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Saturday, July 13, 2002


I dreamt it was after the opening I had IRL last night. I was with Stan, Tim, a guy we met at the opening IRL that I shall call Mark for the sake of this dream, plus some other people that only existed in the dream. (IRL Tim wanted to ask Mark out, but didn't exactly get the opportunity to). In the dream, we all got whisked away in the night in a crowd of people, and ended up at a party. After a while, I noticed that Tim and Mark were not around, and I wondered if they had gone off somewhere to be together. I started walking around the apartment or house that I was in, and saw Tim in a bedroom with a couple other guys, but they were just sitting and talking about something geeky and techy, like computers or video games or something that is extremely un-Tim. Mark was nowhere to be found, and I felt bad that it didn't work out between them.

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Friday, July 12, 2002

I wish it was only a dream

Hi. My name is Ann. I am currently connected at 1400 bps.

At least I'm actually connected. It took 5 tries to get a line.

Anyway, I had a dream last night where I was whoring for links and ::crackle::: .this ..skkcccllll"" Ameritech 37373crackle::::kkkkrr rrrsslkkkkee,3 838dk330iie8e8 ............beeeeeeeep.........................

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Thursday, July 11, 2002

Like a DREAM

I dreamt I was wearing a bunch of clothes that I found in my closet...old slips, old lace things. It was sort of mis-matched undergarment chic circa '80s Madonna. I have no idea why I was dressing like that, but I did look sort of good, and I was a lot thinner. My hair was shorter and puffier, like I had it in the 80s. But when I was walking by some people, some of the stuff on my arm (a sleeve? bangles? jewelry? a scarf?) fell off onto the floor, and people were staring. I was quite embarrassed.

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Wednesday, July 10, 2002

I am sick of the bullshit.

My connection, my phone lines, have gotten so bad lately (after having a flawless period all fall, winter and spring) that we decided to have them replace our connection box with the kind they put on newer houses. The thing is, they *claim* it's our problem, that the lines are clear Uh huh. However, why does it always seem to happen in the summer? If it's something with our home's lines, wouldn't it be constant? Today, I saw an Ameritech van outside and a man up on the telephone poll outside, fixing something. Now prior to that this morning, I had a good connection. And after that, my phone connection has been worse than it ever has been. Phone calls are totally static now, and it takes forever to get an internet connection, and when I do get one, it cannot be sustained. When I called Ameritech about it, after having gone through many unending voice mail phone loops (I finally pressed a button NOT related to my problem to get out of it), they claim there's nothing wrong with the lines, that it's something internal with our internal connection.

They are so full of crap.

Wow, what a coincidence. Lines ok before the repair man comes, after he leaves, they're worse than they ever were. Sheer coincidence? I think not.

Stop trying to pass the buck, you morons. Sometimes the customer knows more than what your little screen tells you.

Then yesterday, we come home after being out of town all day to find no mail. None. OK, well sometimes that happens. Like maybe once every two years. The thing is, our neighbors still had their mail to be picked up out in their mail box. It was as if the mailman hadn't even been by. So I called up the post office (after having gone through many unending voice mail phone loops) to inquire why there was no mail delivery yesterday. I couldn't understand the woman on the other end. She didn't speak clearly. I asked her to repeat herself, and she started to shout, as if I was deaf, and I kept trying to tell her not to shout, so finally I ended up yelling back at her: "Your volume is very loud! It's your clarity I cannot understand!" She said some kind of pre-canned response they are taught in training videos, "I'm sorry for the problems you are having with the US postal service," or some such. Then she asked me whether we have a curbside pickup. I told her our mailbox is attached to our house. She then said that the delivery person is not obligated to pick up mail if there is nothing to deliver. So maybe that would apply in our neighbor's case, but isn't it a little coincidental that neither we nor our neighbors had any mail delivery?

It's these little coincidences that make you wonder.

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Tuesday, July 9, 2002

DREAM: Art Opening

I was having an art opening of my pieces at Kingsfoot, but they were using our house as the place to have the opening. We had to get our house cleaned up, and I had to hide my jewelry and stones because I didn't want strange people pocketing them. Stan and I were hiding in our bedroom for some reason, I don't know why. I also remember our house being different, more like a ranch-style. Then the gallery director was hosing off the floors, and I remember seeing massive amounts of water pouring out of the front door. It was not a very pleasant dream.

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Monday, July 8, 2002

If you play with assholes, expect to have an annoying presence on your hands.

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DREAM-Unifinished Photo Shop

Stan and I were at a camera store in Fort Collins waiting in line to get some film developed. There was a really creepy pasty-white guy with greasy hair and an unbuttoned shirt who walked in and kept making rude comments to a woman who was in line ahead of me. Then, Stan walked out, got into the car and started to drive off. I ran out after him and told him not to leave without me, that I wasn't ready to leave yet. He told me not to worry, that he was just pulling the car around to pick me up at the door as it looked like it was going to storm outside. Then a woman who was a light-skinned African wearing traditional African dress got out of Stan's car with a bunch of kids and came into the store to wait with me. The clerks, (all male) at the camera store were talking to someone on the phone regarding attending a funeral of a former coworker (a young female). I thought they were going to shut down the store without me able to drop off my film. It was taking forever to get waited on, and finally I just woke up, but it was like I couldn't get out of dream mode because I was tossing and turning and moaning and yelling. Stan told me that I was having a dream, but I had to tell him, "But I'm not finished with the photo shop yet" or something. He just didn't understand that I needed to drop off my order before I completed the dream!

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Sunday, July 7, 2002

DREAM-Not My Life

A bunch of people were coming over to our house to have a party before my art opening. I swear, it was someone else's life...I don't know that many people...I'm a recluse, plus it was a totally different house. Also, people that lived far away in Colorado were coming too. I remember Lamya came, but she looked like someone else...Arquette...some actress (forgot her first name...was in Pulp Fiction). We were also living in an apartment of a refurbished Victorian house, not our own house. I was telling people I had four cats, and that I lived with someone who also had four cats, and that other people in the apartment building had lots of cats too. The door was open to the hallway and I was afraid my cats would escape. Then it was time to go to the opening, so we all were getting organized, trying to figure out who was going to drive and who was going to follow Stan in his car, etc. While this was happening, I was also having a side dream that I was looking at some pictures of mine that were framed in a box with this hard cellophane-type glazing material. I was really disappointed they were framed so crappily. Then when we left and headed toward the gallery, it wasn't like Madison at all, but more like Olde Towne Forte Collinse. Then we stopped at a very large Mexican restaurant, one with lines of people waiting to get in, and where they probably had a dress code and guest list. I didn't want to wait, but they had seating for us immediately. That's all I remember.

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