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Saturday, November 30, 2002

DREAM doesn't fit.

I must have been a teenager because I was going to spend the night at a girl friend's house (someone I used to know from high school). It was rather spontaneous, so I didn't come equipped with my contact lens supplies (and I was wearing soft lenses, so I must have been over 30 too...inconsistencies). But somehow I managed to find a spare pair at her house. There was also an episode where I was with some people that were near a bathroom and one of them, a woman, was bothered because she saw one male use it 64 times (she counted?) Later in the dream, I was trying on some clothes that didn't fit. My parents were there and they were telling me I looked fine, but my boobs were falling out of the top because the clothes were too small. It was too creepy that they were too oblivious to my dilemma (but very symbolic for how it really is, I suppose).

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Friday, November 29, 2002

DREAM and assorted

Stan and I were going to enter one picture each in a juried show at Pirate*. We were driving around in what I guess was Denver, and found an old building on a corner with a purple/mauve door, however it looked nothing like Pirate, it looked like something more like in Olde Towne Forte Collinse. I forgot what Stan's picture looked like, but mine was rather small, 18x24, framed behind glass and not in my style. There were figures in it...the colors were white, red and black for the most part. I think it was a self portrait, but the figures were small and didn't proportionately take up a good deal of the image; it didn't look like something I would do now even I were to start drawing figures again. There was a woman (30-something?) taking our entries and for some reason, Stan had to call Tim, so he used an office phone at Pirate (btw, it looked nothing like the inside of Pirate either...very small and office-like). After Stan dialed Tim, he hands the phone to me because he has to do something, so I start talking, asking if Tim is there, but there are several people on the line, one of whom is Adria's** husband, Rich. It was most confusing, and I didn't understand why Stan had to use their office phone and call long distance whereas he could've just used our cell phone.

Speaking of which....

There are no ringtones (for our cellphone) for Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Roxy Music, or Lou Reed.

I didn't even bother checking for Brian Eno. Heh.

I mean you'd think at least Bowie and Floyd...

*Pirate was "Pirate, A Contemporary Art Oasis" which was an alternative/independent gallery in Denver in the 1980s. They featured frequent juried "outsider" (meaning, not a Pirate member) shows, which Stan and I entered a lot. I don't think they exist anymore, but I don't know since I haven't lived in CO for quite a while.

**Stan's half-sister

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Thursday, November 28, 2002


I swear sometimes I am the only person that notices things. I mean Google has what, googled 3 billion some web pages? So I run a search on a few words to see if anyone else has any info on the subject, and I get about four pages of search results, none of which have any information on what I'm looking for. Hasn't anyone else written on these things that I wonder about? Certainly I cannot be so original that I'm the only one that picks up on things. So wot's...uh the deal? When I used to bring up certain subjects on online bulletin/message boards, my posts were met with blank reception. On top of that, it was as if after I posted no one else posted on *anything* for a while either, as if I'd contaminated the board and they had to air it out for a while lest someone come down with some sort of Martian flu. It's as if I'm speaking a different language than the rest of the world. It's like Gordon Cole and Shelly Johnson, but instead of a deaf Gordon Cole, I'm a mute Shelly Johnson that no one can hear except Gordon Cole. I'd love for once for someone to be my Gordon Cole and say 'I understand you perfectly!'

Maybe it's reverse Tommy thing...instead of being deaf, dumb and blind, I'm inaudible, incoherent and invisible.

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Wednesday, November 27, 2002

DREAM - Online Scam

I received several orders for items like dingbats and graphic CDs, which I shipped. Then I found out that the "payment notification/thanks for your order" message I received were forged and there were no such orders. I was really mad that someone was doing this to me, but even madder at myself because the notification messages did look fake after I reexamined them.

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Monday, November 25, 2002

"Oh bliss, bliss and heaven. Oh, it was gorgeousness and gorgeosity made flesh. It was like a bird of rarest spun heaven metal, or like silvery wine flowing in a space ship, gravity all nonsense now. As I slooshied I knew such lovely pictures."

-Alex in A Clockwork Orange

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Two more dumb DREAMs (this is getting old)

1) Stan gave me a bowl of whipping cream and an electric mixer and told me to whip up some cream, so I did, but it wasn't as if he had prepared any meal for the whipped cream to go on, so I just kept whipping and whipping until the cream started disappearing. When I stopped, the cream started disolving and turning to liquid.

2) I was sitting on a corner of East Washington (3500 block or so) and some side street. A small compact car driven by some idiot teenage girl and some young male passenger made a left turn onto the side street and nearly ran me over. I gave them the finger, but then thought that probably wasn't too smart being that there were two of them, plus the car, and there was only one of me.

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Sunday, November 24, 2002

DREAMs - Two dumb ones

1) I was trying to record something either off the radio or tv or something, but I was doing it the half-assed way I used to do it in high school before I could afford a radio/tape recorder that you could record directly from, i.e., I had the tape recorder in front of the speaker of the radio and then hit "record" button to get all that wonderful background noise et al.

2) I was lying in bed and realized it was 9 o'clock and Stan had to be at the early shift and the alarm never went off. We thought it was strange that his job didn't try to call him.

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