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Friday, May 17, 2002

DREAM-Blue Night Special

I was sitting in the kitchen. The coleus plants were on the floor that we'd taken in from outside. I was drinking a blue margarita. I'd finished it and was ladeling more into my glass. I forgot to put the salt on the edge, so I was wetting the edge of my glass with a wetted finger and then applying the salt (wouldn't it be easier to lick it than to use my finger? Ick). The mixture in the bowl that I was ladeling in was all alcohol, but what made it blue was some other intense, non-alcoholic substance. It was pretty neon. Stan dumped a whole bunch in in my glass, along with some strawberries. I could barely hold up my glass it was so heavy, so I asked him to help me. I was quite drunk.

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Thursday, May 16, 2002

Service These Days!

Dear Customer Service Representative Furniture Warmer,

You didn't answer my question. You didn't even address my question. You're answering someone else's question. If you didn't understand my question or know the answer, why didn't you ask someone who knew, a supervisor perhaps, rather than evading my question and answering it with a canned response.

Not everyone has a $*@#+% cable modem or DSL, dammit! Get that through your simple minded brain. Get a clue. What was it about my question that you didn't understand?



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DREAM-Remotely Controlled

Stan and I were driving around town on Johnson or Gorham street, and we noticed that we had lost our TV remote on the street. It didn't look like our had yellowish orange colors on it, but we knew it was ours nonetheless. We didn't stop to pick it up, I decided I'd go retrieve it later. In the meantime I was worried that someone else would find it or that it would get run over. Then later in the dream, I was watching TV. There was a futon in front of the TV, and Stan was sitting on the futon, blocking my view of the screen, staring into space, not even paying attention to the TV. I asked him to move, so he moved a few inches and rotated himself to be facing a different direction, but he was still blocking my view. I yell out in my sleep: "Can't you just be normal?" and wake both of us up.

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Wednesday, May 15, 2002

Stupid Question of the Day

(Yes, there are stupid questions, but only when asked by people who are in some position of authority that should know better)

Some substitute interview guy on NPR to a caller who identified himself as a 32-year old Gen-Xer: "Has Generation X moved into its thirties now?"


Now back when I was in my early 20s, I heard WE were Gen-X (for those who couldn't figure out from my "about me" page, I was born in 1961. Then something strange started happening as we moved into the 1990s that I refer to as "Generation Creep." Gen-X started creeping up, so that it now excluded people like myself, then it excluded people born in the mid-60s, then people born in the late it looks like Generation X might even exclude people born in the early 70s?

What the...?!?

All I can say is that the band Generation X would not have qualified as Generation X several times over by these standards--wasn't Billy Idol born in 1955 or something? I wish the media would stop the creep already! It's like it's floating, there's no set years, it's whatever they wish to define for their agenda. Or they keep thinking someone is a Gen-Xer if they are 27, regardless of the year.

Sometimes the media is just so moronic.

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DREAMs-Wrong Way, Go Back

I was driving in the mountains in Colorado in the winter. I was trying to find some turnoff to a park. I found the road, which had some yellow road markers or highway equipment by it, but it was inaccessible by car. I got out and started walking up this snowcovered path with hairpin turns. Eventually, the path ran out and it turned into this strange low-lying remnant of an old castle turret. I was trying to climb up it to get to my destination, but it was futile. There were a bunch of people standing in a line to go up the same path, but I told them it didn't go anywhere. They were encouraging me to go on, but I knew if I kept trying to climb up this thing, it would be too difficult and wouldn't lead anywhere.

I was taking some night class that was for adults but taught at a high-school level. It was on U.S. history, but they were starting with the Revolutionary War. (Because of my childhood past, i.e., moving around the country a lot and not being in one school system the whole time, I got too much Rev. war and not enough of the other parts of U.S. history) I was very frustrated with this and had one of those "why am I here?" feelings which I get frequently in dreams during situations I don't like.

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Tuesday, May 14, 2002

Religion, etc.

Last night we went out for sushi for Stan's birthday (which is today, actually) and on the way back from the Japanese restaurant, we stopped at a camera/film store. [more]

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Monday, May 13, 2002

DREAM-Best Damn Dream Ever

I dreamt that Stan had bought a bunch of colored fishrock... red... green... white... variegated natural colors... not the small gravel kind but the larger, flatter smooth pebbles that we use for plant humidity trays. Some of it was oddly shaped, like cut glass, and some of it was like smooth art glass. I discovered he was hiding it from me, like for a surprise present. There was just a shipload of this stuff and it was beautiful. I also remember we had a bunch of red ceramic bowls to use as humidity trays.

This is the best dream ever. No nakedness in public places, no having to pee, no weird women touching me in ways I don't want them to, no conspiracies, no social rejection, no parents lecturing, no dying pets...just gobs and gobs of fishrock for plant humidity trays.

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Sunday, May 12, 2002

DREAM-Now you understand, young Grasshopper

Dreams were really complex and hard to remember all the details and succession of events, again.

Dream 1. I was in a very large bar with a bunch of people that I didn't know, but it seemed sort of like a school. I forgot what was happening, but I wanted to keep my seat by the bar but go to the restroom, so I put a bunch of my possessions on the barstool and left for the bathroom. There was a long line waiting, and people were complaining that none of the stalls worked. I forgot what happened next.

Dream 2...this one is REALLY convoluted, and I don't remember which events happened first. I was walking down East Washington around K-Mart and Klein Floral with some people. I felt like I was back in Jr. High, and one of the people I was with was like an icky friend I had around that time. Suddenly she started grabbing my crotch and leading me toward her house and asking me who I want to have attack me (in a playful way?), her or some cat puppet. I chose the cat puppet, which was sort of a creative mannequin made of badly crocheted and knitted yarn. She starts playing with the cat puppet like it's attacking me. I'm wearing only a tightly fitting bathing suit, and the straps break. I try to explain to her that that's the only thing I have with me to wear, so she stops it. Then I'm walking around her house which seems like a very poor adobe style, but it turns into Stan's parent's house. His dad is still alive, and he's sitting in a chair talking to some people, maybe former students of his. I wave to him. I think I see Stan there. Then Stan and I are walking down West Washington a few blocks south of the capitol, looking at the large old victorian houses that are now student rentals. On the west side of the street, Nicolas was supposed to be living there with his girlfriend. We were on the east side of the street, looking at his house. I told Stan that Nicolas lived there, and Stan said, "It looks like they're home." I asked him how he could tell and Stan said it was because there was a car in the driveway, but the car was a 70s AMC Pacer...not the kind of car he'd be driving. Then Stan and I were sitting against the side of a building by a parking lot and Nicolas came by holding a baby. I introduced Nicolas to Stan and vice-a-versa. Nicolas said he was babysitting the baby, and gave it to me to hold. I didn't really want to hold the baby, but I took it anyway. It was an odd wasn't quite was sort of alien dogcatperson. It would do things like lick me on the chin, and jump out of my arms and run around on the ground. I was chasing it as it crawled under a bunch of cars. I saw a large semi-truck pull into the parking lot and was afraid it would run over the baby. I picked up the baby and carried it back to where Stan and Nicolas were. As I was doing this, there was a suburbanesque family in the parking lot. Mom and two kids, a boy and a girl, were playing a game of catch. The boy, who was about 12 or so, threw the ball toward his sister, but it hit me in the wrist of the hand I was using to protect the baby's head. I got really mad at the kid and cussed at him. He felt quite ashamed. Then Stan wanted to hold the baby, which I also thought was odd, and Stan started loving that thing like it was his own. I felt very uneasy and uncomfortable being around this "side" of Stan. I kept saying "Thank goodness that ball hit my wrist instead of the baby's head" in a loud voice so that the boy would hear. Then something weird happened...I can't remember what, but it would involve harnessing the boy's aggressive powers and his throwing arm. We were all sitting down on the side of the building and I was sitting next to the boy saying in a "Kung Fu" accent, "Now you understand, young grasshopper." (heh) Then I was in a very weird building, which I think was the inside of the building we were sitting against. I can't remember what happened there, but when I tried to leave it, there was only one exit and that was out a fire escape that led into deep water.

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