Saturday, November 5, 2005

Disagreement Dream

My father has been deceased for over 8 years, and he seems to arrive in my dreams more and more as time passes.

In this dream we were going to a greenhouse, or more of a sort of landscaping company. My adopted father (as not to be confused with my bio. father) was driving us in a car to this plant place where I wanted to look at the house plants. I expressed my desire to be let off at the front of the building where I could look for cactus and succulent plants. He said fine, but when we arrived he kept driving without letting me out. He was headed for the outdoor part of the landscaping company where all of the trees were growing in large pots. I asked him to stop the car so I could walk back to the house plant area and he just looked at me without saying anything.

I looked over at the trees and say several high school coaches and teachers shopping there and talking with each other. At that point I opened the door and jumped out of the car while it was still moving. I became unhappy because I wasn't let out at the front of the building, and I didn't think my request was unreasonable. I was even more frustrated that when he looked at me without saying anything - as if - it seemed to me that he had already made up his mind that both of us were going to look at trees. It's frustrating to be made to go somewhere when we don't want to even as children, but I wish he would have then not agreed to let me off at the front of the building to begin with.

Anyway, I didn't wake up when I jumped out of the car and I walked back to the house plant area. I didn't find much in the way of cacti, but there were a few hen and chick looking succulents. They were interesting and I wondered if I could propagate them by rooting leaves, but I didn't try to buy them. Then I met Ann in the green house and we looked at plants for a while. That's when the dream ended, and it didn't go long enough for me to see my father again or any of his friends - which were many of my high school teachers and coaches.

I think this dream was about a deep and long standing disagreement my father and I had, and this completely undermined our relationship for the rest of his life. I willingly agreed to be involved with athletics in junior high school with the agreement (as I understood it at least) that high school athletics would be optional. I think my performance in junior high it should have been clear to everyone that I lacked many important athletic abilities like poise, balance and a powerful adrenaline charged second wind.

The dream seems to reflect on the misunderstanding we had and it drove us apart for many years to come.

I'll never really be able to say if my dad was right or not in any absolute sense, but I always have to remind myself that I did gain a lot of self discipline from athletics. The other possibilities remain unknowable, but I think the dream does represent some sort of completion in the conflict within myself.

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Bad Male Figures in Your Life Uncelebrity Deathmatch

I wish I wouldn't dwell on a certain asshole who unfortunately was temporarily in my life 10 years ago (anniversary time). I shall call him "Sasquatch the Cyclops." I think Stan knows who I am talking about. I wish I wouldn't dwell on how sensory deprived my youth was. I was truly mismatched with my parents, especially my dad. Boy, did that stork get the wrong number on June 30, 1961. Stupid blind stork, can't read the house numbers. Sometimes I become so angry and depressed, that I'm afraid the only way I can get over this without doing further emotional damage is to make light of it.

So I present, Uncelebrity Deathmatch between...

Sasquatch the Cyclops and The Fuddy to End all Duddies.

"In the leftwing corner we have Sasquatch measuring 6'9" and weighing in at 300 lbs. In the rightwing corner...Holy Cow, that corner is so rightwing it is completely OUT OF THE RING! Do you see that corner?"

"No, lemme get my binoculars here, yes, you're right, that corner is pretty far right..."

"Weighing in at the right wing corner is Fuddy Duddy at 5'9" and shrinking, and 96 lbs."

"Seems like an unfair advantage that Sasquatch has over Fuddy, why were these two ever paired up in the first place?"

"Assholes comes in all sizes. And you forgot about Sasquatch's bum leg."

"Yes, and he has the death of his son weighing heavily on his mind. That's got to be some burden to lug around. Old Fuddy might actually stand a chance with this one."

"What has Sasquatch got there?"

"It's one of his really ugly sculptures! He's swinging it at Fuddy!"

"But wait...Fuddy is pulling something out of his fanny pack...it's...a crucifix!"

"Look at Sasquatch cringe! He's reaching for one of his really badly done digital art pieces that was really time consuming to create because he relied on mathematical calculations and complicated computer programming instead of just using Photoshop on a Mac!

"Fuddy Duddy is sheltering his eyes as if he were in pain! What's his plan of defense to that one?"

"Fuddy is now kneeling on the mat and praying to God! I don't think God will help him out of this mess! Sasquatch is on the attack!"

"But Fuddy is reaching for something else...it's a humungous sack of dimes, and Fuddy is pelting Sasquatch with the dimes!"

"Where did Fuddy get all those dimes?"

"From fining his daughter ten cents each time she left the lights on in a room without being in the room. Imagine the irony of being pelted by a bunch of dimes formerly had by one of your art students! What a performance art piece that is!"

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Friday, November 4, 2005

Cap'n Jack

I watched "Pirates of the Caribbean" on tv last night. I was a bit hesitant, knowing that Johnny Depp channelled Keith Richards as his model for the part, fearing that the impression might be a bit off-putting to me (Keith Richards is the posterchild for how not to age as a rockstar in my book). However Stan and I had been intrigued by the promos we'd seen for it a few years ago when it came out, and Depp's character, despite the Richards connection, did look like a lot of fun, so naturally we had to see it at some time.

The movie itself, IMHO, was a bit cheesey, with some not-so-special Disney effects. I'm not sure what they left in or took out for tv, but I suspect there was minimal editing since reviews said there was no nudity or sex. No nudity or sex? I mean normally I wouldn't care one way or another if a movie had no nudity or sex, but if there was ever a movie that called for it, it was this one. Depp's character, Captain Jack Sparrow, was so damn sexy, it was just CRYING for a sex scene. Although the Keith Richards (not sexy) inspiration for the character was evident, I soon forgot all about that. During the movie, I was hoping that the incredible job that Depp was doing with this character would somehow be beamed out of this Disney production and into something maybe more for adults, something with a different director, something more earthy and real without silly ghost skeleton pirates.

My favorite movie with Johnny Depp is still Jim Jarmusch's "Dead Man." It is a beautiful movie. But as far as simply characters go, Cap'n Jack has everything and everyone beat.

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Strange mix of DREAMs

Everything was really fragmented and not in any coherent order. Here are the snippets:

I was talking with my mom about viewing the movie on tv last night, the Pirates of the Caribbean (more on that later). We both agreed Johnny Depp was quite sexy in that role. (I have a hard time believing this will be the case when I call her some time this weekend...I'm sure if she viewed it, she would think he was hardly sexy...too swarthy for her, too grungey, etc., which will be more proof I am not my parent's daughter. But we shall see. If she agrees with me, I will eat my...well, I don't wear hats, so I will eat my words.)

I was in a restaurant and our drunken neighbor, W_ _ _ _ was there. He was dancing with me and getting too close, as well as falling over his feet. I was moving him off of me and telling him it was time for him to go upstairs to bed. Odd, he didn't have that moron voice ala Bruce Willis in Pulp Fiction when he's in the shower ("My name is Babby!" "Stop it, I hate it when you do that retard voice!") that he usually has when he's drunk.

Stan and I were talking about my ancestry, at which time Lucifer Sam jumps up onto a bookshelf, knocking a very large coffee table book onto him causing a domino effect of more large coffee table books to fall onto him. Afterward, he looked dazed. I was afraid he had a concussion and we decided to go to the vet, which caused me to waken with a start. No!!!! No bad pet dreams!!!!!

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Thursday, November 3, 2005

DREAM with Storm

I dreamt that I had to walk somewhere. It was storming outside, wind blowing, and ice covered the street. I made it across the street to the old guy's house. I went around to the northeast side of the house where there was another entrance (IRL there is no entrance there) and I go inside. There are young guys (20-somethings) there. I forgot what I did there, but I had to head out again. It was very difficult manoeuvering on the slippery sidewalk with wind.

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Wednesday, November 2, 2005

The Caligula Saga Continues

Last night, we took Caligula in and decided to leave him at the vet's overnight since it would be hard to deliver him in the morning for surgery. They called this morning to say that he has a fever of 104, so they didn't do the surgery. His white blood cell count is low, which means he's fighting an infection, but the rest of the blood test showed in the normal range. There is a small chance that the fever is caused by the mast cell tumor when they aspirated it, causing a release of histamines. My suspicion--and the vet agreed with me--is that it's from a tooth abscess, which is why his underchin was swoolen. Perhaps why his fever was normal yesterday was because we brought him in soon enough before a fever took hold from the abscess. I'm hoping that's what's going on, that it's only a tooth abscess that can be cured with a tooth extraction and antibiotics. Hopefully by next week his fever will have subsided and we can do that, plus the mast tumor removal. He's coming home tonight with antibiotics, and we will need to reschedule another checkup and surgery.

I can't believe all this is happening. My emotions are just a rollercoaster with these cat situations these past few days.

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Weird Sex DREAM

Stan and I had met up with _ _ _ _ in Colorado at some mountain resort or something. I got it in my head that I was going to try to seduce him, despite the fact that Stan was there. (Stan is also in this journal, but Stan is well aware of my long time crush on _ _ _ _. _ _ _ _, on the other hand, doesn't read my blog, but on the off chance he does decide to read it...aw hell, what am I hiding. Bill, ok? It's Bill! As if he'll read this. It'll never happen. This is too conversational and personal for him; he prefers political, detached blogs. Such a scientist guy thing.)

I forget the timelined sequence of events, but here are the snippets:

I was trying to get through to Bill by talking about how sensual my paintings are, stroking and carressing them, acting as if the painting was a man I was seducin. I think I was speaking with a Swedish accent, why--I have absolutely no clue.

On the topic of Swedishness, Bill had some strange circular contraption that was made out of canvas, the size and shape of an above-ground backyard swimming pool, that contained a hottub, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. It was supposedly some Swedish invention, (Bill is not Swedish, BTW, so I have no idea what this Swedish thing is) like something to take camping with you. It had two beds, so Stan and I could spend the night with Bill, but the larger bed was very uncomfortable with sides that forced you to roll to the center. I wondered how on earth I would be comfortable in the thing, and then I thought maybe Stan could sleep with Bill and I'd take the little bed. Weird. The whole presentation of the weird canvas house/tent/hottub thing was like watching a long infomercial--ah...now I know what's going on here. One of the last times we saw Bill we discussed those Swedish sleep system beds. I bet that's the relation.

I was standing in front of thei mirror watching myself get dressed, trying to put something seductive on.

A fourth person entered the dream, _o_ _ _. He had more hair and it was longer (Stan and I yesterday discussed how he never had long hair although he hung out with people with long hair). We were all standing outside. Stan had a TV remote control that he was unintentionally holding near his groin. _o_ _ _ and I were looking down at the remote, and for some reason referred to it as "Stan's burrito" and we started laughing about "staring at Stan's burrito."

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Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Gas Profits Theory

Our Fascist Styled Republican Government wants the oil companies to make big profits in order for these companies to use this money to improve themselves. The oil companies will use these profits (rather than pay wind fall taxes) to improve their supply and refinery abilities. Our government wants them to do these things because we will need better fuel supplies when this Fascist Styled Republican government goes to war with Iraq and N. Korea. Such grand ambitions will require better fuel production abilities at home.

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The Year of Living Pet Hell

OK, This is just getting ridiculous. I just noticed Caligula's chin/jaw is swoolen. We're bringing him into the Vet's at 2 today.

What is going on in this household? This is the year of pet trauma!

Early this year, we take Lucifer Sam and Persephone in for their annual exams. Turns out both animals need teeth pulled. After blood tests, it is determined that Persephone has hyperthyroidism and the early stages of kidney disease.

Late winter: Lucifer Sam gets 4 teeth pulled. Anaesthesia is always scary for Pugs.

Spring: Plato develops impacted anal glands that are abscessing, emergency vet visit.

Late Spring: Lucifer Sam develops a very high fever, emergency vet visit. Antibiotics and hyperdermic fluid to cool him down.

Summer?: Persephone has 7 teeth pulled.

Late Summer: Lucifer Sam brings home fleas from a dog park! Frontline for all the animals.

Fall: Persephone disappears, but fortunately returns.

At this point, I'm thinking, what a hellish year for our pets, but it's a good thing nothing went wrong with Caligula.

Well, never think stuff like that.

I'm hoping it's just an abscess that can be cured with antiobiotics and maybe a tooth pull. Just hope it's nothing worse. What is freaky is that Natasha had a swollen jaw like that a year or so before she died.

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New Corpse and Theory

Here. My slice is entitled "the feline hallway" which I completed about 10 days ago or so. Ironic, sort of.

Stan and I talked about this last night after Persephone returned. The fact that a dog barked and there was light outside (meaning something triggered either our or a neighbor's movement detector light) before I heard noises in back and a meow, suggesets that something else was at play here. Persephone is 7 lbs. soaking wet. I find it hard to imagine that her presence could be picked up by one of those lights. Dog barking? If a dog barked each time a cat or any animal walked into our yard, we'd be in constant woof land.

I think Scenario D was at play here. Someone found her when she got out last night, and decided to keep her. She's a cute, affectionate kitty, what kind of catnapper wouldn't want her? Just the fact that when I called her name outside yesterday and she never came is very suspicious. She is very good at responding to her name. And other times when she's escaped, she has responded to her name, as well as an open back door with food. That has ALWAYS brought her out in the past, usually in the morning or early afternoon.

But then, when they found one of the posters we canvassed around the neighborhood, or one on a lamppost, and saw that she needed medication, they decided their new kid wasn't for them. But instead of calling us, they drop the cat back near where they found her (we didn't put our address on the flyers because we didn't want people A)) just dropping the cat off without contacting us and B)) Associating our phone number with our address. Being cellphone-only has its advantages for anonymity...why spoil it?).

Just a theory anyway.

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Monday, October 31, 2005


I was lying in bed, felt like crying myself to sleep. This was the worst Halloween ever, and now some dumbass was outside with those idiot car speakers that sound like bass-driven popcorn poppers. I heard a neighbor's dog bark, several times. I opened my eyes and it seemed like it was light outside behind our black venetian blinds. Despite the idiot car stereo, I heard a noise, like rattling, bumping. It sounded like it was coming from the back of our house. Then, I thought I heard a meow. Of course, I wanted to hear a meow, just like each time I'd see a movement in grey outside, I thought it was Persephone, even though it was just a grey squirrel. I listened again; it was probably just the newt aquarium bubbler that sounded like a meow, yeah, that's all it was. I told Stan anyway, that I heard a sound. "But it's probably nothing," I said. He got up and went to the back room, which we had left open to the outside in case Persephone decided to return. He seemed to take forever returning to bed. When he did, he turned the light on and tossed a small grey cat onto the blanket.

Thank you, Pluto, for returning her.

Words can not express how happy I am. Both Stan and I surely thought we'd lost her this time, as she'd never, ever been gone this long. She's wandering all around the house now, getting to know it again. We showed her to the dogs, and Lucifer Sam especially was full of kisses. Caligula keeps watching her, happy she is home. He was pretty much a basket case today, wandering all around the house looking for her. Usually he just camps out somewhere and sleeps.

What a naughty cat, slipping outside beyond our radar, and then not coming back for a whole day! But I can't be mad, I love her so much.

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It wasn't supposed to happen like this

It was 30 years ago that my first cat dissappeared. I'd always wanted a cat when I was young, but my parents didn't let me have one because they were "moving too much." Finally, by the time I was 14, they felt settled enough to allow a cat. We got him in the fall of 1975, and I named him Pepper. As a 14-year old, I didn't know that much about raising cats, so I allowed him outside. Then one day he never came back. I called his name all around the neighborhood, but no Pepper. This was only a couple weeks to a month or so after we got him. It is so similar to this current scenario, except Persephone was completely an indoor cat, except for her escape tricks.

Scenario D: Persephone somehow got outside and got catnapped by someone in the neighborhood (not one of the neighbors that knows us and talks to us).

Scenario E: Persephone somehow got outside and got attacked, killed and eaten by a wild animal like a raccoon, which are in our neighborhood, or, by the rottweiller across the alley.

This wasn't the way it was supposed to happen. She was supposed to get old, and gradually get sicker and sicker with her kidney disease and hyperthyroidism. She would lose her appetite and lose her bladder function and we'd tell her that we loved her very much and that she was a good, sweet pet, and pet her little head and then we'd take her to the vet and put her to sleep. We weren't supposed to lose her this way. We weren't ready to lose her. And to the best of my knowledge, if she was indeed playing her little game where she gets outside and we find her and put her back inside, she wasn't ready to leave us, either.

After Pepper had been missing a few days, I wanted another cat so badly. I figured if I got another cat and he came back, then I'd have two cats, and even if he didn't come back, I'd still have the other cat. I guess I really must've been persuasive, so I persuaded my parents to let me get another one. We went to a pet store and picked out a little sweetie and named her Muffy (what absolute dreadful name). We only had her for about a week...she must have come pre-infected with feline enteritis, because that's how she died. Now I didn't have any cats, yet again.

I told Stan we should get a kitten. That's what happened after Vladimir died, four days later we got Caligula. I know everyone is different; Bill grieved for two years after Pan died before he got Clover. But for me, a new animal takes my mind off the sorrow. And after Hieronymus died, we started looking for another dog.

But this is different. It's not a death. It's not final. Not that if Persephone miraculously reappeared we would've felt bad that we got a kitten, we'd be overjoyed. But it's just kind of weird not knowing, like with parents whose kids go missing. There is no body, no finality.

I need to grieve anyway.

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Still Lost

Last night some people came over to move a printing press out of the basement. Stan closed the door to the basement. Later, he left to help them move the press to their place. While he was gone, I kept hearing noises, so I went to check to make sure all the cats were in the house. I saw Persephone, I think she ws on the futon. I couldn't find Caligula. I went upstairs; no Caligula. I was afraid he'd gotten outside somehow. I went downstairs, and then I saw him sitting on the kitchen table. All cats accounted for. Stan returned. He took the dogs out. He can't remember whether Persephone was around at that time or not. Sometimes Persephone likes to try to escape outside when we're taking the dogs, out. We woke up this morning, unable to find Persephone. We looked all through the house, all around outside. We canvassed the entire neighborhood. I sent out emails to a neighborhood mailing list.

Scenario A: Persephone actually snuck outside while the press was being moved and the bulkhead door to the basement was open. I never actually saw Persephone after Stan left...it was an apparition. You know how when you're looking for something you can be staring right at it and still not see it? Like that, except in reverse.

Scenario B: Persephone snuck outside after I saw her last night, while Stan was taking the dogs out. Because it was dark, he didn't see her sneak out.

Scenario C: She suddenly felt like she was going to die, so she hid in the basement in a spot where we can't find her.

Problems with Scenario A: Although I can't say my mind is infallible (who can?), I swear I saw her last night. I saw her first, then found Caligula.

Problems with Scenario B: Usually she never tries to sneak out after dark. Stan would've most likely saw her.

Problems with Scenario A and B: Although this happened once before, where she was gone all night, and once where she was gone a short while in the morning, and a few times that she's snuck out and we've caught her right away, she does always come back. She's never been gone this long; she always return, especially when we leave the back door open to where her food is.

Problems with Scenario C: Although she is on hyperthyroid medication and special food for cats with kidney disease, she gave absolutely no indication that she felt ill. She had a great appetite, great personality, very affectionate. She was even putting on weight, which was good for her. If a cat is dying,it is not an overnight thing where it suddenly "up and dies." She would've been showing slow deterioration over time, over days, even weeks or months. This would've just been an immediate thing. If she was hiding in the basement for some reason, she still would've come to us. Even if she lost her appetite, she'd still be around us, twizzling around our feet, even though she wouldn't want to eat. That's just the way Persephone was.

I've used past tense there.

I'm afraid, so afraid. It's fall. This is the time Persephone returns to the Netherworld, to Pluto. We always said that little cat was not of this world.

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For some reason I was walking around in the vicinity of the Burger King on East Wash around 3 pm in the afternoon on a somewhat sunny day, when I met up with someone who used to work at Depressions. We started to walk around the neighborhood together. We met up with somone else, who I don't know if they were a Depressions employee or someone I used to know through art things, or what. This area around Madison started to remind me a lot of midtown Ft. Collins. We went into a record store, that was literally that...all vinyl, no CDs. The weird thing is, I start to look at things that I was listening to around the time I was working for Depressions, but then I remembered, "oh, I should look at Pink Floyd." It's as if in dreamtime, I really was 33, and forgot to push the Upgrade Software to Ann v. 44.4 button. I'm sorting through the Pink Floyd bin, but can't find anything that's actually by them. There's a bunch of other stuff in there, but no Floyd. There's an album that's octagonal shaped, but not Floyd. It was like some bizarro universe. Then the peopole I'm with suggest we walk somewhere else that's about a mile away. By this time, my legs are really hurting, and I say, "Why don't we walk over to my house and I can drive you over there?" They screw up their faces and shake their heads 'no.' I really didn't want to walk anymore. I forgot how this dream resolved itself; I know we were also planning on going to a concert that night to. I do remember talking in my sleep a lot. I also remember looking at a lot of clothes and elegant fabrics while we were "shopping."

I woke up and went back to sleep. During this time, the radio was on and the program was discussing "Haunted Wisconsin," places to visit with haunted legends. I'm not sure if I picked any of the radio talk up to form my dream or not, since I was sleeping I didn't know what the exact conversations were. I dreamt I was walking around an old downtown area of some city with some people; perhaps one of the persons was the 2nd person from the above dream, I don't know. We go into an old building and to the second floor. There are people discussing how this building will be turned into a restaurant, called "Mary." Evidentally, it's some chain that takes old buildings and turns them into restaurants or bars, based a bit on the Barber's Closet style where you have lounging/living room type areas with comfy old couches to sit and eat your food. All the decor is done up in Victorian/Art Nouvea/Early 20th Century Old Lady/Grandma's House. And all the restaurants would be named "Mary" with a number after them to differentiate them from all the other "Mary" restaurants in the chain. , Actually, it's sort of a neat concept, decor-wise. But I got the impression that this particular "Mary" was sort of a bordello. I remember one guy who was in on the conversation had a huge nose covered with a dark color. (I've gotta stop watching those Medical shows on TV, I tell ya!) As we exit the building, I have Plato with me. We're walking by some small old houses with dogs. Plato starts lunging on his leash, chasing the dogs. I was afraid there was going to be a big fight, but there wasn't.

I'll write more about Persephone later.She is still missing.

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Persephone has vanished. She is an indoor cat, although she has escaped a couple times when we didn't see her slip out the door. She is nowhere to be found, inside or out.

I was writing down a dream, but I don't know if I'll get back to it. Ever.

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