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Saturday, September 28, 2002

DREAM - Wallet

I dreamt it was the day we leave on our trip and I couldn't find my wallet. I told Stan that I couldn't go anywhere without my wallet because it had my drivers' license in it. He got mad and said, "well, we could go on our trip without your wallet, or we could just stay home on vacation and look for it." It made me mad that he would take such an all-or-nothing approach to it. It's not like we had to leave by a deadline or anything.


IRL this dream is based on the fact that I couldn't find my CC the other day, so I called my company and they issued me a new one and told me they'd send it overnight. I should've rec'd it yesterday, but I stupidly forgot to put the sign on the door that said "knock loud!" (I can't hear a thing upstairs if the dogs don't bark to let me know someone's at the door). I didn't remember until I was in the shower, and they'd probably already been by even before I got in the shower. Needless to say, they left a note saying that I could pick it up at the FedEx office after 7:30 pm. We went there a couple times to check to see if the envelope arrived last night, and the last time the FedEx worker told me that the truck won't be due back until 8:00 pm, which is when they close. Nice service. So they're *supposed* to deliver it today. The signs are on the door, and I'm waiting for the dogs to bark. If I don't have the CC before we leave, then I'll just make Stan buy everything. Heh.

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Friday, September 27, 2002

DREAM - Sinister Comedy

This was a very strange dream. I was at a party or gathering or something. It was sort of like at the cosmetic island in a department store, lots of odd packages of cosmetic packages that were on shelves. There was this guy there that was sort of like a cross between Robin Williams and Bono, but had the more goofy personality of the former. I think his head was shaved or had very short hair. We were trying to walk by eachother in a doorway, and he said, "Shall we dance?" then he took ahold of me and held me very tight. Ew. (I'm not a fan of either). Then the dream got very strange...we were running around trying to hide from some authorities, and Robin/Bono was holding a baby. I remember we were descending a staircase together, like the kind that went down to a subway. It was as if it was part of a whacky comedy. But it was a very, very disturbing.

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Thursday, September 26, 2002

Back from the dead

Oh, I am SO relieved! I spent the better half of this week so far transferring this site YET AGAIN!

I am now all moved to a respectable and reliable host, my site has resolved for me (It was missing earlier today, but it just was a DNS resolution thing) and I'm set to go on vacation in a week. I'm so glad I got this straightened out before I left...the previous host was SCARING ME.

In the mean time...rented "Monsters Inc." last night. Incredible animation. Yes, I know it's a G-Rated Disney movie, not exactly the kind of recommendation that one would expect to come out of me, but do rent it...the animation is terrific, the expressions that the creatures have is incredibly well done, and hey...was that a drug reference I caught? Heh. The concept was very unique as well. Gotta love those eyeballs (they must've seen my site). But would you expect anything low quality from Pixar, who is headed by Steve Jobs?

speaking of which...

I feel a little retarded/latecomer, but I just discovered iTunes. I never bothered to use it before on my G4...just used the Audio CD player on my OS 7.x-9.x macs. I was explaining to Stan how he can listen to CDs on his iBook, and he brought up iTunes. "Hey, they even have a laser light show," he said. Had to check that out. But what opened up a whole new world to me was discovering the "Radio" function that comes with it, that lists a whole eclectic mix of various internet radio stations. So far my fave is Technicolor Web of Sound, which plays an excellent mix of 60s psychedellia. Lots of very obscure stuff. And it looks like they're based in Milwaukee. Also Perkigoth Radio is good too. Remember the 80s? I'm not sure what the "perki" stands for, but the "goth" part is fairly descriptive. Heard Bauhaus's "Bela Lugosi's Dead" on it the other day.

speaking of which...

Happened to catch The Sisters of Mercy's "Walk Away" on VH1's 80s weekend the other day. We used to have that on vinyl. It just made me think, remember when Goth hardly even had a name, but it was more about the music and the mood, rather than what it's been bastardized/Americanized into, i.e., a bunch of fat tattooed bald guys with horn implants wearing pentacles? Yeesh.

And wouldn't you know it, after several days of being unable to post because of the host move, once I'm ready to post, my cable internet goes out. Figures.

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Is this thing on?

well, is it?

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Monday, September 23, 2002

DREAM - Newbie scam nightmare

I dreamt someone bought some graphics of mine and didn't know what to do with them. I wanted to ask them why they bought graphics if they didn't know how to use them/didn't have a plan for them. I was afraid they were scamming me to get their money back.

IRL, once someone bought a dingbat and didn't now what to do with it or how to use it. Pretty unbelievable.

Posted by Ann on 09/23/02@12:37 PM CST ..::Link::..

Sunday, September 22, 2002

Change the Channel

So we switched over to Travel Channel's show on Ozzie. The Trainwreck was playing a Pink video and I couldn't deal with it (and not to be tangential or anything, but I HATE it when I plug in "Pink Floyd" at Amazon, and it brings up Pink!) In spite of the mumbling, dottering British accent, Ozzie is much more comprehensible. Cusses less too. Heh. And as Stan said "I'd much rather watch least he wouldn't try to kill his spouse."

OK, folks, Stan said it, not me.

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24-Hour Trainwreck

I decided to watch a little bit of the 24-hour trainwreck, i.e., 24 hours of Courtney Love on MTV2, a channel I normally wouldn't watch due to their complete neglect of anything of historical musical importance. Call it my morbid fascination with how superfluous plastic surgery destroys people *who don't need it.* Admittedly, she has been playing some good videos, videos that would be be relegated to their dusty vaults or for a VH1's obscure 80s weekend. But her presentation is so awful, she is totally incoherent, frog-voiced and tangential. She'll start talking about a band, go off on a tangent on their producer had sex with her best friend's plastic surgeon and then she'll tangent on her own plastic surgery and why someone else *didn't* get plastic's like namedrop central with no recognizable content. Stan said it's like watching Liza Minnelli going into rehab. I know I tend to write a little tangentially myself, so I sort of understand that, wanting to say so much about a certain topic while your mind is racing and branching out into all these related sub-topics, and I know what it is like to be excited about bands that you want to educate others about, but I think in her case it's more just wanting to show off how much she knows about the personalities involved (or to insinuate that she slept with them), not as much as being excited about the music itself. Now, I have a life so I haven't watched the entire 24 hours worth, but I do notice a rather obvious lack of Sonic Youth videos. Hmm.

And what is it with her teeth? So she had some crookedness that was never corrected by orthodontia. So what. At least her mouth/teeth looked *normal* before. Now it looks like she has some protruding white prosthesis coming out of her mouth. Simply odd. Falsley whitened teeth give me the creeps. And the cheekbone implants...why? I simply do not understand plastic surgery culture.

Posted by Ann on 09/22/02@03:50 PM CST ..::Link::..

DREAM - Aquarium

I was with my parents in a pet store. For some reason we had to move a 30-40 gallon aquarium, I don't know why. I was helping them lift it, but then the owner/manager of the store showed us that we had to put it up on a high shelf, and I had no idea how we could lift such a thing. I can't remember if Stan was there to help or not...I guess it doesn't's only a dream.

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