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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Blog Moved

Blog Moved

I have started a different blog.

Reason #1:
Blogger will no longer support FTP publishing after May 1, which was what I was using for this one. (I cannot do the custom domain thing as Blogger suggests because I'm maxed out on subdomains)

Reason #2:
I got this cool software that I can use to easily update and change the look of my blog.

Reason #3:
I haven't written in my blog for a long time, so continuing on with "Ornamental Illness" after a 10-month hiatus seems a little silly, so I'll just start a new one. There is not much there now, but I really don't have time for this blogging stuff anymore anyway. Plus, I want to keep Ornamental Illness as an intact relic and not migrate it over to blogger, as I'm sure it would lose something in the transfer.

Reasons why I did not start a new blog with Blogger:

For the awesome support for Open Social Gadgets, and the growing number of third party gadgets built to work with Blogger, which will provide a lot of opportunities to add to my blog's functionality, like the selection of Social Widgets, Facebook and Twitter Integration, fanning, following and blah.

Despite the ironic new name, I can probably swear a lot more there than I feel comfortable doing here for various reasons I will not go into.


Monday, October 01, 2007

Potted Spiced Ham and other Treats

OK, I got comment spam in the entry below this morning, not an offensive spam for p*rn or predatory lending (although the spam did mention the name Ad*m Sm*th which, if one could extrapolate, one could assume he certainly wouldn't be *against* predatory lending, being the father of the free market and all that capitalist libertarian BS...yet I digress--I'm not an economic historian so I don't know what he really would've thought of such a thing.

No, this spam was from some bloody clueless guy promoting his site and authorship, and his soon-to-be famous name. Did it have anything to do with my dog or my pet situation? Or a story about his dog? No. It was just blatant self-promotion and completely off topic. But it was so cluelessly off topic that it was rather amusing. I thought for a short while, I'll just leave it, with my own snarky comment about spam.

But then I realized this guy isn't quite as clueless as I thought. This is the whole point behind comment spam: it doesn't matter if the comment doesn't fit the subject...comment spam isn't supposed to be sneaky...finding people's blogs on a similar subject as your own and then slyly infiltrating them with your URL on relevant on topic discussions so actual interested parties will visit your site. No, comment spam is war...spam as much anywhere and everywhere because sooner or later, search engines will pick up the keywords in your comment and your URL and then you'll get hits...except he didn't really leave a URL. The only link was to his Blogger ID, so you had to go there to find his blog. Not exactly "direct" marketing.

I mean if you're gonna spam, SPAM!!!

So I deleted it. despite the humor involved (yes, admittedly, humor laughing at someone else's cluelessness), I still don't want my blog being used as a podium to promote spamming, or someone's site that has nothing to do with the subjects I discuss here.


This weekend we went to some pet shops to look for a kitty condo, and half-heartedly look at kittens. We bought the kitty condo for Caligula (and future kitten). He liked it, but he is too fat to jump up on the first ledge (we feed that cat the absolute bare minimum prescribed by the vet and we never give must be genetic). So then we had to get a shorter condo so he could jump up on that first. He now loves his condo, and I feel incredibly guilty for not having gotten one sooner. We've had cats for what...22 years? Yes, they are expensive, and yes, we live in a small house with not much room for such things. We have to keep it in the hallway where it hides some of our nice staircase because there is no room elsewhere.

Up until this weekend, I honestly didn't even feel ready to get a kitten. Having seen kittens at the various pet stores (and Stan, Animart's kittens are rescues...I looked it up), I feel I am now ready emotionally. Financially (especially after the kitty condo purchase) is another thing. Timewise is another thing as well, which is why we probably won't do anything until Stan's vacation time when he can help with this.

I don't know if Noah's Ark (pet store in town) kittens are rescues, but they are the best socialized. I assume they are unwanted kittens from litters, as opposed to "bred" kittens. They aren't kept in cages, they are free-range (a good word for everything except human children) so they are well-socialized. Noah's Ark is where we got Persephone 16 years ago.


This morning I was heating up some hot water and the tea kettle made a squeak that sounded like when Persephone was in the back room and would scratch on the door to tell us she wanted out. For a millisecond, that's what I thought it was.

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Saturday, April 28, 2007


I'm ready to throw a shoe at Blogger again. Seems like my blogging client, be it Greymatter or Blogger, seems to act up on schedule every 6 months or so.

The latest is a bit hard to explain, so I won't go into the boring tech stuff, but it seems that Blogger is now publishing Label pages that have spaces in the title with weird characters, plus it's not making updates to those pages with the weird characters. I could go into much more detail about it, but it would only confuse and waste everyone's time. It just started this recently. All I know is that my Route 66 label page, which has a space between the "Route" and "66", is not showing my latest entries, whereas my "Vacation" page (which has no spaces in the title) does.

I want to scream.


Sunday, February 18, 2007

Plaid, Baby.



Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Another Blogger Beta Crash (#3)

Although the actual Blogger site does not make my browser (Safari 2.03) crash, visiting Beta Blogger Blogs (hosted on blogspot, of course) that have implemented some sort of hacks or 3rd party Page Elements or javascript have been crashing my broswer. This is the third time. The only reason I'm visiting these blogs (which I find through Google) is because I'm looking for information on how to customize Blogger Beta on blogspot (just in case I want the future) I'm going to post each time I crash. Since this blog is well-googled, maybe someone will take note, however I feel like I'm screaming in a vaccuum.

Also, when I signed up for Google Checkout, something there made my broswer crash too, so to complete setting my preferences correctly, I had to continue in Firefox.

Come on, I give my sites I design a good checkover in Safari, Firefox and even MSIE. And I probably have one billionth the resources as Google/Blogger. What's so hard to make it so that your code doesn't crash Safari? Safari!!! 2.0!!!! We're not talking Netscape 3.0!


Monday, December 11, 2006

Blog Update

I just "upgraded" this blog (which will soon be mandatory) to the new version of Blogger. Supposedly I can do "labels" (like Dreams, Politics, Vacations, etc.), but haven't figured out how to put them off in the navbar yet.

Still working on it.

Also, due to some comment spam, have now made registering with Blogger mandatory before commenting.


Edited to add:

OK, you know what? Screw it. After spending more time than I should've poking around Blogger's Un-Help pages, and not finding a gdam thing to aid me in figuring out how to add a simple list of labels to my template, I decided to Google something like "adding label widgets to blog". I came upon two pages with examples--supposedly they had examples, I really didn't know because each fking page crashed my gdam browser. Screw it, however it's done must involve some whacky hack that is Safari-incompatible. So if you don't like that I don't have neat neat neat little categories in my sidebar, too bad. This just isn't worth the headache. I'm not even sure how I was able to switch in the first place since I FTP and I'll be damned if I go on the proprietary blogspot.


Thursday, August 31, 2006


I just switched this blog over to xhtml (the Blogger bits, not the former Greymatter stuff, which I will forever keep in html transitional in sort of a time capsule sort of way) and it passed validation!!!! I was a bit worried, because I kept checking it and I kept getting errors, and finally I said, oh screw it, I'll just do it, since it seemed that the errors being generated were not coming from my coding or template but that weird junk that makes up Blogger code generated on *their* end.

But it passed! It passed!


OK, on to my next tasks...the other sites. Grrrrrrr....


Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Boring Code Stuff!

I decided to do some reading and research this weekend and found this very helpful site about xhtml.

So I nerded out today and fixed the entire jewelry area of my site to validate xhtml 1.0 transitional.

I hate doing this. It was painful. And I have a gazillion more pages to do in my other areas and site too.


Saturday, August 26, 2006

Poll for All that Read, Post or Plan to Post Comments in Ornamental Illness

Which do you prefer, the pop-up Comment window as I have it now, or the way it used to be, i.e., when you click the Comment link you leave this journal and go to an full-sized Blogger page?

Unfortuantely I can't have comments that are customized to the style of my site as it used to be with Greymatter. Greymatter is gone and I'm not bringing it back. Blogger comment pages are NOT customizable, other than having it a regular page or a pop-up page.

I was going to leave the pop up, as it's not so not purple, blue and orange Blogger in your face, but then realized I can't do the target="_blank" code with links, so if someone posts a link in the comments, that means the page they bring up is in that same micro-sized pop-up window! How stupid is that. Sure it's resizable, but still a pain.

But I want to know what YOU the reader/poster think. Which do you prefer? Leave a comment to this post. Don't email'll just get lost and be too confusing.


Thursday, August 17, 2006

I'm Sorry!

I did a little more messing around and experimenting with the template today, and I have now determined it was The Butler in the Pantry with the Candlestick! Well, actually, it was the emoticons. Those damn emoticons was what was messing up MSIE. So I told them to vacate. It was sad. I'll miss them horribly. Really, I will.


Monday, August 14, 2006


Errors found on this page by the w3 validator: 15

Errors found on a blogspot page discussing various markup languages, syndication, blog tools, etc., using one of Blogger's own templates: 256

The time I save by deciding not to care anymore whether this blog validates: priceless


So Screwed Up

Blogger's code is in xhtml, which I don't know, which causes my site not to validate. Grrr. It won't even come up on IE.

Edited to add: So I figured out something was quite funky as the page would either not show up, or crash IE. I tried lots of things, but ended up taking out the blogger metadata tag, and now it shows up in IE, although some of the functionality is missing, but it's hardly noticeable.


Sunday, August 13, 2006

They're baaack....

Emoticons! ;)

Yup...I can use emoticons now! =)

You won't be able to see them in Blogger windows (you know, in the comments area, dark blue band with orange, tan and white elements, but if you use the standard internet shorthand like colon-end parenthesis for smile you'll get this: :) or if you use the acronymm el-oh-el (laughing out loud) you'll get this: LOL, and they'll show up on my ( entry pages.

I found the script at Free Blogspot Templates, and I altered it to use my own Bauhaus smileys. (yeah, that took time).

Also, in the upper right corner of this page in the sidebar, there's a link to "View Emoticon Guide" in case you need it. :)


What is going on?

I tried to publish my dream, but it wouldn't publish...blogger said not enough space on my device...blah blah blah my server. Well, there's plenty of space. So I created a new test blog over at blogspot, tried to publish, and the same error. So a while later, I tried it on Firefox (I basically use Safari for 90% of everything) and it worked.

I'm trying this on Safari, so either it's a blogger problem and they fixed the issue,, or it's me!


Friday, August 11, 2006

To Make a Short Story Long

So as I said previously, this hacker wasn't after me was just one of those spammers from a foreign country looking to exploit a GM-comments script by scouring the web. I had installed GM on Stan's site not even a month ago (he didn't even get a chance to use it yet!) for a future cactus blog, and despite the fact that I had an old GM script lying around at my main domain, I suspect this spammer somehow used Stan's script because when I went to check my email from my catch-all account, I got about 7,000 (I am not making this up, I am totally serious) bounced spam messages with fake back addresses like My webhost told me to update all my scripts I am running, but because GM is no longer actively being worked on, this had me concerned. They said my account was being used to process (send) 2000 spam messages a second of something. F-me! I don't need Stan's domain getting a rap for sending spam, since he is not doing it! I don't need any of my domains getting this rap. And although I was hoping the hacker used my old GM script that I'm no longer using and not the updated one I installed for Stan and previously for myself back in April, I have no way of knowing which script he used. I don't need my account suspended either! I did some Google research on the subject, and there are some webhosts who are completely banning all Greymatter from their servers!

Last night I deleted all my GM scripts. It was so sad, especially since I made those Bauhausian emoticons just 4 months ago and I won't be able to use them again. Seriously, I cried about it.

Who the hell reads these spam messages and acts on them anyway? It boggles the mind that people can be that stupid...both the spammer and spammee.

As for the 7,000 bounced spam message, I didn't download them all; I was afraid they'd crash my email. I stopped after about 200, then ftp'd up to my domain and deleted my mail inbox. I still am getting them too, but my laptop isn't set up to get the catch-all mail, and I don't use the other computer for mail much anyway. So I just periodically go and delete my inbox on my domain. It'll eventually stop, after the last server has bounced a bogus spam mal to a bogus email address, sent from a bogus email address.


Thursday, August 10, 2006

Well, I'm Back at Blogger

I wake up Wednesday morning to an email from my webhost saying my site was hacked and they had to suspend my domain. Like anyone wants to wake up to that. I panic, naturally, check my sites and they're all there. It turns out it wasn't a malicious personal hacking, but a spammer who crap it's 9:30 pm and I've been doing nothing all day but looking at CODE so it's like I'm suffering a small stroke when I'm trying to think of the word...exploited? is that it? exploited? some vulnerabilities in a Greymatter comment script. So to make a long story short, I decided to take down Greymatter (are we having fun yet? Like I haven't spent too many days within four short months analing over my own site, not to mention setting up a cactus blog for Stan that he hasn't even had time to use yet before I had to redo the entire damn thing in Blogger!

I. Need. A. Break.

I really hate code, and for some reason certain things with these Blogger templates aren't working for me, so I'm having to do it my way. Like that automatic profile thing up in the right corner didn't look right, heck, it looked AWFUL, so I just had to cut and paste the link instead. I did have fun with the question they gave me, ironically, it had to do with band names, which I guess is right up my alley.


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