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Saturday, August 16, 2003

Striped DREAM

I dreamt about stripes. Stripes in different color variations, stripes in different thicknesses.

I don't know why I dreamt about stripes or what they mean.

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Friday, August 15, 2003

Isn't it funny when...'re deep in thought on a cyber search, searching out some heady topic, when you come across a site listed on Google that looks familiar, and sure's your own! This happens to me lots of times, whether I'm searching on "black pug fur" or "postmodernism pink floyd" or "cabachon gemstones" or something. It's like a closed carbon cycle out there.

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Thursday, August 14, 2003

Tiger Swallowtails

On Tuesday, Stan and I went to the new Boerner botanical gardens in Milwaukee. It now costs $4/person to get in. We remember when we first moved here, it was free. I saw this Tiger Swallowtail in the experimental gardens. I was amazed I was able to get this close to camera was literally 3 inches away.
tiger1 (13k image)tiger2 (12k image)

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I just love Plato's expression here, rather sheepish, embarrassed.

Let me see if I can explain this embarrassing and comprising position that they're both in. See Plato has quite a deep chest, little waist. Sometimes due to this sort of anatomical structure, his chest is sometimes in the way of the flow of things, getting chest and forepaws a bit soiled. Fortunately, Lucifer Sam enjoys keeping Plato clean. We call it "The Cleaner Fish."

We have strange dogs.

pl1 (11k image)
pl2 (11k image)
pl3 (11k image)
pl4 (11k image)

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DREAM: Desert Southwest Diaramas

This was a weird dream. Stan and I were driving somewhere in Colorado, I think, but I don't know where. We were in some town on the outskirts and the houses were small and decorated in the way the Mexican-Americans decorated their homes in Fort Collins. Stan said he needed to go back and get something, so he dropped me off in that neighborhood while he drove away...very odd. I was walking around not knowing where to go or what to do. It was as if this neighborhood turned into a natural history museum, and all the homes were like parts of diaramas or art installations. I walked into a small little room that was divided into four parts each part separated by doors. I don't know if it was supposed to represent four elements or what. Everything was very arid-looking, like the desert southwest.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2003


July 6 Stan and I found a beautiful little katydid on one of my coleus plants. I was able to shoot it with my digital camera (left photo). A short while later, we found what I think was the very same katydid (because it was missing part of its antenna) on our car. I moved it back to the coleus plant. A week or two ago we found what I think was the very same katydid on our rhubarb out front. The next day, I read up on katydids and discovered that they were the creatures making the "rek-rek-rek" sound at night. I heard it described as a longhorn grasshopper, did a search on the internet, and discovered to my delight, that's just another name for katydids! I've always loved katydids ever since I found them out east, but they were hard to find in Colorado. This past Monday, we found what I suspect is our "pet" katydid again, this time on my rubber plant (right photo). It's such a docile little thing, I hope I don't step on it by accident or anything. I hope it keeps itself safe.

katydid1thumb (6k image)  katydid2thumb (4k image)

Click the photos for a bigger pop-up.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Disturbing DREAM part 2

I remembered more of it. Stan and I were sitting at a table with about 5-7 disney witch types. They were all practicing some sort of fortune-telling as trades, and they were practicing or learning what to say in certain situations, like if a client picks a certain card, what does it mean. They were quizzing eachother on it. They were very disturbing to be around because they didn't seem very intelligent and were high school drop-out types, yet they were determined to make their living like this. I was wondering why the heck Stan and I were there.

Posted by Ann on 08/12/03@05:57 PM CST ..::Link::..

Disburbing DREAM

Stan and I were in Colorado, I think, but I'm not sure. We were to meet up with some people that we knew there the following night, but as we were walking along a very strange lakeside setting, we saw them. The setting was sort of like how it is on the south shore of Lake Mendota by the Memorial Union where everything is concrete by the lake, but it was not in that location. The people were playing ball or something, partly in the lake and partly on the patio. It was as if everyone had their own private concrete patio. As we walked by, we said hi to them, but I heard the woman say, "Oh shit" as if she was mad that she ran into us, and then tried to hush herself up so that we didn't hear her, but we did. They didn't say much to us, and we decided that they definitely did not want to see us at that time, so we said, "Well, we'll see you two tomorrow," and then walked on. Then Stan and I were inside a house with someone we used to know in Colorado as well. She was writing on a typewriter or computer or something. I don't know if she knew we were there, or we were her houseguests, or what, but as she typed, she ate chunkfulls of houseplants that she'd pull up from their pots, roots, dirt, and all. I thought this was very disturbing, but Stan wasn't aware that she was doing this. I know there was more disturbing things to this dream, but I can't remember them.

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Frog dream

In the dream I was by a small stream like the ones I use to play by as a child in the Colorado mountains. The stream had tadpols in it and there were toads and frogs on the banks. I caught a large pickerel frog and went into a house to show it to Ann. The glass in the door was broken and it wood was old and spliting. I thought, to myself, that this door needs to be replaced and continued to look for Ann. Before I could find Ann our cats, Caligula and Persephone, started to rub thier heads aginst the frog as though they liked it and wanted it to be their own frog. The frog seemed very happy to be receiving attention from the cats and the dream ended before I could show the frog to Ann.

Posted by Stan on 08/12/03@09:10 AM CST ..::Link::..

Monday, August 11, 2003

Famous Breakups in Musical History?

No, it's just from the "1973" page on a new show that VH1 is airing next week about the 70s.

I mean the hubris to put David and Roger next to Sonny and Cher! Blasphemy! Sacrilege!

I nonetheless thought the image was amusing, the juxtaposition of talent vs. no talent gives the viewer an unnerving sense of existential angst via the dialogue and interplay of "high art" as seen paralleling counter-culture via common culture, the zeitgeist of early postmodernism manifest in a dichotomy of experiences.


Hey Stan, let's do some Terry Mattheson essays for this journal!

Posted by Ann on 08/11/03@01:35 PM CST ..::Link::..

I'd actually prefer him over our current president (which isn't saying much), but...

...think about it. He's ahead in the polls...48% to the next highest which is in the low 30s, some are at 11%, some less than 10%. 150 candidates. Yup, Ahnold will be the next California Governor. Onto bigger and better things in 8 years or so after the (ugh) Orrin (I wanna destroy your computer if you download music!) Hatch amendment (shudder) allowing foreign born citizens to become president, and we're looking at our first president with a father who was in the Nazi party.

I wonder what Jello Biafra is thinking right now. California Uber Alles indeed.

Posted by Ann on 08/11/03@09:47 AM CST ..::Link::..

It could've been the greatest show on earth, but then the DREAM was over...

Pink Floyd was supposed to come over to our house to do some recording. We were in a house that was a combination of our current house, the house we lived in on Grant street in Colorado (because we had our painting studios in the basement) and my parent's house. We were waiting and we had a feeling they were going to be late. Supposedly David Gilmour called and said he was on the way, and then an orange Alied moving van pulled up in front of our house with their gear. Some manager person came and scoped out our house as far as where to put the equipment (they had to bring their own equipment, obviously, because we didn't have any). We had to quickly put the dogs away in their kennels and make sure they didn't escape out the front door. Stan said something jokingly about knowing that Roger will be really late. I was thinking, "I wonder what Bill (from Biota) will say knowing that I had Pink Floyd in my house." I was looking at some guitars that were in the room and touching them with my bare feet. I kept waiting in anticipation for when Roger showed up, but alas, I woke up.

Hmmm...I wonder when this dream was taking place, anyway?

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Sunday, August 10, 2003

Put it back in the closet.

I was painting for a great portion of the morning after I put Lucifer Sam away in his crate so that I could paint unbothered (he's a pain in the ass in my studio). I was very hungry, but my hands were full of paint and I didn't want to fix myself something to eat because I'd wake up the dog and then he'd bark to be let out and then I could't finish doing what I needed to do. I painted and painted until I finished the steps I needed to do on the painting. I realized I was so hungry that I was shaking, so I finally fixed myself something to eat. After that, I couldn't quite recover from my shakiness, so I lied down on the futon and watched tv because I was not able to do much else, not even work on my computer. I watched a biography on Lenny Bruce. I didn't find him that funny. I know he was supposed to be some comedic martyr, and yes his life was tragic and the legal nonsense he went through was a waste of the judicial system and his life, but I just didn't find him funny. Am I missing something? He annoyed me. After that program was over, I was flipping through the channels and found something utterly revolting. It was on TLC (the Learning Channel) and it was a male and female wardrobe consultant duo and their hapless victim. The victim was a pretty normal-looking woman--nothing wrong with her choice of clothes or anything--that they were browbeating into humiliation to pick out some sexier and more stylish attire. The male half of the team was obviously a gay man posing as a long-haired himbo. But the disguise was thin...the facial hair didn't cover up his sarcastic accent, and his long hunk hair belied an obvious contempt for very normal, happily married women who had no desire to dress up as RuPaul. I watched about ten minutes of it just for the pure shock value, to see how purely peurile it was and how long I could hold my stomach before wretching. I didn't catch the name of it. I wouldn't be so revolted if this was on the Style channel where something like this would be right at home. Or MTV. But TLC? The Learning Channel? Remember when The Learning Channel was just that...about learning? I remember even a few years ago praising channels like that for the quality programming they had. Science, history, informative, well produced shows. Just what did I learn from this fashion makeover? Not a helluva lot that I would care to know. Oh yeah, I learned that just because someone calls themself a fashion consultant doesn't mean they know beans about classy looking clothes. But I already knew that, didn't I? I did learn that marketing tests prove that Americans would rather watch a couple of snooty New Yorkers shred any and all self esteem from typical, average, normal women for a half an hour than watch something about astronomy, or the ocean, or mating insects, or the civil war, or advancements in medical technology, or ancient Babylon.

Pathetic. And that's even CABLE. I'd hate to see what's on network.

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