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Saturday, May 31, 2003

Animal Farm Boy

I miss the old days. I mean, if he did that now, he'd be kicked out, just like that, with all the politically-correct BS zero tolerance and that rot.

There's a helluva big difference between saying something like what JO said, and actually "doing" it. How were any of the women he made a pass at harmed? It's all just amusing war stories now.

I hate the PC BS on campus nowadays. But it's both sides of the aisles,'s the left and the right both doing it.

Absolute rubbish.

Posted by Ann on 05/31/03@06:09 PM CST ..::Link::..

"Charlie don't surf!" A.N.

I doubt if you were too skinny, because I think he liked all kinds of women when he was in the right spirit. You just must have not spent enough time in the art building after midnight - back in those days.

"Well well well if it isn't little Alex!" A.C.O.

Yes, I remember tha pass at Lamya, and it was all part of art. He asked her about a painting he was working on and the critique wasn't going well. Eventually he asked her what he should do about some part of the painting, and she told him to do what ever he wanted. Then he told her what he would do if he did what ever he wanted. After that I think he walked away.

Again, I was there too and I felt bad for Lamya, but at least he didn't call me "Farm Boy" that time.

Posted by Stan on 05/31/03@05:59 PM CST ..::Link::..

He played a mean paint brush

I heard Syd Barrett is writing a book on art history.


Anyway, it wasn't just Monica that he wanted to get in the sack. I think he also propositioned Lamya as well.

I don't know what I would've done if he did the same to me. I sort of had a crush on him in a way. Maybe I was too skinny back then. Who knows. :-(

Ding ding ding ding ding ding ding!!!!!!!!!!!!

As Ben Horne said to Josie:

"Well played."

Posted by Ann on 05/31/03@05:38 PM CST ..::Link::..

"...if he would have pulled over when H.Q. wanted him to - all could have been forgiven, but he kept on going." A.N.

WOW! I didn't know i would hit a nerve. What about the woman who's essential part of her own artist's image is having been thrown out of art school? I don't know - what about her? She can't be the answer to the game. However, isn't it amaising the lengths artists have to go to in order to construct and image of themselves. So much stress and hard work goes into the artist's image of themselves.

So there was this guy who was trying to get the above mentioned female art student into the sack with him. He was very drunk at the time, (he held the bottle in very high esteem) and I think he ended up calling her a stuck up you know what. I wonder if he thought he was in the right? Would he say "I was certainly in the right!"? I happened to be in the studio that night too. I think he told me to stay out of the exchange and addressed me as "Farm Boy".

I've never been a farm boy, but I spent a lot of time on my uncle's dairy farm as a child. So I guess, in some small way, I am a farm boy, but not in any official rank.

The artist I'm talking about was and probably still is a knock out painter - I mean this guy held a mean paint brush. He's really good.

Posted by Stan on 05/31/03@05:25 PM CST ..::Link::..

Speaking of Stink...

...did that art studio ever STINK after he holed himself up there the entire spring break working on his eff-ing "masterpiece." You know, that jerk really pissed me off. He always told me how much he liked my work and all, all through college. Then I saw him a couple years post-college at Kinko's and asked him about his gallery (Laura Beard told me about it, actually...don't know why the guy had been into Kinko's). Then he says, "your work was always rather radical" or somesuch...don't know if radical was the term, and then said that my work would probably be too radical for the Terry Mattheson town of Vail (not his words, of course), but that he'd like to see what I was doing, told me he'd call me that night, and he never called me. The futhermucker. Total capitalist pigdog bottomline dollar futhermucker. Asshole.

No, it wasn't Mr. Section 8.

Posted by Ann on 05/31/03@04:24 PM CST ..::Link::..

"Someday this war will be over." A.N.

I had a dream a few nights ago, and it's a dream that I often have. I was looking at several quartz crystals, and then found a lot more. The ones I found were very large and clear, but they came apart into smaller sections. Still they were quite beautiful. The only odd thing was that the quartz crystals were in a pile of glass, so I had to sort them out. Sort of like sorting the real form the fake.

I had another person to try for guessing the vanity search. Was this legendary student an artist who had, as part of his artistic idenity, a section 8 from the military? He was someone who really thought big when it came to painting, and tried to make the biggest fine art painting to ever come out of the university. It was all very Kurt Vonnegut. He had several 8 x 4' sections of plywood lined up next to each other in the painting studio to make the painting about 8 x 36'. He worked on it for 3 days and nights without sleep and then suddenly stopped working on it for about a month. Later he tried to finish it a little at a time, and as he made progress, every week or so, a section of the painting would be rejected as - too inferier to keep. Eventually the painting was finished, and this grand work of art reached its conclusion when there was only one 8 x 4' section left. I think the other six sections went to the dumpster one at a time. Apparently art department dumpsters are Death Camps for paintings who were too defective to be called fine art. To continue living life as a Kurt Vonnegut charactor after art school this artist eventually ended up with a gallery in some Colorado sky resort town, where he no longer had to think about the consequences of fine art. In the end the only art works, which hang on the walls are the things the nice pictures the tourists like to buy.

Posted by Stan on 05/31/03@04:15 PM CST ..::Link::..

Ah, I knew it sounded familiar.

Further proof that everything in our life relates to either:

a) Pink Floyd
b) Seinfeld
c) Twin Peaks

My previously logged episode reminds me of....

The Seinfeld episode where Elaine is sniffing a pen and says something about the pen smelling funny, but she keeps sniffing it.

I don't think it was ever revealed why the pen smelled funny, though.

Posted by Ann on 05/31/03@10:58 AM CST ..::Link::..


Last night I was watching Rosemary's Baby with Stan. We were sitting on the same futon with the dogs. I took off my shirt because I was hot. Later, before going to bed, I picked up my shirt. It smelled odd, but I couldn't figure out what the smell was. I sniffed it, trying to figure out what it was. It wasn't the entire shirt, but one area. I sniffed the entire shirt, trying to pinpoint what part of my body it might have been in contact with. It wasn't BO or deodorant. It wasn't the perfume I was wearing. I had no idea why it smelled strange. I didn't smell strange....did I? No, I didn't. I had no idea why my shirt smelled odd. Was the fabric getting old and taking on a strange odor? I never noticed it before, and I'm sure if it smelled strange after it was washed, I would've noticed it putting it away in my drawer. I decided not to worry anymore about it...I would wash it again.

Lying in bed waiting for Stan, it suddenly dawned on me. Plato had been lying on the shirt. That smell was his anal glands! Aaaaaaagh! I can't believe I didn't realize what that odor was, and sniffed the entire shirt thinking to myself, "what is this?" Yuuuuuuck! Gaaaaaaghhhhh! Eeeeewwww!

I guess my sniffer is getting senile.

Well, at least it's not as bad as one anecdote I heard where a woman thought she had chocolate on her hands and licked it and then realized it was from changing her baby's diaper.

Posted by Ann on 05/31/03@10:11 AM CST ..::Link::..

DREAM - Blind

My right eye was itching really badly from allergies. I was rubbing and scratching it so much that it rubbed off the cornea and the iris. It left me blind. My eye was just a white ball, no iris. I was afraid I'd have to wear an eye patch like Nadine Hurley. I talked to Stan about it and he didn't seem to be too worried, he was sure that the iris would come back, but I knew I had lost it for good.

What an awful dream!

Posted by Ann on 05/31/03@09:51 AM CST ..::Link::..

Wednesday, May 28, 2003

The Worst

I agree that it is better to think and plan for the worst, and then if things work out - at least it's wonderful to have things work out better than expected. There is always the risk of estrangement in relationships, and I feel somewhat vulnerable to that sort of thing too.

Congratulations on the check, and that will help a lot with the iBook situation.

Posted by Stan on 05/28/03@08:35 AM CST ..::Link::..

Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Off guessing game topic

Well, Stan, I apologize. I really do. I feel like a heel, a cad, a paranoid fool. But, as we both agreed on, best feel that way, best hate ourselves for our delusional paranoia and suspicions than be eternally optimistic and ultimately hurt deeply in the end. Best prepare ourselves and prop our vulnerabilities up with some brick reinforcements. Better than not allowing those thoughts in our head and then to have this little piggie blown away by an evil wolf's huffing and puffing. Only the brick house survived, right?

I feel bad. But I'm glad I do. Because no one was hurt, especially you. And if you were to be hurt, we prepared ourselves for it.

So tell me, do I suffer from acute abandonment anxiety or something? Be honest. I can take it. Hell, I survived my childhood, right?

I say, this calls for a bottle of Chimay Ale. And I just got a big whopping check from Bitstream...bigger than the last one! Yeay!

Posted by Ann on 05/27/03@12:38 PM CST ..::Link::..

Monday, May 26, 2003

Sorry about your iBook needing fixed and being gone for a week.

I'm getting sleepy too, and I do have more ideas for art students. I'll run them by you in a day or two.

Posted by Stan on 05/26/03@10:07 PM CST ..::Link::..

Who let all of us riff raff into the room?

And that one looks Jewish (pointing to Stan), but he really is not, if I had my say, I'd say T&T were snots!

I think I'm getting sleepy and not too creative in my Floydian references anymore. Your iBook is putting dents in my arms! If I ever have to get one of these, I'm going to have to get some sort of arm supports or something.

Nope, 'twathn't Tomith either.

Confused? I think you're sort of veering off in the wrong direction, but that's all I'll say. Don't know if that's a help or a red herring.

Posted by Ann on 05/26/03@10:00 PM CST ..::Link::..

My iBook is sharp. Very smooth writing machine.

I know the older clam shell iBook is more comfortable, but I couldn't get one of those. Now I have a little white refrigerator shaped iBook and I love it.

I need to ask about someone, but I'm having a hard time remembering specifics on this person. They were sort of closet gay, but I'm not sure if they were really gay or not. They were part of a T&T duo that were always complaining about artists like us. I guess they wanted the painting studio to be more upscale and white or something. We weren't white enough for them.

Posted by Stan on 05/26/03@09:54 PM CST ..::Link::..

Who was trained not to piss in the paint water?

Hey, Stan, (turdmonkey) I thought "Kilba" was Swedish! Was the French girlfriend really the inspiration for the title? I thought it was just that everyone wanted to destroy him, and the French girlfriend was part of that because of, well, anyway, I won't go into it because it's not MY affair...

Anyway, remember when the person in your last post saw us in town back in '93 and he was so glad to see us? WTF was THAT about?

Anyway, no, it's not him either! You must be really frustrated by now!

Your ibook has sharp edges.

Posted by Ann on 05/26/03@09:42 PM CST ..::Link::..

Welcome Ann! I'm your turd monkey.

You have the best trash in the far reaches of memorie, but how could you forget the seeds of Killbartschool? It was the French girfriend that started the rif that lead to the art show name. Anyway it's not that important.

There was another student who had several girfriends with one eyebrow. A painting with a nipple out of place. Acrylic paint water that smelled like amonia or something. He was the kind of person who wanted to live life on the cutting edge of art if he could only find it. For all I know he could still be desperately looking for that cutting edge. Was it him?

Posted by Stan on 05/26/03@09:37 PM CST ..::Link::..

I forgot about the French girlfriend

Guess I have better trash to preoccupy the furthest recesses of my mind, eh?

But no, it wasn't him either!

Posted by Ann on 05/26/03@09:27 PM CST ..::Link::..

Welcome to the Killartschool art school.

Something about 'if you meet an artschool kill him.' Actually I thought it was suppose to be a Buddah. One of those concepts about not trusting our own conceptions about such a concept.

Did this student paint with 90% brown pigments? Was this aritst suppose to have had a girlfriend from France - a cone head perhaps? Was this person the inspiration for the name of a group art show at a local resturant? Did we mistakenly think this aritst stole one of my brushes - take his brush - paint eyes on it - and return it to his brush box? As if we made some sort of prank wooden pupet.

Posted by Stan on 05/26/03@09:21 PM CST ..::Link::..

I should've said "how well *we* do dealing with the status quo. Heh.

Yes, he did occupy painting studio spaces while we were students.

Posted by Ann on 05/26/03@09:10 PM CST ..::Link::..

It's never easy being a maverick.

Yes I took several classes without being registered for them to be close to some girl. Hum... who could that have been?

We had some time together in the painting studio, and that was lots of fun. Did this person occupy any painting studio spaces while we were students? (Not necessarily in the same studio room we were in.)

Posted by Stan on 05/26/03@09:07 PM CST ..::Link::..

Fred was a Maverick

And you know how well they do dealing with the status quo and fitting in to prescribed molds. Let's hope Fred found a better job somewhere that appreciated his unique approach.

Hmmmm...did you actually *take* that class, Stan, or did you just show up because your favorite girls were also taking it, hmmm?

No, his work was not shown.

Posted by Ann on 05/26/03@08:58 PM CST ..::Link::..

Publish or perrish! Ick!

In Fred Levins class - best dam art history teacher on the lot - there was a slide show of student work as important historical art works. The class had to discuss the paintings as though they were art history and I was wondering... Did we see this persons work in this slide show?

Sadly the best dam art history professor perrished rather than published.

Posted by Stan on 05/26/03@08:51 PM CST ..::Link::..

All in all they were just dicks in my wall.

So, Stan, what makes you think he was bland, arrogant, and insidious, hmm?

Yes, I believe he was an undergrad student.

Posted by Ann on 05/26/03@08:43 PM CST ..::Link::..

Art professors who would critique their students to within inches of their lives.

Was this person an undergraduate student like us. I mean not necessarily like us in terms or our ideals, but simply an undergraduate art student - however bland, arrogant or insidious this person might have been.

Posted by Stan on 05/26/03@08:39 PM CST ..::Link::..

When we were younger and went to art school there were certain professors who would hurt the students anyway they could...

Oh, he was playing good cop bad cop. He was trying to make his students think that, "Gee, Mr. R. is not that bad, in fact, he's all right! I could have a monster like he had! I better do what Mr. R. tells me, then!" I'm glad I never had him. You know, he might not even be alive anymore, considering...

No, I don't believe this person was ever a professor, but I'm not 100% positive.

Posted by Ann on 05/26/03@08:32 PM CST ..::Link::..

Harmlessly passing your time in the art class away...

You are right about the initials MR, and what a big pig he was. Floating away up into the realm of so called 'high art' idealisms. According to him he had an instructor who was a huge pig. This guy would flip student paintings off of the easels durring critiques and 'say these paintings weren't worth his time'. Then he would talk about the remaining paintings while he walked on the paintings which he had previously knocked on the floor. So this made MR a more mercyful teacher than his instructors had been.

Was this person a professor?

Posted by Stan on 05/26/03@08:24 PM CST ..::Link::..

Big Man, Pig Man, ha ha charade you are

That gave me a laugh Stan, but you forgot the pigs in there with his little tiny itty bitty prints. Big fat, huge hogs on little postage-stamp intaglio plates. Hmm...maybe he did pig-stamp art. Can't you see him in Fargo? But alas, it is not him. I forgot his name, BTW. I never had him. Were his initials MR?

And I can "schmoofey" Memorial day if I want. (you spelled it schomphey or something...I know I said it didn't matter how you spell it, but I thought you'd at least get the first vowel sound before the f sound.) At least my ancestors were *allies.* Heh.

Posted by Ann on 05/26/03@08:14 PM CST ..::Link::..

A big one is it?

Don't shomphey Memorial day. I have several uncles and grandfathers who were in service of their nation - I mean nations. Yea - um - anyway. Nothing like having realitives on both sides of a war.

Did this well healed big wheel make little tiney prints of sheep, dogs and other farm animals?

Posted by Stan on 05/26/03@08:05 PM CST ..::Link::..

You well-heeled big wheel/What have we here, laddie? Art, everybody! The boy fancies himself an artist!

I can't use all my Floydian-influenced subject lines fast I have to do two at a time!

A legend in his *own* mind? Hmmm...I'm not really sure. Maybe he did, but that's not really the first thing we think of when we think of him.

And happy memorial day to you too, Stan! :-P Schmoofy schmmooofy.

Posted by Ann on 05/26/03@07:55 PM CST ..::Link::..

Happy Memorial Day by the way!

So now I have to know if it's two out of three or one out of three.

Was this person one of those people whom we knew as an ordinary art student and also a big wheel - in their own mind - graduate student?

Posted by Stan on 05/26/03@07:48 PM CST ..::Link::..

You didn't like grad school and now you're nobody's fool

LOL! No! Anway, you were sort of cheating in your previous question. I answered "yes" because one or more of them were correct, but this is a yes or no game, not a multiple choice!

Posted by Ann on 05/26/03@07:42 PM CST ..::Link::..

You majored in art to punish your parents.

It looks like three out of three, but I can't remember anyone who was a student, then a grad student, and then a professor. I can think of about 12 people who come close to this, and I'll try to get more specific.

Did we drive several different cars by this person in one day/night?

Posted by Stan on 05/26/03@07:38 PM CST ..::Link::..

Sunday, May 25, 2003

That was a dream? Sounds pretty real to me, considering.

To answer your question, yes.

Posted by Ann on 05/25/03@09:54 PM CST ..::Link::..

"... keep on believing that everyone's expendable..." Animals

Now I had a dream this morning that seems more like a comunication form the deep mind. The part of the mind where all of our thoughts are in common and known to everyone else. There are no secrets or deceptions in this part of the mind. When it comes to the surface of the ordinary mind in the form of a dream it is no longer in it's pure origional form, but I think the origional meaning is still apparant form the dream.

I had written a poem about urination. It was about a page long and I thought it had a good sense of humor without being simply dumb. I wish I had a copy of that poem, but I left it behind in the dream. I was showing the poem to a sister of mine and she liked it very much. Then she told me that lots of other people wouldn't like it and would find it very disturbing. She said the poem would cause a lot of unhappiness.

The next question is whether the person was a student, grad student or professor?

Posted by Stan on 05/25/03@09:51 PM CST ..::Link::..

You've got to be trusted by people that you lie to so when they turn their backs on you, you'll get the chance to put the knife in.

About being the "other child." Well, you are the "demon child." Sounds like any plethora of 70s-era "bad seed" horrorshows.

Yes, we knew them when we were studes @ CSU.

Posted by Ann on 05/25/03@09:37 PM CST ..::Link::..

Caught red handed with a little black book, yes?

The post modern color nazies are out there in more ways than just being there.

There was another dream a few days ago and this one I could tell was a dream. I was lieing on the ground on my right side. Some one I didn't know was standing behind me with a knife in their hand, and I was worried that they wanted to stab me. I thought to myself that I had a better chance of avoiding harm is I stayed on the ground than if I tried to get up and run. I stayed motionless on the ground and the dream went away.

Concerning the person then did we know them when we were students at Colorado State University?

Posted by Stan on 05/25/03@09:33 PM CST ..::Link::..

I've got a little black book with my addresses in...

...Yes, we knew them in Colorado...

Let's face it...chartreuse and fire engine red DO NOT go together. It's too bad whoever did that coffee shop on South Park Street didn't grasp that concept.

Posted by Ann on 05/25/03@09:20 PM CST ..::Link::..

Would you like to see all colors fit together again? All you need to do is follow the worms.

The color theory dream must have been about a month ago. I had another dream a few weeks ago which also confused me. In the dream I was looking at two books that I had published, but when I looked at the author's name - it was clearly fictional. The kind of name that no person could really have, and I assumed that I had made up a name for myself so no one could find my address. The part which confused me was whether I had really made up this fake name for myself or not. After some time has passed I'm sure that not only the books but the name of the author were all products of a dream.

I can't remember or find the name, but it wasn't a person's name.

Well, the next thing to ask is did we know this person in Colorado? I mean when we were either living in Colorado or just visiting.

Posted by Stan on 05/25/03@09:18 PM CST ..::Link::..

Did you just dream that recently?

I can also see a Disney Witch being the other way too, being very regimented on which colors you could never use together. Or maybe I'm getting my DWs confused with evil pigs.

Now that's an interesting question. If I answer, "no, we did not know them in Wisconsin" it could mean that once we moved to Wisconsin from Colorado we ceased knowing them, which I guess could be accurate in a way except that we would still know the *memory* of them, and it would also be very wrong if we still kept in touch with them from somewhere else. It could also mean that although they live in...Michigan, let's say, we don't know them IN Wisconsin, as we've only seen them in Michigan. These are all hypothetical examples. Hmm....

I'm going to assume that what you meant by the question is "did we MEET this person during the time we lived/are living in Wisconsin?

In that case, the answer is no.

Posted by Ann on 05/25/03@09:08 PM CST ..::Link::..

If I hang up the phone on my stepmother does that make me the other child?

The rats I found were musk rats.

I remember a dream, which I haven't been sure if it was a dream or waking life. Now after some time has passed I'm sure it was a dream. Some young woman with disney witch potential was trying to tell me that any color goes well with any other color. She believed that our decisions that some colors didn't work well together were merely matters of misguided perceptions. She insisted that all colors fit together no matter which two could be chosen.

The next question is: Did we know this person in Wisconsin?

Posted by Stan on 05/25/03@08:59 PM CST ..::Link::..

Were you that little boy too, Stan?

No, I don't think I ever called him either.


Posted by Ann on 05/25/03@08:50 PM CST ..::Link::..

Every young boy finds a dead rat with a gray stiff tail.

It seems possible that I might have potentially called this person, so the next question is:

Have you ever called this person?

Posted by Stan on 05/25/03@08:48 PM CST ..::Link::..
By Ann @ 20:55 PM CST:05:20:03 ..::Link::..