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Thursday, September 5, 2002

God do I hate Netscape 4.x

And I hate it when people who use this browser don't even let me know that my site's screwed up.

Posted by Ann on 09/05/02@03:31 PM CST ..::Link::..

No War on Iraq

If you are a US citizen and do not want to us go to war against Iraq, please go here:

You can sign a pre-written petition and add your comments if you wish as well that will be sent to your congresspeople.

Posted by Ann on 09/05/02@08:14 AM CST ..::Link::..

Wednesday, September 4, 2002

Two dreams

A few nights ago I had a dream that I was going bald. I could see myself with the top and back of my head lacking hair except that there were three rows of hair growing neatly on the top of my bald area. I've never wanted a mohawk let alone three of them, and I thought about shaving my head like a Buddhist monk in 1981, but never did make myself bald. I don't think I was trying to make a fashion statement in the dream - the hair was just naturally growing in three rows. I suppose the three rows of hair could represent three ideas, but if they do I'm not sure what these three ideas could be. I started to go bald in my early 20's, and Ann thought I might become bald someday and I did too. My hairline receded about an inch and then stayed the same after that distance. I feel fortunate for a 41 year old male because I still have most of my hair. I'm not sure that my hair dream was really about my hair, and perhaps the dream is about ideas.

Last night I had a dream that our front yard was full of boiling mud like something out of Yellowstone Park. City workers were in the mud and when I asked them what they were doing they said they were looking for the gas line. One of the employees, who was standing at the south end of the yard, said he thought is was in the middle of the yard. I told him no it's about where you're standing, and then the dream was over. I wonder if this dream represents some kind of confusion?

Posted by Stan on 09/04/02@08:20 PM CST ..::Link::..

DREAM - just weird

Persephone our cat IRL has a limp sometimes. We suspect it is arthritis. She's 11. In my dream, I dreamt she was walking very strangely, sometimes unable to walk at all. It was rather scary.

I also dreamt I was in Colorado and sitting on a sofa with X*X*. Stan was not with us...I don't know where he was, back at my parent's house? We were sort of flirting, and here's the weird part. I had this swatch of my hair that was dyed that I was wearing on my jacket. X*X* commented on it and said he liked it. I told him it was a squirrel's tail (?!?). X*X*'s own hair was most oddly shaped. It was brushed up at the side and cut straight, flat across the top...sort of weird 80s new wave style. Rather unattractive. Despite that weirdness, we were looking into eachother's eyes and flirting, and then we started touching eachother. I could tell that we'd probably end up in bed. I was scheming to call Stan and to tell him that I decided to spend the night at X*X*'s because it was getting late and we didn't want to drive back to town late at night.

Sorry, Stan, I can't help what I dream.

Posted by Ann on 09/04/02@09:11 AM CST ..::Link::..

Tuesday, September 3, 2002


I had an entry for today, but I delieted it from my stickey before I could transfer it.

Posted by Stan on 09/03/02@09:08 PM CST ..::Link::..

DREAM - Dental Hell

Stan had gold teeth in front, but it was more like gold leaf because it was flaking off on his top teeth. I mentioned this to him and he said he was just going to let it rub off and not replace it. I told him that he should do something because he had absolutely no enamel on those teeth. Then, somehow *I* ended up at a dentist instead. It was a strange place, like someone's apartment as opposed to a modern dentist office. I was sitting in the chair and told the assistants that I didn't have time to brush before I came, and wouldn't they let me brush first? They gave me a toothbrush and told me to go ahead, but didn't tell me where the bathroom was. I was walking down this narrow hallway, trying to find the bathroom. The doors were dark wood and very was an old apartment building. I opened up one door that appeared to be the master bedroom. It was a total mess and the bed was unmade...clothes strewn everywhere. I opened up another door that was just a broom closet. I finally found a bathroom, but it too was a total mess. There was hardly any room to spit in the sink, and the toilet had clothes draping over the side of it and some were in the bowl itself and it was unflushed. Even though I didn't use the toilet, I thought I should flush it anyway, but in doing so, managed to flush some of the clothes down the toilet. I felt really bad about messing up their plumbing.

Posted by Ann on 09/03/02@08:19 AM CST ..::Link::..

Monday, September 2, 2002

The Stupid Club

I just heard something strange on the History Channel. I was watching a special on the World Trade Center. They said the Towers were 27 years old when they were destroyed. Wow...just like rockstars. I mean no disrespect by this...if you know me, you'd know I mean that in a "weird, spooky" way, not in a snide way.

Of course I have to clarify everything I say...just in case someone doing a groupie search on some subject happens to google this site and be offended by a personal comment I make on something...

Posted by Ann on 09/02/02@09:54 PM CST ..::Link::..

Sunday, September 1, 2002

Sad Butterflies

I'm going to keep totallyhosted for this site and eyebalm for reasons too complex to explain, however because my site was down for 7 hours today, I'm getting different hosting for ann-s-thesia and dingbatcave.

Yellowjackets have killed a couple of our Monarchs. I now realize when I put them out on the butterfly bush if they're not completely dry, they'll get attacked. It's most sad. I don't want to wait too long to release them, but I guess it's better to wait longer until they can fly away rather than letting them dry on the bush, especially this time of year when these vagabond yellowjackets are out marrauding the neighborhood. How do these things survive in nature? Surely yellowjackets must attack them right as they're emerging.

After my host being down and seeing the yellowjacket kill a butterfly I released, I felt quite depressed. But at least I'm feeling better physically...I know that doesn't make much sense.

On the bright side, I figured out something tres cool:

This will always give the current date. I'm thinking of restructuring my GM script in the upper left corner over to SSI (which is what this is) because it will ALWAYS work. The GM script, on the otherhand, is flaky, and changes the day someone adds a comment or when I rebuild my files. True, it'll give the current date rather than the date the post was made, but it's better to be consistent and always have the current date rather than *sometimes* have the date the post was made, sometimes not.

Posted by Ann on 09/01/02@05:02 PM CST ..::Link::..
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