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Friday, April 17, 2009

Saw this on Keith last night

Fox is guarding the henhouse, and the pheasants have pitchforks. Birdbrains?

Teabaggers so totally didn't know they were being punked.

"Yeah, I make less than $250,000 per year...what? My taxes will be LOWER under Obama? Wait a minute!"

The guy addressing the sheeple is my hero.


Friday, November 07, 2008

Bad Dream or Comedy Sketch?

I've been quiet these past few days since the election because whatever I say would come across as lame, like, "we won, yay!" Lame. I feel very proud of someone I know who voted for Obama, who I was uncertain of how she would vote throughout the season. I also feel a great sense of disappointment with someone else who voted for McPain because of ONE ISSUE. ONE FREAKIN' ISSUE (it's all about the fetus). He risked the possibility of having a geographically-challenged megalomaniac prima donna in the white house just because abortion makes the baby Jesus cry. I thought he would go for Obama in the past few weeks...he looked like he'd be doing the right thing...he couldn't STAND Palin, he really couldn't. But I think I know why he ended up voting for McCain. He, this person I know, has this invincibility about himself--he is old and falling apart--and doesn't see himself as frail or disabled. He shouldn't be driving, but he does. He should use a walker, but he won't. So naturally, since he sees himself as more able and strong and healthy than he is, naturally he'd view McCain, someone who is a few years his junior, the same way. Nevermind the deadly skin cancer history. To him, there was no risk of Palin becoming THE WORST PRESIDENT EVER because it would never happen. McCain would see out a full four years in office, and then Palin, who would've been THE WORST VICE PRESIDENT EVER AFTER DICK CHENEY, would retire safely back to Alaska where she could enjoy a whole new brood of non-aborted grandchildren.

Okay, It could've been worse. He could've not voted for Obama for racist reasons, and I'm pretty sure that is not why he didn't vote for him. I know this person very well, and he's pretty much driven by one issue since 1972. It's the whole Asperger kind of thing where you're stuck and fixated. There's no hope for the guy, so I never should've had any to begin with because I just end up getting very disappointed with the outcome.

But Holy Superlatives, Batman, the things we are finding out now about Palin...unbelievable. Words do not express...I thought she was running for VICE PRESIDENT, not SKANK RESIDENT. And the Africa thing...I am speechless! How can ANYONE not know Africa is a continent consisting of many countries? Did she confuse Africa with Australia? That's not even "stuff you should've learned in school" that's just "stuff you should just plain know, stupid." I mean, what was she thinking when she would hear about Obama's father coming from Kenya? What did she think Kenya was, a city? A region? Even if the word "Kenya" elicited a "huh? what's that?" response from her, wouldn't she even TRY THE GOOGLE? No, because as many have pointed out before all this, she has no interest in the world around her. And maybe that's ok if you want to be a small town hockey mom. But it's not ok if you have high ambitions. It shouldn't even be ok if you want to be Mayor, let alone Governor. Not even Saturday Night Live could've thought this stuff up.

What I hated hearing throughout this campaign were statements like "we don't want someone with lots of education (like Obama), we want someone we can relate to, like us." Huh? I certainly don't want someone like "us" in that office--and I even have a lot of education, but not in the political area. I'm fine for what I do, but I'd be ill-fitted for any political office, and so would the people who "want someone just like myself in office." People just like you is exactly the WRONG kind of people to have in office. You want the best and the brightest in a position like that....especially after the last 8 years.

As of today, Obama has 364 electoral votes and McCain has 163 (Missouri is still uncalled). All I can say is thank goodness it wasn't a close one.

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