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Thursday, May 15, 2003

DREAM - Van and building

I was driving the new van down Willy Street. I think I was heading over in the direction of Tim's, but forgot to turn on Baldwin, so I had to head over to the other side further down on the isthmus where it would be more inconvenient to cross over. The van was sputtering and giving me trouble like a carburator car, not a fuel injection. I think I turned on Wilson Street, and ended up parking the van somewhere downtown near the capitol. I was walking down a street and talking to some people and asking them if they could take a look at the van because it was having some trouble, but they said they didn't want to. This annoyed me because I think they were supposed to be friends or something (although I can't remember who these people were) so I started to curse at them. It was rather odd. Then I walked into what looked like a government building, but it was also like a terminal because there were people coming and going with luggage. It was very dark inside, and the architecture was definitely mid-century with shallow steps and metal handrails. I think I got lost in the building.

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