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Saturday, November 9, 2002

Singing "Animals" Dream

The dream I had that Ann has written about was a situation where I was singing to someone I use to know. The situation was strange because rather than singing as a singer sings to an audience; I was singing to one person while they were running away from me like they didn't want to hear the song. This person is some sort of male disney witch in my opinion because they are preoccupied with acquiring money, sex, and the appearances of material success. I don't want to use this person's name because I greatly dislike them and I want them to stay out of my life.

I knew after I woke up that the lyrics were from Pink Floyd's Animals, and I thought the song was Pigs. However, when I reread the lyrics from Animals I found that I was singing Dogs instead of Pigs. The following is the part of the song I remember singing:

"Deaf, dumb and blind you just keep on pretending
that everyone's expendable and no one has a real friend.
And it seems to you the thing to do would be to isolate the winner.
And everything's done under the sun,
And you believe at heart everyone's a killer."

If this were real life I'm sure the message in the music would be lost on this person, but at least I enjoy them.

Posted by Stan on 11/09/02@09:23 PM CST ..::Link::..


I added a Dictionary of Ann and Stan speak and people/symbol/images/words in my dreams.

Posted by Ann on 11/09/02@03:56 PM CST ..::Link::..

Pssst...Stan told me his DREAM this morning...

...But because he went to work today and didn't have time to log it, here's what I remember he said:

He was singing Pink Floyd's "Pigs (Three Different Ones)" to a former friend of ours that we no longer see. He was singing in a lower register, a baritone. I think he said he was really angry as he sang it, too.

Hee hee. I find this extremely funny because

1) Not only am *I* the sole lunatic having Pink Floyd dreams (well, mostly ex-Floyd Syd in my case), but

2) we were just having a discussion regarding how well we think "Animals" would go with the movie "Glengarry Glen Ross" and the subject in his dream was obsessed for some unknown reason about that movie.

Sorry to steal your thunder Stan, but I just had to write it down before either of us forgot! Please correct me on any errors, or feel free to re-log and I'll delete this entry.

Posted by Ann on 11/09/02@09:48 AM CST ..::Link::..

DREAM - Dad, Dog, and Dustmops

I'm not sure if Stan and I were travelling or not, or if Stan was even with me; it was vague, but I was definitely in a room and in a bed that was not mine. I have no clothes on, but am fully covered by the bedsheets and some guy is in the room with me, looking at me in sort of a humorous way. I forgot what it is I did, but I sort of lifted the bedsheet up to show him that I didn't have anything on and that he should leave...or something like that (now that's twisted logic..."hey, LOOK I'm naked, please leave" weird.). The even stranger thing is that the guy turned out to be Pete Townsend (!?) (sort of age 35-ish era). Then later he got in the bed with me, but nothing happened. Then I wasn't in that room anymore, I was outside and walking toward my house. Once I was in my house, I noticed we had a visitor, Adam, who is not a real flesh and blood person, but someone I created over 20 years ago. He still looked young, however, but then again, do non-corporeal people age, really? Adam was in the bathroom using the toilet with the lights off but he didn't have the door shut, which is not uncommon for Stan, but I would expect little more of a guest, however because he was a creation of mine, I just laughed it off and said "Adam, shut the door!" He mumbled something and we both laughed.

Strange how when we meet unexpected people in our dreams it's never "Pete Townsend! I've always loved The Who! Quadrophenia is one of my favorite movies!" or "Adam, how did you become corporeal? I made you up! How did this happen?" It's always so matter of fact, like "oh, it's you."

In the next part of the dream, I was at my parent's house in their hallway, which is a very small, cramped hallway, but in the dream it was two stories and someone had redecorated it with weird balcony things hanging off the 2nd floor, sort of like the interior of a cheesey Italian or Greek restaurant. Who decorated it is could've been Adam, or Tim or Matt, but I'm not sure. I'm sure my parents were displeased, as I wasn't even that keen on it myself, and I'm far more into the wild and eccentric than their subdued, stark lives and tastes. We had a dog with us that wasn't Plato or was bigger and looked like our neighbor's dog, Sunday, but we were calling it Moxie, which is our neighbor's other dog. It had gotten outside (we're still at my parent's house) and I was trying to herd it back into the house, which was quite difficult. Once I finally grabbed it by the collar, I tried to open the door to the house, but in between the time I went outside to catch the dog and the time I caught it, my dad had locked the screen door so I was trapped outside. I started ringing the doorbell, pounding and yelling, but no one came to let me in. Then I noticed that some school had let out (my parents live near schools) and there was a trail of kids, like army ants, walking through their house from their back door out to the front door, so they were then able to let me inside. Once inside, I complained to my dad that he locked me out (which IRL he does constantly when I visit because he's a damn freak about getting robbed, which would make sense if he had anything of worth to rob, but he doesn't, yet I digress). I also told him that I will have to be coming in the front door later because I have to pick up some art from Kingsfoot Gallery (which is in here in Madison, not in Colorado) and bring it back there. He asks me why I have to pick it up and why they can't deliver it. I'm pretty amazed by this, and tell him because that's not the way it's done. For some reason, he'd rather them deliver the art than for me to pick it up because it doesn't fit into his agenda? I don't understand. I tell him if he wants it done that way, he's going to have to make arrangements with them. He says that he's not going to talk to them, I need to talk to them because it's my art. I'm getting extremely angry at this point and I stand up and yell at him dictatorally: "YOU need to call up Schuyler and tell her that YOU want THEM to deliver the art and it's not MY responsibility because this is what YOU want, not ME!" He keeps interrupting me and I can't ever get my point across and I wake up shouting and crying.

I catch myself and realize it's just another stupid dream about my stupid dad and his petty dictates, so I'm able to go back to sleep pretty quickly after that.

Into the next dream I'm at some workplace. I'm not sure what exactly it is, there's a storeroom atmosphere about it, but there's some people I recognize from my former job. I'm having to go with someone to collect some dustmops or cleaning equipment. I'm trying to explain to them my former dream about my dad. They seem to be listening rather intently, fascinated that I can remember my dreams so well and that I dream so exquisitely.

Posted by Ann on 11/09/02@09:06 AM CST ..::Link::..

Friday, November 8, 2002

DREAM - bad bus trip

I was travelling on a bus with some people that I didn't know. They all seemed much younger than me. The bus seemed to be travelling to foreign countries, like Europe or Northern Africa, but for some reason none of us travellers needed visas because we were all together as a group. I didn't want to be there; I wanted to go home. I almost felt as if I'd been taken against my will. The bus stopped at some destination and we went into a museum-like structure where there were lots of other people. I saw my friends Lamya and Russ there, but they didn't see me, and for some reason I didn't say anything to them, although I wanted to, to let them know I needed a way to get back to the States. I didn't know where to go, so I followed some of the women on the bus as they went to some sort of lounge area in the museum to sit down, talk and smoke. They were too young for me to be hanging around them, they were talking about brainless, mundane, subject matter, yet, I felt helpless and clingy because I didn't know anyone else or where to go.

Posted by Ann on 11/08/02@10:20 AM CST ..::Link::..

Thursday, November 7, 2002

Hieronymus, etc.

I have lost sleep again. Monday morning Hieronymus developed diarrhea. Stan said it was probably because he fed him some left over Mexican food. We tried the same regimen on him as we did to Plato, minus the medicine that the vet prescribed for Plato. However, Wednesday morning Hieronymus was getting worse, so we took him to the vet. He was literallly squirting at the vets, it was horrible. I think the vet was worried about him. The weird thing is, she doubts his diarrhea is related to Plato's because he developed it later, so it was probably not related to their stay at the kennel. It's just so coincidental. I keep asking Stan rhetorically, "what are the odds?" This morning they called with his blood tests, which are normal, especially for a dog his age (he's almost 12), except for some elevated stress indicators, which is to be expected in his condition. He hasn't shat at all today, so the medicine that he is on now must be working. But I'm very tired and have no energy, no anything. I can't do anything creative at all. Stan thought I was getting up in the middle of the night to throw up. I wasn't, but I sure felt like it. We've had to bathe Hieronymus about four times so far. Fortunately, no rugs were ruined. Unlike Plato who was a good dog and barked to be taken outside, Hieronymus just went in the house. We never had to teach him to bark to go outside because he was always so good and held it in until we took him out, unlike Plato. I just hope he'll be well enough to be boarded again on Monday.

I'm glad that Jeffrey Dahmer look-alike Governor Scott McCallum will not have another four years. I'm not as pleased about the *rest* of the country re: Tuesday's elections. It's depresssing.

I'm just so tired.

Posted by Ann on 11/07/02@08:14 PM CST ..::Link::..

Wednesday, November 6, 2002

Just remembered more of my DREAM last night...

This would be in the final episode of the three-parter,...when I'm in the basement:

In the basement there were a bunch of crickets in an was gross, actually, even though I like crickets. They had formed a colony of solid crickets piled on top of eachother several inches deep. I wanted to get a cricket out of there to feed to my frog, but I didn't want to stick my hand in the aquarium, so I think I was trying to find Stan to ask him if he'd do it for me.

Posted by Ann on 11/06/02@11:08 AM CST ..::Link::..

Crazy Plastic Diamonds, Agate Slabs and other strange DREAMs

I think I have the best dreams when I injest Nuprin, oddly enough. Or maybe it just makes me sleepy enough so that I finally get REM sleep or whatever it is that makes you go deep.

I was in a library or classroom or waiting room or someplace where there were books to read. It was a casual sort of environment, and I got myself a book to look at while I waited for whatever I was waiting for. It was like a collage, a very non-conventional, non-linear was sort of in little pieces. I then realized the book was by Syd Barrett. There was an envelope in the book that contained small items, small strips of paper with words on them. It fell to the floor and I bent down to pick it up, and realized there were a lot more pieces that had fallen than I thought. Some of the pieces were plastic, like small plastic dies or polygonal shapes, like rock crystals, but plastic (crazy plastic diamonds? heh). Then I went into a room...I think Stan was with me. We were talking to a woman who was supposedly a relative of Syd's, but she was American, not British. She was foraging through a scrapbook of hers of stuff that Syd had written. She was puzzled as to why we were interested.

I woke up, had bad cramps, took more Nuprin, went back to sleep.

I was with an old boyfriend from high school. I was standing in the back of my parent's house with him and had my arm around his stomach...odd. I think I then went into my parents house and there were a bunch of people there and I was trying to introduce everybody. I also remember seeing myself from the back, as if I was out of my body. My hair was very long and blonde (dyed, probably), but the roots growing in weren't that dark. Then I was in a room with a bunch of other people I didn't know. I don't know why, but we were sitting up high on a ledge. One of the other people was talking about someone and how they didn't like them because they weren't spontaneous enough. I feared that I may not have been spontaneous enough myself, so I started acting very strangely, like swinging from fixtures on the ceiling, climbing on shelves, saying weird noises to other people, etc. Then I was in another room with very strange, surreal furniture. I specifically remember one was made of brown rock with streaks, like agate. It was large enough for one to lie on, which I did. I reclined on it, but it had a very strange place to put your head. I can't describe it too well, but it was like a bunch of other slabs stacked up, then dowelled together so that they could be moved/swivelled apart from eachother and repositioned. It was strange, and sort of Egyptian. As I started to lay my head down, this very strange woman came up to me, who was like an Egyptian figurine, very tall, very strong, very stiff, and lifted me up off the slab. She was angry...she didn't want me there, and then she started destroying items of mine so that I would let her have the slab. She had what appeared to be a small snake or snake head inside a glass ball--this was supposed to be a sacred possession of mine--and smashed it with a rock against a tree. I started to cry and woke up and couldn't stop crying. Weird.

After I realized it was just a dream, I went back to sleep.

I was back at my parent's house in their basement, except it was huge and vast and went on forever. I was being put in a room down there, which would be my own room, except it didn't have much privacy because the basement was unfinished. I was looking for some furniture that I could use in the room, and it appeared that they had quite a nice supply of wicker stuff, very unlike the way it is in real life. I was getting dressed down there and realized the rest of my clothes were elsewhere, so I was wandering around half naked.

Posted by Ann on 11/06/02@10:04 AM CST ..::Link::..

Tuesday, November 5, 2002

Bowie on A&E

I watched a 2-hour David Bowie Biography on A&E last night. Maybe I'm just a little biased, but I was a bit disappointed that the makers of the Biography didn't mention Brian Eno at all in conjunction with his role in Bowie's Berlin-era records (he's co-credited on writing the music for many of the songs, and according to some sources IS the entire second side of "Low"). I guess I should be glad that they did at least *interview* Brian Eno...the most I've seen of him on television ever. Also, I'm surprised they didn't get an interview from Lou Reed...just mentioned him some. And it also would've been great if they would have at least *referred to* Syd Barrett as an influence on the character of Ziggy Stadust, but like I said, I'm biased.

Posted by Ann on 11/05/02@07:23 AM CST ..::Link::..

Monday, November 4, 2002

DREAM - Lake Minnesota

Stan and I were going to take a short vacation to Minnesota/Minneapolis area, however we were heading up to Northern Wisconsin, and crossed the state line where in actuality Lake Superior would be. It was very surreal; the landscape was that of the West, like Colorado, nothing like Minnesota. There was this vast terrain of ragged (not peaked, but just rocky) mountains with red and grey rock formations. We were travelling along a ridge of mountains at the summit and there was a dam that we crossed. It appeared that the water had run over the road...rather scary. I was hoping that it wouldn't be flooded upon our return. Once we got to a city, we got a cheapo motel with bad decor and uncomfortable beds. We were talking and realized we forgot to bring all our toiletries, so we had to make a trip to a store to pick some up. I was debating whether I would need to purchase a hair dryer or not. There was a restaurant that I think was Chinese across the street from our motel. It looked like it was run by the mob.

Posted by Ann on 11/04/02@08:01 AM CST ..::Link::..

Sunday, November 3, 2002

Upcoming Itinerary

As I was printing out Yahoo Maps today for our trip out east next week, I thought, hey, since we'll be going through the Cleveland area anyway, why not see the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? Kind of a spur of the moment thing. I hope it's worth it.

So, next Monday we leave Madison, drop the dogs off at the kennel (and hope Plato doesn't get sick again). We'll stop at South Bend, Indiana, and see where I lived when I was 1-5 years old. Then we'll get a place for the night around Cleveland.

Tuesday we'll hopefully see the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. (I'm majorly bummed Brian Eno/Roxy Music have not been inducted yet.) We'll probably either stay in Cleveland again or head toward upstate New York.

Wednesday sometime we'll arrive in Liverpool and see where I used to live from age 7-10. Then we'll head toward the Boston area. We'll probably have to stay somewhere in upstate New York or northern Massachusetts.

If this were before Labor Day, at this point we would drive up to Gloucester to see Hammond's Castle. As it works out, it will be impossible to see it during this trip, as they are not open on weekdays after Labor Day. MAJOR BUMMER. I wanted to see Hammond's Castle so bad...I remember it from my childhood. I hope there will be other opportunities when we'll be in that area either during a tourist season or on a weekend.

Thursday we'll find the last place my Dad lived in Malden, MA, the place I remember visiting my grandparents (no more than 3 times). Then we'll head toward southern MA to see Raynham, where I lived from age 5-7. Hopefully we can catch the 5 pm ferry for the Island. We'll spend a few days on the Island with Stan's mom, grandmother and hopefully meet his half brothers for the first time.

I know I'll fall in love with it...I love the sea. I even fall in love with Lake Superior when we go up's sort of a surrogate sea for the Upper Midwest.

Posted by Ann on 11/03/02@05:14 PM CST ..::Link::..

Transparent DREAM

I was wearing a see-thru top. That's about it.

Posted by Ann on 11/03/02@04:55 PM CST ..::Link::..
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