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Friday, August 2, 2002

Stressed. Again.

Aaack. After I wrote down that dream I started crying. Poor little puppy. I'm feeling very emotional right now.

I wrote this out the other day, but never posted it:
"I am so incredibly angry right now. This one company that processes payments for my domain host keeps rebilling me a yearly charge every day now (for five days straight!). I want to strangle someone. I called my cc company to put it into dispute and to get a new cc# issued. I called the offending company yesterday to tell them what was happening, they said they will fix it, but they obviously didn't. I email them, nothing. I email Aletia (my ::cough:: webhost, nothing.) I put in a support ticket and some twerp responds with a canned response that they'll contact the higher authorities, but they never do, I know, because I've been through it before. I know that I any future charges can be disputed through my cc co., but I want it stopped NOW. And no one is listening. Aaaaargh."

So, I'm trying to find a new host. I think I have one lined up, and if that doesn't work, I have some other alternatives.

I suspect that there will be downtime on this journal as I switch hosts, as I will need to redo the cgi-bin configuration for the greymatter files. I hate that stuff. Sometimes a certain part of me just wants to go back to blogger, for pete's sake. I have no idea when that will be, however.

I have to transfer ann-s-thesia immediately, as the account comes due on the 8th. I have until the end of September to transfer eyebalm/ornamentalillness/dingbatcave.

I hate this. I hate it when good hosts go bad.

On a good note, we're doing the caterpillar thing this year again. So far have released three Monarchs, but we have LOTS of growing caterpillars and eggs waiting to hatch. Last year we counted about 80+ butterflies we raised.

Posted by Ann on 08/02/02@09:55 AM CST ..::Link::..

DREAM - Boxer Puppy

I was in a public place with tables for people to sit at, and there was someone from the humane center there with a bunch of stray and abandonned dogs and puppies. There was a small Boxer puppy that caught my eye and I started to play with it. IT WAS SO DARN CUTE! Knowing that we can't afford to support three dogs right now (or ever), I went back to my seat at the table, which was next to someone I knew in high school who was quite a shallow priss. I started talking to her about the puppy and how I would love to have it, but we couldn't afford another dog. She said, very cavalierly, I should get it anyway...little would she understand our financial situation. It was just breaking my heart to know I couldn't adopt the little guy.

Posted by Ann on 08/02/02@08:53 AM CST ..::Link::..

Thursday, August 1, 2002

DREAM - Disturbingness

Very odd dream. I was a guest in a strange house, like one of Stan's relatives houses or something. I was getting undressed, and I looked in a mirror and saw I was wearing something very sheer that revealed my body beneath. Then I realized I had light black skin (as in African, not literally black as in the literal color). I was rather confused. Then my dad was there, and he was hugging me, like he was glad I was visiting him, but I was rather concerned because I was still in a state of undress. It was most disturbing. I also remember we had a fish tank with our newts in it, but the poor things were suffering from bloat badly, and blowing up to unheard of proportions. Very disturbing again.

Posted by Ann on 08/01/02@11:16 AM CST ..::Link::..

Wednesday, July 31, 2002

Another "celebrity-I-never-think-about" DREAM - Price and the Tornado...special guest starring: Prince!

I was with Stan, some woman who might have been our friend Sally who lives in Minneapolis who we haven't seen or heard from for ages, and this guy who was Prince. Except it really didn't look like Prince THAT much, but he was short like Prince, but truth be told, wasn't as cute as Prince. But it was Prince. It was night and we were deciding where to go, so we decide, let's go to Prince's mom's house. In Minneapolis. I really can't remember what else happened, except that later the dream switched over to my parent's house. I was there with Tim and it was starting to storm. We went into the den and this very weird thing started happening that it seemed very dejavu-ish, like it had happened in dreams before, at least that's what it seemed like in the dream. There was this weird tornado cloud forming outside the den window, but it wasn't made of wind, it was made of spiderwebs and old nylon-pantyhose-like material, and it contained these weird spheres that were supposedly spider eggs but were the size of various balls, like ping-pong balls or tennis balls. This weird funnel-shaped thing was blowing around outside, banging against the window. I told Tim to duck down, and also told him I was very scared. I covered my head as this thing beat against the window, and the next thing I know, everything went dark and I feel the funnel and balls hit me and fall on me. It was most disturbing.

Posted by Ann on 07/31/02@10:58 AM CST ..::Link::..

Tuesday, July 30, 2002

DREAMs - Old House

Stan and I were looking at another house and we decided to buy it. It was quite a bit bigger than our had at least four bedrooms and three stories. It was older too, out of the 1800s Victorian era. It had an extremely steep, almost steeple-like mansard roof over a dining room area, which ended with a skylight on top. It had very high ceilings, and the dining room skylight area was about thirty feet high. There was also a window in that area that started about four feet off the ground. It had a very deep windowsill, and I asked Stan if I could put plants on it. It wasn't in quite as good a shape as our house...all the walls were the original plaster and newer drywall, and they looked sort of ratty in parts. And I knew that the wiring was old, which was sort of disturbing. Yet the house was such a gem, and we'd be buying it for $91,000, which, in the dream, seemed like a lot more than our current mortgage, but IRL, it's much less. It was as if we never left the house, however, and further in the dream it was full of people, namely relatives of mine that IRL don't exist (I have no relatives...none...just parents and in-laws). There was one older woman there who looked like Granny from the Beverly Hillbillies, but somehow I knew she was my grandmother. I was actually proud to have a grandmother that was still alive. She had some card decks and I was going to ask her if she knew how to play Canasta or something. I also wanted to write down in this journal about the house we were going to buy, but I didn't have my iBook with me. I told Stan that I wanted to go home to get my iBook, but I also didn't have any clothes with me either, so I had to wear these old clothes (laundry) that Stan had there. Some of it was doubled-up t-shirts and tripled-up (male) underwear, so I put on all these weirdly layered guy's clothes to go home to get my iBook. Strange.

I remembered that the previous night I dreamt that I had a cage full of praying mantises and they were eating everything else that was in the cage like fish and crayfish. I was trying to remove them to stop them from eating the other animals, but it was extremely hard to do, and rather freaky.

That house dream should stick with me for some time. That dining room area was just magical.

Posted by Ann on 07/30/02@08:32 AM CST ..::Link::..

Monday, July 29, 2002

Movie Symbolism

American Beauty, Symbolism: The Color Red

what movie symbolism are you? find out!

Link via Nico

Posted by Ann on 07/29/02@08:47 PM CST ..::Link::..

And speaking of Weird Al...

I just LOVE these Mark Russelish song parodies.

How did I find that site? Well, just looking at my Sitemeter (been doing a lot of that lately) saw someone googled on "women poot in public". WTF I think, "how did they find my site?" I forgot I'd mentioned Pootie-Poot. You know, Putin. So, wondering if there are any others bemused by the Putin/Bush love afair, I found her site.

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