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04:21:2002 Entry: "The Last Day of the Rest of My entry with an ending."

The Last Day of the Rest of My entry with an ending.

I was really busy this holiday season, both on Christmas Day, New Year's Eve and New Years Day burning a bunch of my graphic CD-Roms. On New Year's Eve I wanted to get as much done as possible so I could go out with Tim and Stan later that night. I was eating a chocolate bar...from one of those "Save the Rainforest" type candy companies...dark chocolate with blueberries. I never complete a whole chocolate bar; I always save some for later. I had about half of the bar left and layed it in its wrapper on my worktable/coffee table in the living room while I ran upstairs to check on a graphic CD-Rom I was recording. Then I noticed the mailman came, so I went downstairs to get the mail. Then as I was opening the mail, the phone rang, so I went to the bedroom, the closest room with a phone, to pick it up. It was Tim. As we talked, I remembered that I needed to put the candy bar away in the refrigerator. We discussed our potential plans for the night, as well as the fact that 2001 was such a crappy year, thank goodness it was over, and what more could go wrong before it was done?

What more could go wrong?

As I hung up the phone, I headed to the living room to get the candy bar. The worst possible scenario was taking place before my eyes. PLATO HAD THE CHOCOLATE BAR ON THE FLOOR, WOLFING IT DOWN. I am in absolute panic...chocolate is lethal to dogs in a large amount. I pulled the last remaining slobbery bit of chocolate out of his mouth. I gave him bread, hoping that will dilute the effects of the chocolate and make him poop; I gave him lettuce and rice and took him out to poop. I called Tim back and told him what happened. I tried to call Stan, but he was at work and couldn't come to the phone. I called the vet--they told me to give him bread soaked in hydrogen peroxide. I didn't have any HP, so I had to run to the store (fortunately Stan fixed the car so I could do this, otherwise I'd have to literally RUN to the store...had it been a week earlier I wouldn't have had a car that worked). In the Kohl's store I couldn't find hydrogen peroxide. I was frantically looking up and down the medicine aisle. I finally found some in a panic, almost as I was about to give up and drive on to Walgreens. I found an empty checkout lane with an older lady cleaning the conveyor belt. I ask her if she was open--she said "yes" and kept cleaning the belt, ignoring me. I mumbled some obscenity and found another line, bought my HP and got out of there ASAP. Once home, I tried the bread soaked with HP, but Plato wouldn't eat it. I called the vet back and told them he wouldn't take it, but they said it's really best to get it into him any way possible as they're concerned the amount he ate might be bad (it could have been as much as 1.5 oz of dark chocolate, which isn't good). I fumbled around in the "pet cabinet" and found an eyedropper, grabbed Plato by the collar and squeezed small amounts at a time with the eyedropper into his mouth. He hated every drop of it. Finally, after several sessions and many barfs later that were chocolate colored and chocolate scented, his barf was getting down to the morning's breakfast dog kibble chunks, so I stopped with the HP. Naturally, he can't barf on the vinyl kitchen floor or even the wood floor...he has to barf on our only rug, a little faux Oriental rug on the living room floor. That's the only place he ever barfs. I wiped up all this nasty, foaming billowing bread/chocolate scented vomit off the living room was so gross. But you know, I'm one to barf myself at the smell of puke, and I especially felt like barfing as this was all unfolding as I just got so upset, but once he barfed I actually felt so much better. I called Stan to tell him what happened and he thanked me for noticing that he got ahold of the chocolate, and said I saved his life, but I still feel so bad and stupid for putting the chocllate bar on the coffee table in the first place instead of putting it away, even though I purposely put it in the center of the table so Plato *wouldn't* be able to knock if off. Who knew he was such a determined climber?

So I almost killed my dog and I also saved his life on the same day.

What a way to end the year. It was almost like a test, one final test the gods had to throw at me after all I've been through, after all the world has been through this year. And all I can do is stick my flying birdlike finger up at one of them, the one that has an anus where his face should be, and proudly and defiantly say, "YOU did not win."


Wow, Ann.

I'm so glad Plato is okay, and that 2001 is over! What a terrible scare. Poor lad -- chocolate is such a double whammy for dogs, because it smells so wonderful, they just have to have some.

You HAVE to have a better year this year!

:) Suzanne

Posted by Suzanne @ 01/02/2002 03:12 PM CST

Oh, thank you, Suzanne! Yes, 2002 has to be better for EVERYONE. But then again, that's what I said a year ago, and look what happened.

Posted by Ann @ 01/02/2002 03:39 PM CST

how scary for you! When we had a little dog, we had to take her to the vet for getting into chocolate.

Glad he & you are OK....

Posted by deb @ 01/02/2002 10:23 PM CST