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Wednesday, June 2, 2004

Take Heed of the Dream

or 'George Bush is out to Get Me!'

What can I say, I had a dream that George Bush was out to get me. It was literally titled that in dreamland, as if the dream came pre-equipped with a name. I was in a room alone with George Bush and he was interrogating me. He really didn't look that much like Dubya...this guy had his hair really short in back and on the sides with sort of 3 Stoogesish Moe-type bangs, I think. His nose was also more hooked. He looked more mean and military. The closest I can describe him is a cross between Dub and Crispin Glover, but not as skinny. Heh. Anyway, it was really frightening! He was relentless in his interrogation. Then there were a bunch of people who entered the room. Many were really tall...7-foot like...and they appeared to be NBA basketball players. I went over to them and told them that George Bush is out to get me and described the horrible things he's been saying to me and that I was afraid he would physically hurt me and could they please help me. They chuckled and laughed at my plight, not believing my tale. I then woke up and I was crying. What made this different than when I usually wake up crying, is when this typically happens, I sort of wake up and start to cry at the same time, but this time when I awoke, my face was quite soaked and it appeared I had been crying for quite some time. It was very hard to stop, even though my rational mind was telling me, 'Ann, it was just a dream,' my emotions were so shaken that I just could not stop. And since it was in the morning, maybe around 6 am or so, Stan had already gone to work so he couldn't comfort me.

Posted by Ann on 06/02/04@10:32 AM CST ..::Link::..Whisper or Scream?
By Ann @ 10:32 AM CST:06:02:04 ..::Link::..Whisper or Scream?