, discussing the project. There was a bed in the room and we layed out the papers on the bed. Roger was sort of by the wall on the floor next to the bed...I guess he was reaching for something and I was bending over trying to see what he was doing, trying to act...interested (and not interested in the typesetting project either). I get onto the bed and lie on it and tell him I'd be more comfortable looking at it here. He gets onto the bed too and gives me some typewriter ribbon cassettes for the kind of typewriter I had in the early 90s. I tell him that wouldn't be necessary because it'll all be done on computer. Then, we start to make out and take our clothes off. It seemed very realistic with strange minor details like the taste of salt on skin...details I don't even dream about when I have a sexual dream with Stan. Then here's the really stooopid part of the dream. I'm utterly dumbfounded I'm in this situation (well, yeah, I would be) and I'm thinking to myself in the dream "I've got to tell my girl friend from high school that I slept with a rock star!" That is such a stupid thing to think and makes Roger sound like a trophy, and I have no desire to keep in touch from people from high school and catch up on old times and brag, nor do I have the desire to sleep with people simply for the fact they're rock stars and nothing else. I think I woke up at that point...kind of too bad, it was quite enjoyable up until that last thought!

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Tuesday, April 22, 2003

The News

So shoot me for being a bleeding heart liberal against this damn war, and then shoot me once again because I'm moribidly fascinated by this so-called "deck of 55 most wanted." Call me a contradiction. What's wrong with me that I should desire a deck? Email ads for the deck is like the only spam I've received that I've actually clicked on (intentionally...I once accidentally clicked on a p*rn link in my attempt to quickly delete the hideous thing, but that wasn't intentional...really, it wasn't, I swear.)

I must question, however, why they didn't just add one more wanted man to the equation (surely they could think of someone) to make it an even 56, the number of Minor Arcana in a Tarot deck. (tarot has the additional "princess" that doesn't have an equivalent in our 52 playing card deck...the equivalent of a jack being a prince in tarot) That would've made more sense to me. But then again I'm not running the war. And wouldn't want the job, no thank you.

And what's up with those former best friends of The Peterson's? I mean, they're best friends with Scott and Laci one day, and then after Scott is arrested, they're not his friend anymore? That's what I gathered from the way they spoke on a TV interview. I'll tell you one thing, if my best friend was arrested on murder charges, and I had no evidence one way or another that he had done what he was accused of, or if he had not treated me bad in any way, I sure as hell wouldn't talk to the media. What sort of friends are those, anyway? I think there's a term....fairweather. As deluded as Scott's mother (Queen of Denial) is in his innocence, I at least have to respect her position more, and that is to stand by her son.

That being said, I still think the guy's guilty as sin...changing his hair color, growing a beard...fake tears...$10,000 cash and his brother's ID found on him...yeah, that's the sign of a real innocent man who's grieving for his "missing" wife.

Spent the weekend watching The Osbornes reruns and news. This flu or virus that both Stan and I had drained all the life and mental capacities out of us. We were literally reduced to Ozzy energy. Not pretty.

Posted by Ann on 04/22/03@02:10 PM CST ..::Link::..

Monday, April 21, 2003

$10,000 in cash...

...and can't afford an attorney.

Uh huh...

Posted by Ann on 04/21/03@09:38 PM CST ..::Link::..

DREAM: Sex and War

Warning: This dream may be a bit disturbing in many different forwarned

[disturbing sex part of dream] I was watching daytime network TV (which I never do) and they had one of those idiot Jerry Springer-type shows on...subject: Male P*rn Stars. They show their panel of guests, most of whom are quite ugly, and one guy is wearing some sort of weird executioner's mask and outfit, but his _*_* was practically hanging out of his thong and extremely...large and just plain weird looking, like he was uncircumcised, but just...weird. I can't explain. I change the channel because I think it's just waaaay too idiotic, and I'm wondering how they can get away with showing nearly naked _*_*s on TV, so I turn the show back on just to see what they can get away with from the censors. Then I remember I was peeling off my own clothes...literally peeling because it was like I was wearing one of those peel-off facial masks over my entire body. I felt especially queasy as I peeled it off my nipples. [/disturbing sex part of dream] Now I was lying on the floor in the living room, as if I was a kid playing on the floor. The front doorbell rang and I pretended I wasn't home. I was looking up at the front windows, and Lucifer Sam was on the windowsill. I wasn't afraid he would fall or anything. There was also a small puppy made out of quartz on the windowsill as well, but it was alive and animated. It reached out its paw and then toppled to the floor, but I realized it didn't hurt itself because it was just made out of rock. [disturbing war part of dream] Then I looked out the window and the sky was a very deep cerulean blue. I heard the sounds of aircraft, and got up and looked out the window. I saw what appeared to be a missle coming from the southwestern sky and heading toward the northeast. There was more sounds of aircraft and I continued to watch the sky and there was a succession of strange, sci-fi-looking aircraft and spaceships and missiles all launching from the southwest sky and flying over our house. I was trying to recall what airforce base was on the southwest side of Madison, and couldn't think of anything. It was most ominous. Some of these missiles looked like syringes. It was so surreal and scary. As I watched these aircraft the sky kept turning a darker and darker shade of blue. Then it was as if I wasn't looking out of my city room anymore, but gazing onto what appeared to be a something you'd see in rural France. There were fires in all these fields, and the farmers and workers were trying to put them out. There was lots of smoke in the sky. I suspected it had something to do with all the aircraft I saw. [/disturbing war part of dream]

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