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Friday, July 5, 2002

DREAM-Neighbors' House

We were eating dinner with our neighbors (the ones with kids) and they were saying that they were uncovering a part of their attic over their master bedroom, opening it up and making the ceilings higher with dormer windows. What was really odd, is that instead of the little two-story frame post-Victorians that we live in, we were living in one-story brick mid-20th century ranch style tract houses. There's no room for attics in those things. I guess in the dream they were secret attics. We were telling our neighbors that we were thinking of doing the same thing to our house. Weird.

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Thursday, July 4, 2002

DREAM-Weird Bedroom

For some odd reason, I had decided to go to a styling salon to get my hair striped. The salon was run by 20-something fashion goths ala the witchy-woo-woo side of it, who naturally cringed at seeing a 40-something and her husband enter their oh-too-hip salon. I asked the woman in charged if she was able to do what I desribed, and her response was rather snotty. I forgot exactly what she said, but Stan and I started going off on a tirade of "You think you're goth? We were listening to Einsturzende Neubauten when you were in diapers, honey!"

:::come to think of it, we must have sounded like the late Phil Hartman's impression of Frank Sinatra admonishing Sinead O'Connor in an SNL episode.:::

But anyway, we were giving her the music education she never had, and she began to look quite hurt and embarrassed. I forgot what happened in that part of the dream, but in the next part of the dream we were in a house. It was multi-level, and supposedly it was my parent's house, but Stan and I would start taking it over and living in it. The master bedroom was odd...I remember it being a 50s pink color, but it was rather dark and strangely layed out. There were a bunch of narrow passageways around the edge of it, sort of like closets, but very narrow. I remember there were cats getting into them. The master bathroom had a very strange looked like a cross between a snowshoe and a canoe. It was very narrow. I was thinking that I wanted a different tub because this one looked too uncomfortable.

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Wednesday, July 3, 2002

Some are born to sweet delight.
Some are born to the endless night.

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Tuesday, July 2, 2002

Well, it's off to the font mines.

When I first ordered Suitcase last fall, it crashed on my new computer. It turned out my fonts (not MY [dingbatcave] fonts, but my third party fonts) were corrupt. The bitmap files were severely damaged. They worked fine on my other computers under older Suitcase v. 3 or 7, but they wouldn't work with the new versons of Suitcase. So I had to re-install them all, and recreate the bitmap files (thank heavens I *am* a fontmaker myself and already have Fontographer to ease this process) on the ones that I couldn't find the CDs for or that wouldn't re-install from one of those "unlockable" cds. Lengthy, laborious, tedious process. Well, guess what folder I never backed up? Yup...what the hell was I thinking? "Oh, why should I back that up--I already have all those fonts on the old computer. WRONG! I have the CORRUPTED ones on the old computer! What was I not thinking?

So that's what I get to do today...recreate a whole bunch of bitmap font files THAT I ALREADY WENT THROUGH ONCE BEFORE. Oh joy.

Still can't figure out why only my third party fonts were effected and not MY OWN fonts. Weird. Wonder if it's because they were in a different folder on the old computer? It baffles the mind.

So while I'm tied up for a long time doing this mind-numbing, wrist-blister and carpal-tunnel-inducing font processing, here's some random thoughts from the other day: [more]

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DREAM 6.29.02

Haven't been dreaming much lately because of my stress. Haven't been sleeping much either because of that and the heat, but here's one that I recorded a few days ago.

I was talking with some guy named Juan who was Mexican-Amerian. We were having fun. He knew Stan somehow too. He was leaving to go away and we said goodbye. It was rather sad...he seemed like a good friend. I have no idea who Juan was.

I was in a strange coffee shop/restaurant that was up high above street level. I was sitting with some other people that I knew only in the dream. We all had on purple shirts. We were overlooking some other coffee shop/newsstand across the street below from our booth. There was a bi-racial man sitting on a bench outside that newsstand with a large protest sign...I forgot what it said, exactly, but it was rather surreal. I noticed some other people walking into the news stand, and they all were wearing purple. There was a man who had on purple pants, and the woman he was with had on a purple shirt. I realized that they were coming to join us at our booth...some sort of purple convention. Then I realized I'd known the woman in jr. high/high school (fellow classmate, not friend, not enemy). Then I look down at my shirt and see that it is no longer purple, but turqouise.

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Monday, July 1, 2002

The Bloody Details


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Sunday, June 30, 2002


I'm feeling better...lost the entire contents of my hard drive. Will expound on it more later when I have some time...still have lots of restructuring to do. What a way to spend a birthday.

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