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Sunday, October 5, 2003

Paternal Relatives/Ancestors DREAM

I was in my parent's basement in Colorado, looking at a bunch of glassware that was my dad's that he inherited from his parents. It was pretty ordinary in the dream, but I wanted it anyway. I was considering just taking it, and he would never know. But I decided to go Malden, MA where my grandparents lived in the early 70s, 60s, 50s? and see if I could get some more from their house. I think Stan dropped me off at their place, which was more like in the business district in a city rather than an older residential area. I'm in their house and it is vast, mansion-like (IRL it was just an older Victorian 2-story...they lived on the 2nd floor and rented out the ground floor). There is a bunch of glassware on shelves. I am talking to a young women (in her 20s) who says she is my cousin, but I do not have any cousins. She says her name is Arleen or something, which is actually IRL one of my Dad's cousins' names, I think. She is thin, about 5'4", 5'5", brown hair, bobbed. She is happy that I am there. I call my dad on the cellphone and tell him I am in Malden, and was wondering if I could take any glassware. He asks me which pieces I want and tells me to put down the phone, pick up the piece, and read him the number on it. All the glassware have numbers, like serial numbers, on them. He says the number will begin with "RN" and there were numbers like RN-38590, but there were also numbers that began with other letter combinations like "CS" for example. I also didn't put down the phone to pick up the glassware, and I almost dropped the piece. He could hear the noise on the other end of the phone and there was this uncomfortable silence on the phone as I knew he was probably having a coronary over me almost dropping his precious piece of glass. I assumed that the "RN" number had something to do with him, but the other serial numbers had to do with his cousins, like they all had joint custody of all the glassware. Then a bunch of people filled the building. As they were leaving, a small woman kissed me on my cheek. I don't know who she was...she looked like a nun. Creepy.

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