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Friday, January 3, 2003

DREAM - Peterson Street and Reocurrence

For some reason, Stan and I had to find a new place to live, and oddly enough, we had like a social worker working for us to locate us a place, and she re-located us back to 1106 Peterson Street in Fort Collins. I was rather happy, because that meant I would regain my plant room! The specifics, however, didn't mention whether we'd get the whole house including the basement or just the upstairs (first floor) flat like we had when we lived there some 17 years ago. In the dream it didn't matter, I was just happy to be there. It was a summery day, and Stan decided to walk by Peterson Street to take a look at it before we moved in. We were walking around that Edwards school/creepy gas station area. The sidewalks turned strange, like underpasses where the lawn sloped, and Stan said we'd never find the house, but I insisted and kept walking. Finally we got to the house and went inside. No one was living there and it was empty. I kept looking at the plant room and feeling so happy that I'd get it back. It (the room) seemed different though, more institutional or industrial and not as 'homey'. I walked into it and saw actual plants there, like it was a commercial greenhouse. There were some strange leaves like prayer plant/calla lily hybrids (weird). Then it was like I was in a college classroom or some other place entirely; it mutated. I was standing and talking to someone I used to work with at Depressions. Then we walked out the room and up some stairs.

I think later in the dream we were driving around the northwestern part of Fort Collins. In this reocurring dream, we get to this area around where Lyons Park is, except there's no parking, there's a creek that flows under the road and we park our cars, get out and walk down to the creek. I dream this a lot. Sometimes I'm there on a bike instead of in a car and I am talking to someone else who's stopped at the very same spot on a bike. Sometimes there's creepy houses around. Sometimes it's snowing. I have had this reoccur so much lately that it becomes background wallpaper to the point that I don't even remember it as having dreamt it, it's more like a sensation or feeling.

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I REALLY couldn't have said it better myself... read what Brian Eno (yes, Brian Eno!) says:

Brian Eno: America as Gated Community

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Monday, December 30, 2002

We don't use toilet paper in this house - we use Dickens' novels.

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Sunday, December 29, 2002

DREAMs - Just plain surreal

Very strange dreams; I can't remember which ones I dreamt first...they almost seemed to all coincide with eachother:

I had a rodent...hamster, gerbil, something. It was living in a cage with woodchips that really needed to be cleaned, but I couldn't clean it at the moment, so I put in some paper towels, hoping the rodent would shred the towels and make new bedding.

I was looking at some catalog of 80s punk/new wave bands. They were listing Bauhaus's entire catalog. I could hear some of the songs as I looked through it; some of it reminded me of early Pink Floyd, however I thought it was rather pointless to invest in Bauhaus; I'd rather just listen to early Pink Floyd.

Stan and I were in France or something around the early part of the 20th century. We were wearing long coats. I was speaking French. We were in a tall building but we had to leave. It was like the building was a prison or mental hospital. We got into this very old elevator as we left. It was the kind of elevator that you could see the floors going past you as you descended. As each floor went by us, we said 'good bye' to the people on that floor.

Back to the rodent. It had somehow also mutated into a frog. Unfortunately, I also had my little mini treefrog in the cage with it. It bapped at my treefrog, biting its head off. It later spit the head out. I was freaked out because now my little treefrog didn't have a head and it would have to live out the rest of its like like Mike the Headless Chicken from Delta, Colorado.

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