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Friday, July 19, 2002

DREAM - Stan as Ozzy

I was rubbing up against Stan and wanting him to umm....but I think we were in a public place and sort of couldn't, so we were trying to be discreet. The place we were was was like a large hardware store or woodworking shop. There were a bunch of men there, and there was an older man who was in charge. I remember climbing up some stairs on a loft. I also remember a birthday cake. The main man was like an art professor except he wasn't jerky like the ones from UW...he was more good natured. He was also talking about staging a play with some sort of horror or halloween theme, and Stan was saying he wanted to play Ozzy Osbourne* (sp?). Then Stan started doing his Ozzy impression. The older guy laughed, said that was a good idea, but that maybe it wasn't right for the play, and then Stan got some other idea about playing some Nazi or something. I don't know, it was very, very strange. I think maybe the dinner I had last night with friends effected it because we were talking about South Park and Cartman dressing up as Hitler.

*Stan MUST be Ozzy for Halloween, if not this year because of our vacation plans, then next. Or sometime. The impression is incredible...and we haven't even fitted him with round sunglasses and drawn tattoos on his arms. And as his language coach, we're working on getting the Ozspeak down, although I think verbally I sound more like him than Stan does.

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Wednesday, July 17, 2002

This paradigm shift calls for a reevaluation.

Old Statement: I hate cellphones.

ReEvaluation: I do not hate cellphones. The cellphone itself is rather cute. It cannot be hated.

RePhrase: I hate the way some people act when in posession of a cellphone. They act as if no one else is around. They speak loudly and obnoxiously. When among friends, they do not say, "I need to call so and so," they just whip it out and call. They use them indiscriminately, in the supermarket, in Target, and for the most banal of conversations that could be conducted elsewhere and that serve no purpose other than to show other people in their physical proximity, "hey, I have a cellphone." They drive carelessly when they are holding one while driving, paying no attention to other drivers or pedestrians. Some people should have their cellphone licenses taken away for being complete boors with no manners.

Old Statement: Cellphones are a luxury (in response to Rich Whiteman's statement, "cellphones are a necessity").

RePhrase: Two phones are a luxury. One phone is a necessity.

ReEvaluation: Stan and I will now be part of the third world, a cellphone, and no land line. Land lines are too expensive.

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I think I dreamt about Al Pacino, but I can't remember what else, other than I think he was playing a part where he looked really old. Been hard to remember dreams lately. Insomnia and such with all the stress. I woke up at 2 am this morning and couldn't get back to sleep. Finally, at 5 am, I decided to take a Calms. Next time, I'm taking the Calms at 2 am. Next time, I shouldn't eat so much chocolate before I go to bed. Next time, Al will look like he did in Dog Day Afternoon and I will remember every detail.

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Let's recap what's happened over the past few weeks

Warning...this is all boring technical horrorshow juicy personal melodramas, just digital disasters and the problems related to them. Don't say I didn't warn you. [more]

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Hey, my phoneline is working today. Slow (26400 bps), but at least it's stable. I think I'll post.

Anyone else listen to "The Connection" on NPR? Anyone else miss the vacationing Dick Gordon and his Canadian accent? Anyone else find Judy Swallow's Harvardian accent most annoying? Anyone else think of Miss Jane Hathaway when hearing Judy Swallow? Anyone else think Hugh Grant looks like Miss Jane Hathaway? Anyone else wonder what people see in Hugh Grant? Anyone else wonder what people see in a lot of actors?

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