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Friday, October 18, 2002


DREAM 10.16.02

Stan and I were travelling down a highway when suddenly the road became very icy and we were sliding around on our car. We noticed a man walking on the road and he was having a hard time not slipping. As we drove further, we noticed a dead body, severed into various pieces and frozen solid in awkward postures on the highway. We decided we'd better stop the car and get out. There were a bunch of other people wandering around on the slick highway, and soon we were all herded into a building. We were put into small groups, and then were told to give a man who was seated at a desk our information, i.e., our names, where we were travelling to, etc., so that we could be taken care of. Stan had stripped all of clothes off and was refusing to cooperate with these authorities. I told him to stop, that they would take care of us, but he said that it's just a way for them to put us into the gas chambers or concentration camps. I told him he was being paranoid, but he insisted that he was right. "Don't you see what they're trying to do?" he insisted. Not wanting to leave him behind, I followed his lead, and we escaped. Somehow we got home to Madison, and discovered that some of our plants had died because the neighbors hadn't watered them, however, they had also constructed a very strange area in our upstairs where they had a bunch of ferns in water. The house didn't look like ours too much; it was much bigger.

DREAM 10.17.02

Stan and I were outside looking at trees and noticed that they were full of caterpillars, however the caterpillars were frozen. They were quite large, some larger than hot dogs. Unfortunately, most of them were dead. There were a few living ones. They were quite exquisite, however it was sad.

I was in a reception area with Stan. Many of the people in the waiting room were rock stars. There was one guy there that was supposed to be Iggy Pop, but it didn't look a thing like him. There was no one else that I "recognized." We were supposed to go to some concert by the band The Stray Cats (ew...remember the 80s? yuck). There was no one there, and especially no one in the front of the stage. The band really sucked.

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Thursday, October 17, 2002


I'm back. I think the neighbors forgot to water the plants in the living room and the bedroom. Oh well.

Strange dreams to come, but gotta get some rest *after* my vacation. Staying with parents can do that to one. So can motel beds.

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