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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Who's Your Daddy?

Now that we know Daniel Farraday's pedigree, there are a couple things that have me baffled.

1) His eyes. OK, maybe I'm really too picky, but I've always noticed people's eyes and their eye color. For example, when I saw "Tommy" the first time, I was really disturbed that the child they chose to play the young Tommy had average brown eyes, not the spectacular blue eyes of Roger Daltrey, who played the older Tommy. Your eyes can't change color like that. And ever since 10th grade biology when I found out that blue eyes are recessive, I've been super observant of the casting of actors in regards to their eye color and those of their characters' parents' eye color. Take Daniel Farraday. His eyes are brown. Eloise Hawking's AND Charles Widmore's eyes are both blue. Genetically speaking, it is impossible, assuming they are his biological parents. Which brings us to a subquestion...what's up with the name Farraday, anyway? Why not Daniel Widmore or Daniel Hawking? Who's Farraday? And why?

2) His accent. Explain why two Brits have a son who speaks with an American accent. Did Eloise send him away to boarding school in the states at an impressionable age? Perhaps while she was a Hostile on the Island? Or was Danny Boy with his mum on the island where most people spoke with an American accent which is where he picked it up? Will we see the young Daniel there?

Ever since I found out Eloise Hawking is Daniel's mother, I stopped suspecting that Widmore was his father because of the eye color factor. I then began suspecting Non-Aging Man Richard Alpert, not that that explains the last name either, but it would explain the eye color.

Other than the eye thing, the casting for young and old versions of the characters has been exceptional. And I knew at the opening of the show who the young boy and his mother were immediately. And I also guessed correct that Marvin Candle/Edgar Halliwax/Mark Wickmund/Dr. Chang is Miles Straume's Dad. But of course then I have to ask...who is Daddy Straume?


Thursday, March 05, 2009

LOST Questions

Sawyer and Juliet make a cute 70s hippie couple in a Dharma Initiative Infiltrators sort of way. And it looks like, with Sawyer in his Dharma Jeep (a blue Dharma Jeep...can you beat that?) finding the "Oceanic 3" (Jack, Kate, and Hurley) that Jin found in his Dharma Van (and they've got a whole fleet of Dharma Vans!), we might be in for not just the return of the Sawyer-Kate-Jack triangle, but now with Juliet in the mix, a love quadrangle! A love polygon! But not a square, daddy-o. It is the 70s after all. Well, at least for the real Dharma people like Horace Goodspeed--what a's got to stand for something but I haven't figured that out yet. I guess it's...2008? for the O6/O3...but where did Sun and Sayid end up after the crash? And what the hell did Kate do with Aaron? And, I know this is off topic but where on EARTH are Rose and Bernard? Are they in a different time loop as Sawyer/Juliet/Miles/Daniel/Jin? I know they're older people in their late 50s and a bit overweight and not as sexy as Sawyer or as important plotwise as Locke but come on, they can't just write them out of the script. They're not redshirts.

And this has sort of bugged me when Richard Alpert appeared last night. He looked just like 1950s Richard and 2000s Richard, which, is quite understandable because he is after all Non-Aging Man, but remember the Ben backstory that showed Ben growing up as a young DI nerdboy and he encounters Richard in the jungle (which I assume was sometime in the 70s)? Richard, although his face looks the same as 1950s Richard and 2000s Richard, his hair was longer and more disheveled...hippie Richard. So why is this 1970s Richard clean cut again? I'm really confused by this. Either the production crew messed up big time (you'd think someone would catch it!) OR we haven't figured out something in the timeline yet.

OK, I'm assuming Benjamin Linus is probably around my age, maybe a year younger. I'm not sure, but something is sticking in my head about it being the year 1962 when he was born. Lostpedia just states "early 1960s". Ben was 11 when he and his dad became Dharma people, so maybe he was about 11? 12? when he saw Richard in the Jungle, placing it very close to Last night's Richard encounter (that was 1974...we know that as a fact).

And now that injured, unconscious crash-survivor adult Ben is on that small Hydra station island, will he ever counter Little Ben on the main island? And if so, what will happen?


Friday, February 27, 2009

More Dreams about Buildings (no food)

I had other dreams earlier in the night but I can't remember them. The one I do remember came before I woke up in the morning. I was looking at my parent's house from the outside. For the most part it looked like their house, light brick with brown trim, ranch style, but then I noticed some odd features. It was more of a partially raised ranch, as the garage was on the basement level, which meant their house had more of a slope in their landscaping. The central part of the house looked the same, but then on the opposite side, the south side, of the house, I noticed an odd window at an odd level. This part of the house too had the basement area exposed, and there was a window midway between the first floor and the basement. With the exposed lower areas and raised ranch style, the boxy rectangular brick quality made it look more like an international style house, like the wonderful ones near the lake in on Winnequah Rd. in Monona, not the horribly boring no-style ranch that it actually is. I walked around to that side of the building and tried to figure out what room that window came from. It was a high window on the lower part of the house, and there appeared to be a 2nd garage there. On closer examination, it wasn't really a garage, but perhaps a tool area, work room, utiity room, a place to get messy. Inside, there wasn't much of anything. It was painted white, but had a green cast to the room, perhaps from overhead fluorescent lights. The doors to the outside were part glass, but industrial, or maybe something from a route 66 style old fashioned gas station. Opposite the door against the far wall were white enamel-covered metal cabinets and shelves, and a sink. It had a very mid-century quality, maybe even pre-mid-century, predating the actual age of the house by 20 or 30 years. But it also seemed sort of Dharma Station The Staff (medical) Station (Wow, a mini-Dharma Station under my parents' house! Can you beat that?). The floor was concrete/cement, and sort of uneven and cracked. The size of the room wasn't too big...maybe 12x15 feet. I thought this would be a great place to have an art studio, and was wondering if my parents would let me have a studio there (the practicality of having a studio 1000 miles away from where I lived didn't seem to be of a concern in this dream).

I walked around to the front of their house and saw a "for sale" sign on their neighbor's yard (IRL, our neighbors who have lived next to us as long as we've been here are moving now that they're empty nesters...that must have entered into my subconscious). The price was on the sign and it said $264,000. I don't think either neighbors could get that much in either neighborhood with the housing market the way it is now.

On a non-dream related note, I just found out yesterday that our house was actually built in 1904. We missed its 100th birthday in 2004! I wonder why I always thought it was built in 1908?

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

The results might be...unpredictable

"The Lampost" could be an anagram for "The Lost Map."


Something weird happened on that airplane. There was a flash, but they didn't crash. Definitely an unpredictable result.


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Weird Plane Dream with Locke and Bike

Years ago I would have dreams about "The Fort Collins that only exists in dreams," which I could actually map out with a real FC map. Lately, I've been dreaming about the "Dream Madison." Dream Madison is also sort of hybridized with Dream Racine.

I was riding in a car with Stan in Madison, sort of around the west/south part of Willy Street. It had that Willy Street/Wilson Street old industrial/residential quality, but different. I saw a billboard with Locke on it with the caption "Jeremy Bentham", but that's all I could read. I pointed it out to Stan, but he didn't catch it as he drove by. Where the billboard was seemed more like around MM and 14, near Rimrock Rd. near where Matt lives rather than on the Isthmus. But then we turned north towards East Washington, and it was definitely the Isthmus. There was a plane coming in for a landing, except it was going the wrong way. It was heading toward the Capitol, not toward Truax field. Then it stopped and hovered in mid-air. It was maybe 2000 feet above the ground, just stationary and hovering with its landing gear extended, but there was another strange thing descending from it that was large and cylindrical, almost as large as the fuselage. Then a man got out of the rear of the plane (no idea who it was), and started speaking to the people on the ground below. It's hard to logically understand the next part, but it was like I was on foot or on bike, listening to the man in the sky, wondering what he was going to do. Then I realized I had progressed too far on foot or bike and needed to get back to the car, but then I was in the car again (I told you it doesn't make sense) and we were driving backward to get to my bike that I had abandoned on the road. Stan was backing up to it, but he didn't stop, and then he ran over it. I started cussing him out for running over my bike. He had the attitude that it wasn't hurt much (yeah right!). I kept cussing until I woke up. I had two cats on either side of me.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009


"Oh, turn it up! I love Geronimo Jackson!"

Best line of the night.

And then she died. Sad. Stan said she reminds him of me.

I love this show. Yes, I knew it! Mrs. Hawking is Daniel's mother, who will be Ellie from the 1950s Others. Doesn't take rocket science to figure that out, BUT I did win a bet w/Stan that it wasn't Claire's mom behind getting DNA from Aaron and Kate (as Stan thought) and it was in fact Ben. I actually liked it when Ben got angry in the car with Jack and Sun. He actually seemed human instead of his usual pursed lipped, smirking, bugeyed, condescending, maniacal Ben-ness.

Foreshadowing from last week: Daniel asks Miles "Are you sure?" in response to Miles saying he's never been to the island before. I bet Miles is Edgar Halliwax/Mark Wickmund/Marvin Candle's son. First episode this season shows the man of many Flame Names putting on a Willie Nelson record (and it keeps skipping, which is metaphorical perhaps for all the flashes the 2004/2005 island people are going through) and it shows a young baby. I bet that is Miles as a baby.

One thing I have to say is that they do an incredible job casting people to look like either themselves in other eras or relatives. Ellie looks and talks just like she could be a younger version of the older Eloise Hawking. Locke's Mom as a teenager looked like she really could be the older Locke Mom. The youthful iterations of Locke and the young Charlie all really bore similarities than their older selves, Jack's Mom and Dad look like they really are his parents, Marvin Candle has bags under his eyes similar to Miles (of course we don't know if they're really father/son, but I'm just saying...)

Somewhere I read a theory that Thomas, Aaron's father, is Ben's son (which would mean Ben would have interest in getting custody of Aaron). I mean the actors really look similar. I don't know if this is intentional or accidental. It is interesting, though. And Thomas's paintings appear in Widmore's office. Strange.


Friday, August 08, 2008

Desmond Dream!

Finally I had a dream with Desmond! This one had an incredible amount of LOST elements in it, however they were very surreal and much different than actual LOST elements. I dreamt we were in a basement-like building (the Hatch?) that was in the antarctic (the Listening Station with the Portuguese-speaking guys in contact with Penny?) and only accessible by going underwater (the Hydra?). We were going to have to stay there for a few months, just me and him, and we were trying to figure out where we were going to sleep. There wasn't a lot of stuff looked a lot like my parents' laundry room except larger and starker and scarier. There was a duct that was a couple feet wide, and we figured we would have to sleep on that because we would get heat that way since it would be very cold. We would also have to sleep together (on a 2-foot wide duct). I was hoping he would get excited about being down there with me for such a long time and not be thinking about Penny all the time.

In the dream there was also something about eating out of a bowl (that we'd have to share) that had a dark blue ceramic glaze on it.

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Friday, July 04, 2008

DREAM: Dude, You've Got Some...Arzt...on You

Background: Stan and I watched the Arzt got blown up real good episode of LOST the other night. This morning on WPR while I was sleeping they were talking about firecrackers/works safety and maybe they should be banned. OK, enough background, here's my early morning dream:

Stan and I went into a store to buy some dynamite. The salesman was an old codger, maybe in his 60s, quiet silent type, short shorn greyish white hair, fairly tall, wrinkly...didn't look like anyone I could compare to, but maybe some old geezer working in ma and pa gift shops out west. We only bought one stick. He took it out of a box and dipped a paper towel in a pan of water, then wrapped the paper towel around the stick. Then Stan put it in his backpack. We then put it in our trunk (we don't have a trunk!) Then I was thinking, "Why did we do this? What are we going to do with this now?" I was afraid to touch it, I was afraid of Stan touching it. Stan told me we would put it in some garage...this was a garage of a relative of his...some older detached garage. I was hoping it wouldn't explode before we got to the garage. I was freaked out the whole dream...good thing it was a short one.

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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Pointless DREAM with Sayid and a Weird Me

I had a dream that I was romantically involved with Sayid from LOST. I can't remember much about it except for some odd details. Sayid was wearing a strange outfit which consisted of business suit, but with shorts...sort of like Bermuda shorts, but made out of business suit material. It looked so odd and it's not as if I ever saw the character wear anything like that on LOST either. We were together in a business building with lots of glass, glass walls, etc. He was sitting next to me and acting quite attracted to me, touching eachothers legs. I caught a glimpse of myself in a glass wall. I didn't look like me. My hair was much ligher because it had a lot of grey in it feathered in with a lighter blonde, with straight full bangs that covered my forehead. Not a good look for me at my age. I looked a little like Geraldine Ferrarro or Camilla Parker Bowles...but not, I was prettier except for the silly hairstyle. I was wearing business clothes...nothing like I've ever worn or would ever want to wear. No plot to the dream. None whatsoever.

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Monday, June 16, 2008

Symbolism or simply a Motif?

Don't ask me how I found this...I wasn't looking for it but happened upon this accidentally:

Take a look at this Wiki article: Evil Eye: Protective talismans and cures

now take a look at LOST's Oceanic Airlines's logo on its faux website.


Frequently, LOST episodes start with a closeup of someone's eye. There's got to be a connection somehow. But is it symbolic for something we haven't figured out yet, or just a reoccurring motif?


Thursday, June 05, 2008

John Jeremy Locke Bentham

As I was lying in bed last night unable to sleep due to the thunderstorms, I realized something peculiar about the LOST season finale.

The show's creators either did this as a device to keep us in suspense until the final last moments when we see John Locke in the coffin, and then we know that Jeremy Bentham is Locke, but the characters in the Flash Forwards only use the name Jeremy Bentham to refer to Locke. They never call him by his old/original name.

So it got me Jeremy Bentham indeed the same John Locke that we knew that crashed on the island, who is just going by a different alias when he's back in society for whatever reason? Or is he some sort of doppelganger (like the two #15 bunnies)? Is he a Locke twin that was created by altering some time space continuum, maybe via the device Ben was using that you're not supposed to put metal in? I think there's something going on here with "Jeremy" other than just being an alias Locke was using back in the states.


Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Another DREAM with Hurley

Strange dream. Stan and I are driving around one of the lakes in town. It doesn't really look like any actual lake, although one part of the dream did remind me of Sherman Ave. around Tenney Park near the old minimansions, not near where Tim lives. One area reminded me of Fort Collins, either City Park or The Oval. Stan wanted me to let him off in this area...he had to go to work...or class (?). I saw someone walking around who looked familiar. It was Hurley from LOST. I headed home, but then decided to find Hurley. It was like I wasn't driving at this point. I saw Hurley, and there were a bunch of other people around. Hurley says "Hi Ann" to me, and we start talking about life after LOST and and how that time of our life is over now, we don't have to be worried about numbers anymore, like the number 4, or 23, for instance (actually, this was Hurley's problem). It was as if I had been a part of LOST, like it had been real and I had been there and Hurley knew me from the plane crash or something.

Then I wake up, ponder the dream a bit, go back to sleep and dream that I was talking to Stan and telling him about my Hurley dream.

So if Hurley can see me, does that mean I'm dead?

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Monday, June 02, 2008

Time Space

Stan and I were discussing a situation out of our past in the early 90s. I couldn't remember it at all. As he discussed it more and more, I had a vague, but only vague notion that it had happened, but couldn't remember one of the people involved, whom I had only met that one time. Lately this has been a fairly common occurrence regarding that time in my life. Although I unfortunately remember too much of it, much of it is also completely gone from my memory as if it never occurred.

We framed it in a LOST philosophy context. Perhaps the universe course-corrected itself, and those things never did happen. Of course if that were the case, why would Stan still remember them?

A couple people I met back then I/we became friends with. They seemed familiar to me, like I'd known them from somewhere else before (I never told them this). I did not stay friends with them for different reasons. Looking back on it now, Stan and I were never supposed to befriend these people. Maybe the reason why they seemed familiar back in 1990 is because I'd become unstuck in time and was able to access being friends with them in my future, yet I wasn't able to access the reasons not to remain friends at that point. Maybe in 1990 I was only able to access 1992, not 1995.

When I was 6 I knew certain things about the man I would marry. I knew he'd be blond and Jewish. I told this to my mom, that I had a blond Jewish (imaginary) boyfriend. She said he's not Jewish. There was confusion about this, just as there was confusion about Stan having a Jewish biological father which was put on his birth certificate (this is a crazy story that I won't go into right now). Stan went for about 17 years in his life, from the time he was around 23 or so until 40 until he actually found his biological father, thinking he was Jewish. My 6-year-old imaginary boyfriend's name was Bobby. Bobby is the name of Stan's half-brother, his biological mother's first son after Stan (She gave up Stan for adoption).

How did I know this as a 6-year-old unless I had become unstuck in time and could access certain things from my future?

I've been thinking a lot about time, the 4th dimension, and how we "parse" the 4th dimension as linear time in the same way those in 2D "flatland" parse a 3D object entering their 2D world as a series of changing line thicknesses.
Further clicking: Nova, The Elegant Universe and Carl Sagan explains Flatland (You Tube Video)

Everything that we have knowingly "yet" to experience has already happened, we just haven't parsed it yet. It all happens in an instant, and some have the ability to perceive it more instantaneously than others, which may appear to be psychic ability in seeing the future, but it's just an ability to "see" in 4 dimensions.

For the life of me I wouldn't be able to understand this based on mathematical equations, yet I can grasp it intuitively. It's not like it's from a previous life, it's happening, now. It's happened, it's yet to happen. There is no past or future. There's just the present. And it's all happening NOW. Like a movie recorded on film. Each film frame is one instance--play them in sequence and you have a time sequence, a timeline. But if you were to take the film reel and slice it up into individual frames and stack them like papers in a filing cabinet, then compress them to lose any artificial thickness the celluloid has, you would have a 2D representation of the movie, where all the events happen simultaneously. Then compress the artificial height to give you just 1 dimension, a line, and then compress the line to give you 0 dimensions, a point. That is where everything that ever is, was, and will be is. That's it. It's all there. There's nothing else. Don't worry about missing it. It's already done.

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Friday, May 30, 2008

Whoah, I didn't see that coming! And Other LOST Reactions

Desmond and Penny unite?!? I thought they would be searching for eachother until eternity! I hope this doesn't mean we won't see anymore of Des, probably not, since Penny's father is still heavily involved in a behind-the-scenes sort of way, and now that Pen and Des are together, Mr. Widmore can get to Des to find out where the island is...or so he thinks. Must see more Desmond future episodes.

John Locke was the man in the coffin! For all of us who thought the man in the coffin from last year's Season finale was Ben, they totally teased us by having Ben appear (live and well) in the Flash Forward Funeral Parlor. And why was John Locke going by the alias Jeremy Bentham? Did Locke really commit suicide? So he can die now too? I did a google on Jeremy Bentham, who happened to be a real historical figure. Ew. Creepy. I think I saw this on TLC or History or A&E or something. If you read the text, you'll see a mention of the real historical John Locke.

OK, where is the tsunami? It's way past time by now. What becomes of Frank, Miles, Daniel and Charlotte? Is Jin really dead? I think Michael is, because Jack's dead father told him he can go now before the explosives on the freighter blew.

Keamy was probably one of the most hideously disturbing villain characters not in a classic hideously disturbing villain way, but in a very average tough guy dork mercenary way, which, IMHO, is more disturbing because at least classic villains have a certain je ne sais quois. He made Ben look hot, well, er, at least tolerable.. In fact, I'm sort of liking Ben now.

Instead of Taller Ghost Walt, I now want my alter ego to be Time Traveling Bunny. Speaking of boy grew up fast. Note to scriptwriters: always make sure to account for adolescent actors' growth spurts in the storyline.


Friday, May 09, 2008

Black Lodge Cabin Fever

The scene last night where Locke goes into the cabin reminded me so much of the season finale of Twin Peaks where Special Agent Dale Cooper goes into the Black Lodge opening/gateway under the Sycamore trees. First you have Locke going into the cabin and Hurley and Ben stay behind, just like Cooper going in and Sheriff Harry Truman (and was Andy with him, or did he come later?) stayed behind in TP. Then when Locke's in the cabin, he's met with whom I assume are dead people...Christian (Jack and Claire's dad), who by all accounts is dead (of course we don't really know!), and Claire, who is either dead (Stan thinks she is, but I don't know) or, like Locke and Jack and Hurley, can see dead people, and for some unknown reason followed her biodad into the cabin, leaving her baby behind. Of course the TP scene when Cooper is in the Black Lodge is incredibly terrifying and the people he sees, dead Leland Palmer, dead Laura Palmer, The Little Man from Another Place, SeƱor Droolcup/The Giant, Windom Earle, Bob, and Cooper's Evil Shadow Self are much more scary due to all the screaming, backward talking and white contact lenses, but the LOST scene was still quite engaging. Then outside, you've got Hurley and Ben sitting waiting for Locke like Harry and Andy waiting for Cooper. Except when Andy asks Harry, "would you like pie?" "would you like a plate special?", Ben and Hurley are completely silent the whole time, and Hurley actually grabs what is probably an Apollo bar out of his pocket and offers some to Ben. I wonder if the makers of LOST did this scene as a nod to Twin Peaks? It was very deja vu!

Now about Claire, Stan's theory is that when that blast occurred a few episodes ago and Sawyer goes to rescue her from that house, there were biological weapons in that blast that have affected both of them, and they are dying. He says that explains that she is dead. Also, Sawyer is dying. Of course that doesn't explain why baby Aaron isn't dead...we know that he he's a living, breathing, apparently healthy toddler from flashforwards. Wouldn't a baby be first susceptible to biological agents than healthy adults with developed immune systems? Yet, death would explain Claire's actions. Usually she's so cautious with Aaron, why would she leave him alone in the woods to follow her biodad that she doesn't even like? Of course Sawyer and Miles were nearby, but they were asleep. It's not like Claire.

Weird advice dead Christian gave Locke about "moving the island." I wonder if the Tsunami will play into this? Certainly the Tsunami should be happening soon... How weird it is that after this series was already being made, the Tsunami happened and it has got to force them to write it into the script.


Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Things to do in Denver When You're Dead to the World

Not the most comfortable accommodations, I don't have anywhere to sit comfortably and use my laptop, except on this twin futon if I prop pillows up against the uncomfortable arms and lie crosswise on it. I can't access the internet while I'm doing this because the phone line doesn't reach, but it's dialup anyway and there's only one line and Montgomery Burns (the doghating version) will yell if he can't call to check the weather.

It is like a prison here, literally. I am in an approx. 10x12 room with two windows that I can't see out of because it's in a basement and there's those stupid plastic bubbles over them. The irony is that this is an improvement over what it was prior to 2004. Back then, I had to sleep on a mattress on the floor in the living/dining room, no privacy. And before I figured out that the mattress on the floor was actually more comfortable, I was sleeping on a rollaway cot that squeaked and was lumpy. The things I will endure just to see friends.

We almost got a motel for the rest of what would have been an extremely abbreviated stay, because the hot water heater broke. Had I not complained very loudly about the tepidly cold shower, they would've continued to use as is, rationalizing (if you can call it that) "the water is cold because it's cold outside", each shower becoming progressively colder and colder, and shorter and shorter, until finally they took no more showers and just washed in the sink and boiled hot water on the stove.

The above paragraph is supposed to be read in a Garrison Keilor voice. A Scary Home Companion.

So here's what went down so far.

Monday, March 24: Left Madison and went to Galena, IL. Disappointment. The rock shop in town has closed forever. I wanted mass quantities of Fluorite and Galena mined from this town, but instead will have to buy it in Colorado and elsewhere that imports rocks and minerals mined from Galena, IL. The irony. I like hills, but Galena is too hilly. Would not want to live there. Old mining towns are creepy. It reminded me a bit of Bisbee, AZ, but creepier. Since we didn't stay long there, we headed down the road and stayed in Lincoln, NE for the night. Not at our usual haunts because that one was going downhill the last time we passed through (coming back from Arizona a year ago), but this time at a Super 8 so I could take advantage of my Trip Rewards (which I should've signed up for over a year ago). It was near the stairwell over the lobby so it was loud, and although it was a non-smoking room, the room across wasn't and the occupants kept the door open and it stunk. Not a lot of sleep.

Tuesday, March 25: Got coffee at the best coffee shop in the world. Stan felt lousy...he was coming down with a cold. We both felt dessicated and were drinking mass quantities of fluids. I was about to come down with a cold, so I didn't feel my best either. Lots of interstate rest stops. Nebraska. Boring. Eastern Colorado. Boring. Hot. Dry. When I arrived in Fort Collins, my mom had found a Coty Sweet Earth Woods perfume compact for me. This was possibly a rosebud. I don't know if this was THE one I had, or one she had. If it was mine, where were the other two? The smells instantly brought back memories, and now I know why I thought they all smelled alike. In my final analysis, I think the Vermont Country Store's version actually has more distinction between the scents than the originals did.

Wednesday, March 26: Can't remember what happened that day other than buying a cactus at Fossil Creek Nursery. shopping at Sunflower Market. and going into a Mexican grocery to get some juices ( favorite). We also went downtown to see if I could find some scents at the Tibetan store, but ended up buying blue coffee mugs that said "Namaste" (LOST reference) because there are no coffee cups at the Burns residence that are of a normal size. Every utensil, every cup is miniature in size, so in order to eat with a normal size spoon, one has to use their version of a tablespoon. It's like some sort of weird Alice in Wonderland through the looking glass alternative world where everything has shrunk in size. Went to Mellow Yellow in search of Frangipani. Found nothing. Went out to eat with Bill at El Burrito that night.

Thursday, March 27: I was sick. I felt awful. I stayed in the prison practically the entire day until I got bored out of my freaking mind (no tv, no radio, that's pretty unbearable when you're sick) and Stan took me for a ride in the evening.

Friday, March 28: This was the morning of the cold shower. At first I thought it was one of Montgomery Burns' money-saving methods of setting the hot water heater down so low that one can't take a shower for more than a minute without being frozen. But Stan checked the heater and it was set pretty high. I convinced them it was a problem with the hot water heater, and that it was old and needed to be replaced. They amazingly got someone over here to fix it...on a Friday afternoon. No way that could have been accomplished in Madison. Earlier in the day, Stan and I went to Bath, Fort Collins Nursery, and Gulley Greenhouse to get some cactuses. After that we came back to deal with the hot water heater guy and meddling Mr. Burns. After that I seriously had to have a Margarita with Bill at El Burrito. I don't drink much anymore because of the pain in my jaw it causes me, plus it makes me unproductive. But when I'm on vacation, productivity is not an issue.

Saturday, March 29: I was not exactly hung over (I only had one margarita the night before), but not exactly well-rested either. Went to the Longmont/Boulder area to see our friends Russ and Lamya and their two kids. On the way stopped at a greenhouse outside of Loveland to get cactus. We ate at a nice restaurant in Boulder that serves South American cuisine, like Cerviche. (sp?) I had a Mojito to drink which was delicious. Stan had a Margarita. We drove back to Fort Colins about 9:30 pm, but when we got back, we were dead. We used to do this all the time, and much later in the night. What has become of us? We are getting old. Unfortunately, this would have been *the* day to go for a bike ride had we not been out of town, unfortunately we couldn't have the nice weather on Saturday come later the next week.

Sunday, March 30: Dead to the world after the Mojito and the long night (up until all of 10:30, well, 11:30 Madison time) before. Went to Avo's to check our email on their free hi-speed internet. Had an absolutely delicious Creamation omelette. Went to East West Imports and found a Persian Attar scent, plus some Asian rice crackers to munch on for road tripping. I also broke down and went to the place in town I swore I'd never go to again, ever. The dreaded Whole Foods. I just wanted to see if they had more Kuumba Made scents available than they do in Madison. Bought some Tunisian Amber and Black Copium, plus some Vetiver essential oil and Jojoba oil to use as a carrier oil, and an empty roll-on vial so I can make my own Vetiver perfume. This might be the "smokier" more molassesy Vetiver that I'm not used to as much as the other kind I got as crystal resin from Eden Botanicals. I felt pretty dead the whole day. We got drive-thru food that night and drove around a lot. Nights are pretty much spent driving around until we're tired of it or have exhausted all the places to see, and then we come back here and hole up in the prison while the TV blares upstairs. If they would just turn the tv off and have conversations with us, that would be fine (non-judgmental, non-worrywart, non-persnickety conversations, that is), but no, the TV is all important. And loud tv too. Just shoot me if I ever get that way. I know I have my favorites like LOST and No Reservations, but if I had guests, the guests would take priority. But maybe that's just me.

Monday, March 31: Met my friend Barb for lunch and got to see where she worked, which ironically is in the same building where I had Driver's Ed in high school. Her boss had someone over that day who came from Baraboo, WI and knew Madison quite well. Coincidences and Ironies. We went with Barb and her sister, Nancy, to the Ethiopian restaurant we ate at with Bill last time we were out. It is so delicious there. We took some food "home" with us to eat for dinner, and even cold, it was still delicious. In the afternoon and evening we drove to Waverly, Wellington (scary), Owl Canyon, Bellevue, Masonville and back through Loveland. Anything to get us out of the house and Monty Burns and the LOUD TV.

Tuesday, April 1: Apollo's 8-month birthday. We took off and went to Denver in search of Dardano's Flowerland and Isis Books. We couldn't find Evans, where Dardano's is located. It's been ages. We found Isis's former location on East Colfax, but they have now moved to South Broadway. On the way to their new location, we came across Evans, fortunately. At Isis I got Heliotrope, Cypress and Wisteria essential oils, and Frangipani, one of my rosebud scents from ages ago that I have since stupidly lost. What an idiot I am. Stan only found one cactus at Dardano's. I remember them having so much more when I went there in the 80s. Maybe it's the time of year. After Dardano's it was still fairly early in the day, so I got the crazy idea to go to Casa Bonita. We haven't been there since the 80s either. Now back in the 70s when I was first introduced to CB, probably in the company of Barb's family and later with Stan, I thought it was delicious. People would say "Casa Bonita, the food's not very good, but you go there for the experience." I didn't understand what was wrong with the food...compared what I was used to, it was quite a treat! Now I know why they say the food wasn't very good. It's not. You can't compare it to any family-run Mexican restaurant. But when you don't know anything better and your family never takes you out to eat good food, what have you got to go by? But yes, the experience is fun, even if it's just in a cheesey "oh, I remember that!" way. I feel so sorry for the "performers." I had no idea what was going on...some Black Bart and a She-Sherrif... really stupid act and horrible PA system that's probably not been fixed since the 70s. After that, Stan drove by his Grandmother's old homestead which looked nothing like how we remembered it, and we took the dogs for a walk on a bike path. We have to take the dogs with us on these long day excursions. Monty Burns and Co. are completely incapable of dealing with dogs in their house while we're gone longer than a couple hours. Of course we always have to kennel them in the basement, hell forbid we have them LOOSE in the house. On the way back, we found a greenhouse in Lafayette and Stan got some things there. After I got back to the prison, I added the essential oils to jojoba in empty vials. I used medicine droppers and rinsed the droppers out in a little water and that water smelled so good. Who would've thought the combo of those four oils would smell so great? Now I really want to try my hand at perfumery when I get home.

Wednesday, April 2: We'll go up to Bill's later. Thursday we'll see Stan's sister, and Friday, I think we'll split the scene. Not only does the weather look the best for Friday as far as travelling across the mountains on I-70, but I'm going stark-raving loonie here. Even though the TV will be loud in Montrose, and sometimes I really feel like an outsider there, at least there'll be a beautiful window I can gaze out of with a beautiful scene of the San Juans. Bill said he's fixing up a room downstairs, so maybe in the future Stan and I can stay here instead of at our cell at the Montgomery Burns State Penn. I guess we could chip in for propane, as Bill keeps the place very cold.

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Sunday, March 30, 2008

DREAM: Kissing Cousins...the Distant Fictional Variety

The other night almost a week ago (I have extremely limited internet access right now) I had this dream. I can't remember which night because I'm not where I usually am right now, and perception is a bit distorted and confused. It all harkens back to that silly "which LOST character are you" quiz.

I dreamt that I was with Stan, except he was Charlie. It was like we were in the early stages of our relationship, because we seemed younger. We were running, and he, Stan/Charlie, kissed me while we were on the run. Just for the record and to set things straight, I'm not that attracted to Charlie...I'm a Desmond girl...but there was something really sweet about that kiss, maybe because despite outward appearances, it was Stan behind it.

That sounds really cornball.

Anyway, the dream continued in a LOST vein, because we went into this strange place like a dungeon with chains and shackles and torture equipment, and Charles Widmore was there. It was rather sinister. As I was dreaming it, I was thinking how cool it was that I was actually experiencing my very own LOST episode.

I wish I could remember more of the dream, and perhaps I would've if I could've written it down afterward like normal, but it's been very difficult lately.

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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Long LOST Relatives

No seriously, I am Charlie Hieronymus Pace according to this "Which LOST Character Are You?" Quiz.

See, I always thought, with all the British rock musicians out there, past and present, surely I must be related to *someone* (my grandfather was from England).

As it turns out, I'm related to a *fictional* rock star. Well, that's my Karma for you. Or is that Dharma? As in Dharma Initiative?

The surnames Stratton (as in Dexter) and Stretton (as in me) are genealogically related (Dexter Stratton was Charlie's great-grandfather), and that would also explain why back in 1991 (before LOST was even a flashforward before any of the series' creators' eyes) I gave my first dog Charlie's middle name, Hieronymus. Heh. I guess it's a family name.

On a different topic, the name "Hieronymus" is a variant of "Geronimo." Geronimo, as in Geronimo Jackson, obscure 70s-era band found in LP collection in the Hatch. Hmmm, kind of makes you think it might have been Charlie in another alternate timespace wormhole universe continuum or something.


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Just a Slew of Bizarre Dreams Last Night

1) I had suddenly remembered where I had put my old solid perfume compacts from a couple posts ago, and found them inside my vanity (IRL they were not there, I checked this morning just to be sure). The scents were not the ones I remembered. I had a compact that contained 3 scents I never had, one was something called "Mandarin" (orangey, neroli-ish, I presume), another was "Caraway", which IRL was actually from the Herbs collection I never bought, and the third one might have been "Vetiver" but I can't remember precisely (mmm...Vetiver...yummy). They were rather dessicated and a lot of the scent was gone, but I was so glad I found them, yet puzzled about why I didn't remember buying the Mandarin/Caraway/Vetiver trio. (probably because I didn't buy it, and it didn't even exist). OK, that settles it, I will have to buy some Essential Oils and try a combination with those scents.

2) I was in an old university-type building, which I have reoccurring dreams about, like the buildings on Bascom Hill at the UW or around the Oval at CSU. I was standing on the steps at the front door, looking outside and waiting for a ride. A car pulls up, maybe a taxi, and the man in the back seat looks like Desmond from LOST. Then I realize he also looks like John, my former Boss from Kinko's over 20 years ago (IRL, I don't see any resemblance...John was taller, darker hair, different features, no resemblance). Then I start telling people who are there that it's no wonder why Desmond is my favorite LOST character, because he reminds me of my favorite boss. Truly odd. Actually, IRL Stan commented while watching a Larry King interview a few months ago with Eric Clapton (yeah, I know, odd, but not as odd as the Larry King/Snoop Dog interview probably was...I didn't watch that one in case you're wondering) that Eric circa the 1980s(?) resembled Desmond, and there actually is a resemblance there, but not with John my Kinko's boss.

3) I was in a reoccurring-dream mall, in a clothing store that usually has a lot of things I can find (in dreams, that is), but this time I couldn't find anything. I kept finding odd hats like maybe they'd wear in Western Asia. Then as I'm waking up from this dream, I realize that on the radio IRL they're talking about Tibet.

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Friday, March 14, 2008

The Headstone

What has really sucked for the past two weeks is that our yah-hey local ABC channel has been favouring High School Basketball games on Thursday night, and playing LOST after 10pm when they are over.

WTF. This has not left me in the best of moods. Stan, who has a job that starts at 6 am and has to get up at 4:30 pm in order to do his stretching and catch the bus is none too pleased about it either. Mr. Sandman's come to put sand in our eyes by that hour for us to catch any major clues. Stupid local yah-hey high school sports anyway.

Take last night for instance. I'm looking at the Korean characters on Jin's headstone wishing I could read Korean when really I should have been looking at the Arabic numeral DATES. Just found out this AM by lurking in LOST message boards that the headstone states that Jin died 9/22/04, the date of the crash. I found screen caps online. It really does say that.

This means Jin is not one of the Oceanic 6 (as I previously believed and was led to believe by a Spoiler). Does that make baby Aaron one of the 6?

But who is this Jin walking around on the island now if he supposedly died when the plane crashed? Did he really die in the crash? Did he die somehow else and there's a cover-up? Is he not actually dead? This episode's flash forwards were fairly close in the future, approx. 9-10 months after the crash, considering Sun just gave birth and she got pregnant on the island. And it's pre- Post-Crash Mental Hospital-era Hurley (as opposed to the Pre-Crash Mental Hospital-era Hurley), as he looks great...who'd ever take Hurley for a snazzy dresser? And remember in the Hurley-centric episode earlier this season, Jack looked really good when he went to see him, so that took place pre-feral Jack.

So it appears that ever since the Flash Forwards started in "Through the Looking Glass", they've been getting closer and closer to the time they are rescued, since this last one seemed the closest yet. Soon they'll be flashing forward to a couple months before the rescue, then a couple weeks. It'll then be like that Seinfeld episode when they went to India and they essentially played the episode backwards.

I'm just intrigued with how they'll explain all these mysteries...Jin's death (how could Sun have gotten pregnant on the island if Jin died in the crash?), Kate's possession of Aaron (did Claire die, and did she too "die" in the "crash" and if so, how did she manage to give birth to Aaron?), and Jack and Hurley's mental collapses, not to mention Sayid working in collusion with the Benster!

And what about Michael, aka Kevin Johnson? We all suspected Michael was Ben's "man on the boat", but why the name change? Would the name "Michael Dawson" raise a red flag to the ship's captain as being a spy, so he aliased himself, or is something else going on? Was there recognition in his eye when he saw Sayid? I couldn't tell.

And what about the tsunami? Time's running out.


Friday, February 29, 2008


Sweet! There are 3 more episodes of LOST in March, the 20th being the last one. Then we go on vacation, and when we return, there will be 5 more from April 24 - May 22. Is that incredible timing or what? No having to struggle with watching it at parents' houses, dim CRT tvs, mothers who don't understand what's going on, having to tell friends "we can't see you that night, we HAVE TO watch LOST" or having to get settled in a motel/hotel on the road in time to catch it.

The last 5 are bonus, because of the writer's strike we were only expecting 8. Since there were 16 scheduled though, will they compress the content throughout the next 32 episodes, or will they tack on 3 more next season?

Oooh, click that link above, Stan, there's something about finding out what happens between Ben and The Real Henry Gale! (Future Storylines) Ah, but there blows my Tsunami theory, as this season ends on December 23, 2004. I guess the next 3 episodes are taking place concurrently back on the island when Desmond was on the freighter.

There's the one armer now! Marvin Candle/Mark Wickmund/Edgar Halowax's arm will be addressed! And why Libby wound up at the mental hospital in the past, as well as the mystery coffin content reveal.

Maybe Season 5 will revolve around the Tsunami. It has to!


Those Damn Numbers Again!

Yes. Charles Widmore's Bidder number was 755. But it's not 4 or 8 or 15, 16, 23 or 42. What's with that? Simple. 75/5 = 15.

Notice how the two years that played into this episode were 1996 and 2004, and that there's an 8 years difference. These weren't what I'd call flashbacks this time...flashbacks or forwards are a storytelling device, whereas, these events were actually really occurring (in terms of LOST, anyway). Each time I try to explain this, I get really confused. So I won't.

And Eloise, the rat. That was so familiar, and I was wracking my brain trying to figure out the connection other than it was a Damned song and Rat Scabies was in the Damned. But there's another connection I read on Lostpedia and felt silly for not catching it sooner, considering I quickly picked up on the Daniel Faraday/Tom Tom/actor Jeremy Davies thing. Tom Tom, in Million Dollar Hotel, was in love with a woman named Eloise! Duh! Of Course!


I'm puzzling over duplicate or similar names. There's lots of theories going on in the Lost-o-sphere about Jacob = Jack. But what about Charles Widmore/Charlie Pace? Both are British, but that's where any obvious similarities end. And what about Danielle Rousseau/Daniel Faraday? They are both scientists on expeditions, and both are a little whackazoid. Makes me wonder, "the sickness" that Danielle talks about...was it the "side effects"? Did the science team that landed on the island not follow the bearings correctly and experience what Desmond did last night? These name pairs have got me wondering what, if anything, is going on with that, and if it's intentional. Peaks had a lot of name pairs, like BOB and Bobby Briggs, his friend Mike and Mike the One Armed Man. Curious.


My Prediction

I thought last night's episode was very romantic with Desmond time travelling between 2004 and 1996, going back in time to tell Penny to remember to answer her phone on Xmas eve, 2004. I think about stuff like that myself, present me going back in time, not necessarily to speak to someone from my past, but to speak to myself. Could the good decisions I make actually be made with the advice of future me?

Then, it struck me as I was lying in bed at night. Xmas Eve, 2004. I couldn't wait to get up and verify it, so I woke up early (5 am) and checked it out.

Two days later: The Tsunami. December 26. 2004.

Obviously when LOST was made and first aired in September 2004, only the Desmondesque among us could foresee the Tsunami. So they must have worked this into the plot somehow. After all, the Oceanic 815 wreckage was found in the Sunda trench.

I predict somehow the Tsunami will play a major role in a couple episodes, namely ep. 4.7. This is not a spoiler, I have no inside scoop. This is only a prediction. It has to be.


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Floating World

I wanted to include some ideas I remember from East Asian Lit. which may be relevant to Lost.

Many of us remember and love the Kung Fu TV series. The structure or type of story is what some would call a Renegade Monk Story. There are lost of stories involving renegade monks in East Asian plays and writings, but Kung Fu was the first time this style of story was ever presented to - so called - western viewers.

Lost may be structured after some East Asian stories like Ghost World stories. There is a common story, usually involving a fisherman, who becomes lost under the sea. While he is under the ocean he finds a whole new reality there with new people to meet and he has a lot of fun there. After a few hours he thinks of his family and friends and decides it would be great to show this new place to other people. He returns to the surface of the ocean thinking he has only been gone a few hours. He goes back to his town and can't recognize many of the buildings. He looks for his wife and friends, but they are no where to be found. Eventually he learns that everyone he knew has died a few hundred years ago - so a few hundred years had passed while he thought he was in this lost underwater world for only a few hours.

Lost could be using East Asian lit. to bring some literary ideas to us so called - western - viewers.

I think a writer could find a life time of work for writing TV shows just looking at some small segment of East Asian writing like Kabuki Plays. East Asia is a vast source of written works most of us westerns know only a sliver about at best.


Framing Dead People

This is not my catch; I read it online.

Watch this snippet of this season's Episode 2 when Miles ghostbusts the grandmother's upstairs room. Notice the pictures on the wall as he enters around :44 seconds into the clip, then notice about 3:40 the pictures as he is leaving.

It's the FRAME! The frame around the picture of what I presume to be the woman's deceased grandson goes from an ornate wooden frame to a plain golden frame. Here all along I thought they were focussing on the pictures because of the CONTENT, i.e., the boy. I was wondering who the boy was, it resembled a young Mr. Eko, but that wouldn't be right, he was too old to be her grandson, he was Nigerian, not American...etc. But the kid's identity is irrelevant.

I do not think this is a production error, I think it is intentional. They camera purposely focuses on the pictures. If it was a prop goof, 1) the camera wouldn't "stop" and focus and 2) why would they use the same picture and change frames?

Moving into my own theorizing:

So why do the picture frames intentionally change? This is either symbolic for the "framing" of LOST itself, which I can't figure out because that gets too postmodern artschool text vs. context blah blah blah which I hate thinking about, or there is some parallel universe shift that happens after Miles banishes the ghost.

We know that there seems to be a parallel universe theme throughout LOST. LIke Charlie at the end of Season 3, when Naomi says "Oh, you're the dead rockstar." But Charlie wasn't dead (yet). There probably was a parallel-universe-Charlie (as well as a parallel-universe-everyone-else) that really did perish in the crash (as opposed to drown in The Looking Glass station). This would explain Desmond's changing visions. He's not just seeing visions from one event in one place, he's seeing different visions of similar events from different parallel universes. So it could be that in another still different parallel universe, Charlie doesn't even go down to The Looking Glass, for example, and no one gets "rescued." This is the place Jack wants to get back to.


Stan and I are rewatching the previous seasons on DVD, and last night we watched the "Dave" episode. Because Hurley sees Charlie after Charlie dies, I suspect Dave is one of the people that was killed when the balcony that Hurley got onto fell. Hurley sees dead people.


Ben, Coffin, Possible Futures

Remember last May when I thought it was Ben in the coffin for the Season 3 finale of LOST? I've come to revise that. Yes, I think it's still "Ben" in the coffin, but it's not Ben.

The reason I thought it was Ben is because of the lack of friends and family. Ben has none, at least off-island. Jack is also broken up, not for Ben's death, but he figures Ben is a way back to the island, which he wants. Now with no Ben, there's no going back.

Remember the last time we saw a closed coffin in the show it was for Locke's father, who had staged his own death. I think Ben has staged his own death. Jack doesn't want to see the body when the funeral director asked him, but if he had, it would have not been Ben, but someone taking Ben's place. There is a reason, other than just keeping us in suspense as to who it is, that the person in the coffin is not shown, it is because whoever is in the coffin isn't the person that is really supposed to be there, but just some hapless victim.

Remember this season when (was it Sayid? or Kate? Sorry, I can't recall) went to New Otherton and they find a room in a house full of Ben's passports? He obviously has many alternate identities (not just Henry Gale).

"Ben" is in the coffin, but Ben is still alive.

LOST will last 3 more seasons (including the present season). I don't think it will end abruptly and discomfortingly unnerving like Twin Peaks did with a Black Lodge Bob-possessed Agent Cooper set loose on the world. Although that has become part of the unintentional mystique and mythology of Peaks, there was more planned had ABC not pulled the plug. Hmmm...ABC is LOST's network too...but I have hopes. I don't think we will be left with a suicidal drug-addicted bearded feral (I put that last word in because Stan likes to call Flashforward Bearded Jack "Feral Jack.") Jack wandering the streets of LA. Not that I want a "and they lived happily ever after" wrap-up either. My suspicions are that there's sort of a time loop thing going on and the series finale will end with the very same passengers boarding Oceanic Flight 815 (Or maybe Oceanic Flight 1623), leaving us to ponder will they crash and start all over again, or will they end up landing at their destination to continue their lives, as if the original crash never even happened? Just a thought. I don't like neat wrap-ups, I like it where the audience can put their own spin on it, perhaps to live on in our own little mental exercise hypothetical fiction that we think up ourselves.


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Those Damn Numbers

Three of them, anyway.

LOST Season 4 Episode 3: Daniel Faraday receives a payload rocket containing a stopwatch which reads: 03:16:23. There's two of those numbers, you say: 16 and 23. Huh-uh. There's THREE of those numbers. 03 in military time is 15.


I figured that one out myself.

Not that I know where they're going with it or anything. But there they are again.


I did happen to read something on a theory site about the Valenzetti Equation and the numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42 meaning that the world will end on April 8, 2015 at 4 pm, 23 minutes and 42 seconds. I don't know if this is actually the meaning of the numbers or just a theory, but it if is...whoa, April 8 is the anniversary of when they found Kurt Cobain dead (things I will always remember forever), and Jack is listening to Nirvana when he pulls up to the funeral parlor. The newspaper clipping obituary that Jack sees days before has a date of April 5, so along with the Kurt radio anniversary clue, I'm assuming that day that Jack goes to see the mysterious coffin is April 8, so I'm wondering if that is in the year 2015? That seems so far in the future though, so I'm confused.


Friday, February 22, 2008

Comparative Religions

Here's the fun part where I compare and contrast the characters of Twin Peaks and LOST.

It's evident that Twin Peaks was an influence on LOST, especially from a "not everything is as it appears" sort of way, the edge-of-your-seat supernatural mystery sprinkled with humour. But there are parallels with characters. In Twin Peaks you had the "Man of Science (Jack Shephard-LOST)" which was Sheriff Harry Truman. Not necessarily a man of science, but a man of practicality and common sense. The "Man of Faith (John Locke-LOST)" would be Special Agent Dale Cooper who was guided more by intuition, dreams and visions and Tibetan mythology. In Twin Peaks these two lawmen and their guiding principles worked together in a complementary fashion, whereas in LOST they are adversarial. Twin Peaks' Cooper was without a doubt the main character, and although not as strongly THE main character (LOST seems to have several strong main characters...Jack, Kate, Locke, Sawyer to name a few), Jack is still probably the undisputed "main" character if you had to name just one. Despite Cooper being a man of faith and Jack a man of science, they both fill the role of guiding light and problem solver, Cooper solving the clues and mysteries of Laura Palmer's murder, Jack solving the problems of first helping the injured from the plane crash and then leading them to the caves for safety, and eventually to be...rescued? (Of course we don't really know what happens with that yet!) And they both have their downfall at the Jack's case, the flashforward with him as a bearded alcoholic, and with Cooper having been possessed by BOB as he smashes his head into the medicine cabinet. How's Annie?

Here's some other similarities:

Peaks: Sarah Palmer vs. LOST: Desmond Hume: Both are psychic!

Peaks: Bobby Briggs vs. LOST: Sawyer: Snarky, tough men with nicknames for everyone, although Sawyer, aka James Ford, is more of a loner. But no, he's not like James Hurley (Peaks), which is the only Peaks character I didn't really like, so from that standpoint I'd have to say...

Peaks: James Hurley and Evelyn Marsh episodes vs. LOST: Nicky and Paolo episode: What was that about anyway?

Peaks: Jacques Renault vs. LOST: Hurley (Hugo Reyes): ONLY physically. There is a resemblance. But Hurley is lovable and Jacques certainly wasn't. Also, Hurley vs. Deputy Andy. You know when either of these two characters are in an episode, there is some comedy. But Hurley was definitely the smarter of the two.

Peaks: Leland Palmer vs. LOST: John Locke: They just keep getting more maniacal and sinister each episode!

Peaks: BOB vs. LOST: Smokey. Smokey/smoke monster doesn't really scare me the way BOB did, though. But they are both the supernatural entity.

Peaks: Josie Packard vs. LOST: Kate Austen: Wanted fugitives in their own countries, you wouldn't know it by looking at these slight brunettes.

Peaks: Shelly Johnson vs. LOST: Claire Littleton: Pretty blondes that play the victim role well. One could also compare Claire to Peaks' Nadine Hurley since they both lose their memory temporarily, but that's pretty much where the similarity ends.

Peaks: Audrey Horne vs. LOST: Shannon Rutherford: Spoiled rich princess types that are reprimanded by a male relative for being worthless, yet later go on to help solve clues, Audrey with her sleuthing behind Cooper's back, and Shannon with the French translations.

Peaks: The Log Lady vs. LOST: The French Chick: Rousseau totes her rifle like the way Log Lady carried her log. Both seem to be guided by a longing for a lost loved one, Rousseau for her daughter Alex, and Log Lady for her dead husband. Both didn't live in civilization with the rest of the folks, opting instead for their home in the forest.

Peaks: Windom Earle vs. LOST: Benjamin Linus: Creepy manipulating masterminds!

Peaks: The Death of Laura Palmer vs. LOST: The Plane Crash: What bought everyone together...the raison d'etre. (sorry, I can't find my diacritical accent marks on my computer)

Peaks: Laura Palmer vs. LOST: Charlie Pace: Both allowed themselves to die for the betterment of others, in Laura's case so BOB wouldn't inhabit her, in Charlie's case he knew he had to sacrifice himself, according to Desmond's visions, so the others could be rescued. Not to mention they were both the drug addicts of the shows.

Peaks: The Giant vs. LOST: Walt: They appear in visions! Locke: "I saw Walt, only he was taller." Sawyer: "Taller, you mean like a Giant?"

Peaks: Agent Albert Rosenfeld vs. LOST: Miles Straume. It's the attitude.

OK, I've pretty much exhausted my memory trying to figure out any more parallels, so I'll end it here, or leave it up to Stan if he can think of anything else.


My Own Purple Rose of Cairo

My own life sucks right now and I'm not going to discuss the particulars here, yet I have this great urge to discuss one of the few fun things (besides my pets, and that gets redundant) that I have to look forward to every week, and that is LOST. It's like during the Great Depression, people escaped to silly movies in theatres (wonderfully captured in Woody Allen's "Purple Rose of Cairo") and got caught up in the adventure which diverted the attention from their own lives and difficulties and the stupid economy.

Look, I am not a typical TV watcher. Although I watch lots of news (a LOT of news, I'm a news junkie lately) and I love nature shows and documentaries and of course the food guys, I don't watch scripted shows. There is no current drama or sitcom or any kind of prime time show I watch, or one that I could even NAME. Except, of course, for LOST. So for a scripted TV drama to pull a serious intellectually-inclined news/documentary/nature person like myself in to view it religiously every week, it has to be damn good. There are only 2 other dramas that did that for me in the past 20 years, 3 if you count a sitcom, Seinfeld, and that was the X-Files and Twin Peaks. The latter was the best, and probably most similar to LOST in terms of the variety of character types and mysterious settings. I even see parallels with certain characters between the two shows, which I might discuss later.

It seems that each episode gets more intense, and this last one just blew me away. I had suspected future Kate's "he" to be her child (that she has yet to have), but's Claire's child, Aaron!!!! What happened to Claire? Did/will she die? Is she still on the island? And what about he completely turning Colonel Kurtz or what? "This is not a democracy?" Who appointed him ruler, anyway? If Ben gets off the island, will Locke become Ben v. 2.0? I originally thought Locke was just a strange, unusually naive and gullible (for his age) man, but it's like the classic case of megalomaniacal dictators with inferiority complexes that then try to rule the world, or island as the case may be. I used to think Ben was oh so creepy, but Locke's got him beat now.

Stan and I have discussed which "path" we would take at the beginning of this season...would we follow Jack or John? Supposedly Jack's pack would get rescued, John Locke's bunch would stay on the island because the rescue ship is not what it seems..."not Penny's boat" as dying Charlie wrote on his palm. But how does Desmond interpret that? He gets on the helicopter, despite that warning! The preview of next week's episode shows a disturbing image of the helicopter ride...well, we know Sayid survives, but I hope Desmond does too. Of course, Desmond wouldn't be one of the "Oceanic 6" because he wasn't in the crash, so we don't know what happens to him...or Juliette, for that matter. Originally I thought I would go with Jack, but then I thought maybe it's best to stay on the island, especially after having to endure this miserable Upper Peninsula winter here in Southern Wisconsin. I mean, there's always food, albeit Dharma food (wine in a box!), but there's also island fruit and Jin could catch me some sea urchin which I would be grateful for, unlike many of the other castaways. But honestly, I liked it when they had the hatch the best (it had this cool 70s basement apartment bachelor pad groove), and "New Otherton" is a bit creepy, mostly because it's turned into Lockeville lately. IRL, they filmed "New Otherton" at a YMCA camp...maybe that's why it creeps me a bit. Camp-like atmospheres, be it a strange cabin-lined street at Mammoth hot springs in Yellowstone, or the strange old Parkitecture buildings at Lake Mendota Mental Health center that have that "camp quality" are just bloody freaky. But that's just me. I could probably cope with New Otherton as long as Ben or Locke weren't around. Or if Locke was just relegated to killing boar in the jungle with his large collection or knives, that would be ok.

"You've got blood on you."
"I just killed a chicken."
Yeah, right.


Saturday, February 09, 2008

A Headcase, a Ghostbuster, an Anthropologist, and a Drunk

Daniel Faraday: I was watching it thinking, "who is this guy, he's so familiar, the semi-retarded mannerisms, the mental headcase'''s Tom Tom from Million Dollar Hotel!" Cool!

And no better lines have been uttered on TV than, "Sure, who are we to argue with Taller Ghost-Walt?!" Sawyer always has the best snarky names for people, and Taller Ghost-Walt tops them all. I want to name my next pet that. Or something.

Oh, look here: Sawyer's Nickname Generator". For some reason, both Stan and mine was "Whitesnake." Yes, it would piss me off to be called the same name as my husband, not to mention a name of some bad metal hairband. (Hairband, now that sounds like a Sawyer nickname if I ever heard one) We tested it for Tim (who unlike Stan and me thinks logically instead of creatively--although I think we're both pretty logical too--and is tall instead of short, and is impulsive instead of thoughtful.) His Sawyer Nickname? Spacebar. That's a good one. Want to know what the direct opposite of me/Stan/Whitesnake (short, pale, blond, smart, creative, thoughtful) is? I.e., tall, tan, brunette, slow, logical, impulsive? Truckstop. Ok.....


Friday, February 01, 2008

Oceanic 6

Evidently there were billboards appearing around the country last week with a question asking "Who are the Oceanic 6?" Unfortunately, there were no such billboards around this city (the billboards around here are the stupidest in the world, but that's another topic).

Last night was when I first heard of the Oceanic 6, The six Losties who attain celebrity status coming back to civilization. We now know one of them is Hurley, and from Season 3's finale, we know two others are Jack and Kate. It's safe for me to say that Stan and I also guessed one was Sawyer, and I also said another was Sayid. Stan didn't think so at first, but then he changed his mind.

I snooped around a little online today and found out who the other three indeed are (we already know about Hurley, Jack and Kate).


Drag your cursor across the blacked out text to highlight it, and read the answer.

If you want to be kept in suspense, do not do this! (Stan, this means you, unless you want to know)

The other 3 of the Oceanic 6: Sayid, Jin and Sun

OK, what does this mean? Sawyer is still on the Island, and he is not the "he" that Kate was referring to in the Season 3 finale that she had to get back to. Now here's my theory on that: Kate's "he" is her baby that she had with Sawyer...she got pregnant on the island with Sawyer, had her baby after being rescued.


Thursday, January 31, 2008

LOST Promos

I just loved the "theme song" promo ads they did last night during the season 3 finale rerun of LOST: Sawyer was George Thoroughgood's "Bad to the Bone" and Locke was Patsy Cline's "Crazy" (the latter was especially hilarious). I want to see ads like that for ALL the characters. i'm hoping they'll release something like that on the DVDs in the future.

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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Speaking of LOST...

I heard something on the radio today that LOST will only have 8 episodes this season instead of the 16 that were planned for each of its final 3 years. The 8th ep will be a big ole' cliffhanger. By my calculations, that means that the final 2 seasons will need to have 4 episodes more (20 episodes per) to make up for the missing 8.

4, 8,'s all numbers, right?

Anyway, that is a big old bummer, not that I don't support people striking for what should be rightly theirs, however. But I'm wondering how they will do the 4th season DVD with only 8 episodes? Hardly makes putting out a boxed set worth it. It'll be more like Season 3.5.


Weird Dream with Locke

It was like I was in a place that was a cross between LOST, some rural hillsides that could have been *anywhere* hilly/mountainous in a temperate zone (Colorado? Wisconsin? Who knows), in an old downtown/industrial neighborhood in a somewhat small town....sort of like downtown Baraboo. I can't remember too many specifics, but I remember standing around in old buildings where some LOST castaway-types who looked more like extras from some '80s office-girl movie were trying to move a large wall, but having lots of problems. One of them was very tall with dark hair and glasses and wearing fishnet nylons with little socks...very 80s, very misplaced on the set of LOST, however. But I also remember seeing Hurley and possibly other actual LOST types. And I specifically remember John Locke. I was sitting next to him in a vehicle and we were traveling up a hill. He was talking to me like he knew me, like he was a co-worker (I always wanted to work for a box company...). It was not tropical in the slightest. We drove through some strange, large garage with chains. We were plotting something, but I don't know what. I wish I could remember this better.

Mostly, I wish Desmond and Sawyer were there.


You know, that character is supposed to be around my/Stan's/Barrack Obama's age. No way!

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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Mittelos Bioscience

Stan and I are watching the Season 3 DVD for LOST. I figured out that Mittelos is an anagram for Lost Time!


I'm so proud of myself...just like when I figured out that the sum of 4 8 15 16 23 42 is 108.

It's silly, but I get a rush when I figure this sort of stuff out on my own.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Lump Removal

Lucifer Sam had his lump removed today, and now he is very sad. He gets that way whenever he's anaesthetized. He also had his teeth cleaned and a loose molar pulled. We won't know the status of the lump for several days or so.

Stan and I are planning on getting a kitten after he has healed. We will not be going to Colorado. There have been too many expenses with trying to save Persephone, her euthanasia and cremation, and now with Lucifer Sam's operation. So what we'll do instead is use Stan's vacation time to stay home, work on the house, and introduce a kitten to the household. Maybe take some short trips around Wisconsin. We've wanted a chance to see Wisconsin in the fall and it seems like we're always gone when the colors are the best.

Under normal circumstances, I would really want to travel. I love to road trip. Had it only been just Persephone's passing, I think we would've done it. But now with Lucifer Sam problem, it's just put me over the edge.

I've cried every day since Persephone went away. I haven't cried yet today, probably because the pug has my emotions consumed right now.

LOST DVD Season 3 won't be out until 12/11. I thought it was yesterday. WTH?

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

LOST Dream, well, sort of.

I dreamt I was a part of "LOST", except the only character in my dream that was the same as the TV show was Jin, and he was pretty out of character (damn, where's my Desmond dream?). In fact, the island wasn't even part of the dream! How much does that suck to not even dream you're on a tropical island? The Island was in fact an old house, like an old, dark bungalow sort of like my grandmother's was if you didn't open the shades, except it was a lot bigger with a lot of bedrooms, which was good because there were a lot of people there. I was trying to figure out what my role was, not in terms of an acting part, but literally, what should I do to help us survive in the house? I was cleaning up areas, sorting through stuff. I was alone, not with Stan, and knew that I would have to sleep by myself on a small bed and leave the larger beds for those who were couples. I was sitting on some ledge and Jin comes by and starts talking to me, but it's in Korean and I'm having a hard time understanding, but I hear these whispers which are rough translations and it's as if he's talking dirty to me and coming on to me (which is very out of character because in the show, Jin seems very devoted to Sun and has not given any indication he is otherwise). I'm freaking out a bit and go into a room, hoping to be by myself, but it is a bedroom and there are three people there lying in a king-size bed, a woman, man and their young son. I realize the woman is someone I knew from high school, not a friend, just an acquaintance (actually, I have a friend who is friends with this woman's older sister). The woman in the bed recognizes it is me and is saying what a coincidence it is that I'm there and I'm someone she knew from high school. For some odd reason, I don't think it's a coincidence at all--but it should be, right, I mean, what are the odds? Then she's saying how this person and that person from high school are also "on the island," one of whom is named Dawn, but I didn't know a Dawn in high school (although I do on the web--obviously not the same Dawn). I had no idea who these people were that she was talking about.

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

LOST Season Finale

Whoah, that was one of the most disturbing season finales I've ever seen, probably being beat out in disturbingness only by Twin Peaks 2nd season finale/series finale when an evil Bob-possessed Special Agent Dale Cooper is set loose on the world!

So many people think LOST's flashbacks are confusing to follow, but I've never had a problem with that. But last night's flashforwards were so unnerving. You think the "flashback" series of Jack's feral, oxycotin-addicted bearded and depressed self is a flashback up until the last moment when he sees Kate and is talking about the Airline's compensation with the Golden Pass and how he flies around on planes all the time, hoping it will crash again because he wants to go back.

Is this one of those 'alternate' realities, like what Desmond keeps seeing? Will they be rescued back into a hell world? I had the impression Kate is with Sawyer in this world, and that Jack's father is alive from the way he was referring to him in the present.

Now here's the puzzler...who was in the coffin? I say it was Ben. He's the only one I can think of that would be neither friend nor family of Jack's...I would think other crash survivors would be thought of as friends, if one of them were to die once "back in civilization."

I knew Locke wasn't dead. But will Charlie really become a dead rockstar? Can't he swim out the porthole? I usually don't scream at TV, but when I saw Eyepatch Man (Mikhail) looking in the porthole, now that's a terrifying sight.

I loved the Hurley part when he crashes into that Others camp with the Dharma van...that was good comic relief.

I don't think I can wait until fall. I couldn't sleep much last night after watching that!

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Route 66, Day 10

This morning we headed out to Magdelena, NM (sp?). Supposedly there was a place there where you could pay a fee to enter an area to find rocks. We never did it. The road was 13 miles long, rocky (4WD material) and with no cellphone service. Maybe if we had a 4WD, but we don't. We found a rockshop on the edge of town where we found a few small things anyway. So we headed to Albuquerque. We decided to take the remaining Route 66 that we missed on the way in last Thursday, and we're so glad we did! We found *the* rockshop, Southwestern Minerals located right on that route in Albuquerque, and I finally got my Rainbow Calcite! Not a cut gem (that would've been hugely expensive, no doubt!) but a nice rectangular specimen piece (they cleave in rectangular shapes). We decided on the spur of the moment not to take the interstates 40-44-55-35 back, but to take 40 to Highway 54 in Tucumcari, and head on up to Dodge City, KS tomorrow. We tried staying the night in Dalhart, Texas, but rooms were outrageously expensive for a little town with not much business. Plus one of the desk clerks creeped me out. So we decided to head up the road to Guymon, OK, which is significant because that's where Stan's sister lived for 10-15 years or so. Rooms were a little cheaper than the Super 8 in Dalhart, and definitely worth it to get away from a crusty hotel clerk, but also it gets us further down the highway and a better start on the morning. Texas definitely doesn't want us. Supposedly there's some "Dorothy's House" (Oz) in Liberal, KS, and I've been wanting to see Dodge City (Marshal Dillon! Miss Kitty! Festus!) for quite a while now, even if it is just a little hole in the wall tourist trap like Tombstone. Later, we'll head up to Lincoln, NE so we can get the best coffee in the world. Even somewhat good coffee was sorely lacking on this trip! When all this is over with, we will have driven through 10 states (counting Wisconsin)!

No time to post pictures tonight...we barely got a room and settled in in time for LOST.

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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Route 66, Day 7 DREAM: What were we doing there, looking for Sawyer?

This has to be one of the most WTF?!?!? dreams I've had in maybe forever. I was in a small western town somewhere and went into a small bar/music hall with Stan (as if). Hurley, yes, big Hugo from LOST was there and it was like we knew eachother. But that is not the WTF part of it. See, I *watch* LOST so characters from the show might pop up in a dream or two. The thing is, the only other dream I had with a character on LOST was with HURLEY! Why? I have no clue. Personally, I'd like to have a dream with Desmond because then it would probably be very weird with seeing into the future and weird dejavus and things. Plus, he's from the British Isles. Yet I digress.

So we're sitting there and this typical western southern-styled band is playing, something like you'd hear in one of the Olde Towne saloons in Fort Collins back in the 80s, something that kept Stan and I away from places like that in droves (well, I don't think two people count as a drove, but you get the picture). This guy comes on stage and someone announces something about Dicky Betts and that he had played with the Allman Brothers.

OK, first of all, I know practically nothing about the Allman Brothers, I don't listen to them, I don't hate them, but they're not my kind of music. But Dicky Betts? How did I even KNOW in waking life that Dicky Betts was in the Allman Brothers let alone while dreaming?

So back to the dream, Hurley is sitting in front of us, and I lean over and tap him on the shoulder and say, "Is that Dicky Betts?" Hurley says yes, and we both concur, "what is he doing here, isn't he more well known to be playing some hole in the wall somewhere?"

So then I "wake up" from the dream, but not really, I only wake up in so far as that I wake into another dream, but I think I'm awake, and I'm going online to verify who on earth Dicky Betts is, and if indeed he played for the Allman Brothers. I find pictures online, and yup, sure enough, that's the guy who was in the other dream.

(I also had a dream later that night about my mom being mad at me about something or other.)

Then when I actually truly do wake up from my dream, (I really am awake at this point), I do go online to check out who this Dicky Betts fellow is (thank goodness my hotel has wireless or I'd be puzzling about this for days), and sure enough, that was the guy in my dream, and yes, he did play with the Allman Brothers.

W. T. F.

The only thing I can think of was that I was "lost" in the dream and really it should've been Sawyer in my place because it was like the kind of music he would listen to.

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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Route 66 Day 1-3.1

Forest Gump: Sometimes the only thing to watch on TV is Forest Gump. I believe it was that way when we took our short Wisconsin trip last spring. The first night we spent the night in Hudson, WI. Forest Gump was on TV. And this Monday in Lebanon, MO, that was the ONLY thing on TV (other than veddy veddy bad network TV). Forest Gump. How weird is that? Because I was a basketcase that night because we'd been up since 4:30 am that morning, and I was dead tired and couldn't even function to read maps anymore and was having plenty of stupid moments, Stan said it fit my frame of mind (Yeah, thanks, Stan :-P). But I wasn't so stupid that I didn't realize the connection between Forest Gump and Route 66. Gary Sinese plays Hank's buddy, the amputee Vietnam vet. Sinese was in the movie "Of Mice and Men", the book written by John Steinbeck who also wrote "The Grapes of Wrath," which features "The Mother Road" which the Joads travel out on from Oklahoma to California. Somehow, it made sense.

Car Trouble: It was about 5 pm or so on Tuesday when we pulled into a Walmart (yes, I went into a Walmart in Oklahoma...please don't laugh) because we had to use the facilities really badly. Sometimes when interstate restrooms aren't aplenty (as it has been in Oklahoma, very much unlike the generous facilities along I-80 which I am used to), one has to make due with McDonald's or large discount department stores. Those I prefer to places like gas stations which I will only use it's life or death. Since we needed some Coke anyway, we decided to stop at the first place we saw where we knew would be restrooms: Walmart. (I know, Walmart. But we were desparate) Before Stan got back in the car, he noticed his tire was getting flat and that there was a nail in it. We quickly tried to find a place to take care of us, but it was a small town and daytime was running out. We stopped at a car dealership, but they didn't fix tires. They gave us directions to another place that we couldn't find, but in searching for that place we found an autoparts store about 10 minutes before they closed. We asked there if they knew anyone. The owner gave a call to a mom'n'pop traveling tire repair business, and within half an hour, they were there to fix our tire! It was fortuitous beyond belief. That's why we got into Oklahoma City so late. That, and trying to find the right "hotel row" off the interstate.

Musical Motel Rooms. Strangely, the last time I was in a Super 8 motel before this was in Winterset Iowa (Madison County) when we went to see the covered bridges last April. They had internet access, but in the room they put us in, I could not get it. So they moved us to another room. Dejavu. The same thing happened last night. At a Super 8. Weird.


This morning I woke up at 5, but my blind eyes couldn't see the motel alarm clock too well, and I thought it said 6. So I've been up since way early again. I felt dead as a dog traveling through the remainder of Oklahoma, the Texas panhandle, and eastern New Mexico. But we did manage to stop at the famous "Cadillac Ranch" and "Bug Ranch." Actually, Bug Ranch is sort of a "time to unpimp zee auto*" parody of Cadillac Ranch. Most of Route 66 is on the frontage road in these western states, so much of the way we didn't even bother and just stayed on the interstate. Yes, we took pictures. I still have to unload zee camera.

*VW ad from last year featuring Peter Stormare (Fargo fame) playing a German car engineer. Very funny ad.

We got our motel room (Super 8 again) early tonight in Santa Rosa, NM so we could shower tonight and be hunkered down in time for LOST. I've not eaten much but Denny's salads lately where the service is always lousy, but dependably lousy.

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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Dawn tagged me, and so I went to her blog to see what the meme was. I was hoping it was the first one, but no. Well, I'll do it anyway. ;-) (Just for the record, I don't keep up with blogs much anymore--including my own--so I feel a bit awkward participating in going to a dance naked except for tennies).

So without further hesitation, here's the meme I was tagged for:

6 strange facts about me:

1. I have no brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles or cousins. Never's not like some died or something.
2. My dad's parents were to become my "godparents" (yeah, a lot of good that did), but because they were poor and old and my granddad couldn't walk and lived 1000 miles away or so, they couldn't make my baptism, so I had "Stand In" godparents at my baptism. How fucked is that? As it is, I turned out an atheist. Heh.
3. Some of my grey hair is reverting back to light brown. I swear and Stan as my witness that this is true.
4. If I had the room, time, and money, I would have one of each: Pug, Boston Terrier, English Bulldog, French Bulldog, and Boxer. (can you tell I love shorthaired push-faced dogs?)
5. I've never been overseas.
6. I hate shopping and abhor malls, even though they pop up in my dreams once in a while, and are quite pleasureable because I'm usually one of the few persons there.

I don't know, those facts don't seem that strange, except maybe the top two about my birth family.

Because I want to do the other meme, here it goes:

Things you may not have known about me

1.Four jobs I have had in my life:
mac graphic artist, chemistry stockroom worker, typist, babysitter
2. Four Movies I have watched over and over:
Pulp Fiction, Fargo, Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me, Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii
3. Four places I have lived:
Wisconsin, Colorado, New York, Massachusetts
4. Four TV shows I love to watch:
LOST, Anthony Bourdain No Reservations, Countdown with Keith Olbermann, Dirty Jobs
5. Four places I have been on vacation:
The Grand Canyon, Arches National Park, Yellowstone, Roswell NM
6. Four of my favorite foods:
Uni (sea urchin gonads), Oysters on the Half Shell, Ikura (salmon roe), and a really good Chile Relleno.
7. Four places I would rather be right now:
considering it is arctic conditions here now:
Bali (although I've never been there), Arizona desert, Redwood Forest CA, White Sands NM

Not sure about tagging someone I said, I don't participate in the blogosphere other than my own writing (I actually don't consider this a's more like a journal) But if you do, I guess you can consider yourself tagged.

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