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Phew, that was close.

That was a close one. I saw the update for WordPress 3.01 staring me in the face. I decided to update this blog first using the automatic updater…and it failed. Something about unable to find the public_html folder or something. So I did a search and found out one had to delete the “upgrade” folder, create a new one, and chmod it to 777. OK, did that. Then tried the update again and it failed even worse. couldn’t copy some file wp-admin/css/ It even put an ugly maintenance page on my site as well.

I hate it when technology screws around with me…sets my body into panic mode.

So I then frantically searched for information on what to do. I figured out I should probably attempt a manual update. So I did that, followed the instructions, and fortunately it worked, thank goodness.

You wouldn’t be reading this if it didn’t.

When it comes to my WP installs, this site as well as Ann-S-Thesia, have problems with automatic updates and installations. Have to do a lot of manual installs. Dingbatcave doesn’t have problems like that. BTW, Dingbatcave and Ann-S-Thesia aren’t live yet with the revised part of the sites. I’m still working on that, and probably won’t have it done any time soon since August will not exactly be productive as far as web sites go.

Jasper’s Ears and Dream with Mouse

Jasper at 13 weeks
Jasper at 13 weeks with a whacky bentback ear
Last night I dreamt Jasper was playing with a mouse. Now IRL I would never let my animals play with a live animal. But I was allowing it in the dream. The mouse was about 3 inches long, not including the tail. It was pink and hardly had any fur. Apollo later joined in on the fun. Jasper was pretty gentle with it, but Apollo finished killing it off. It was sad, and I felt bad that I had let them kill it.

A couple weeks ago, Jasper’s ears started becoming a little more erect. His right ear was the first to stand up, although the tip bent backwards. His left ear was a little slower. I was wondering if it was ever going to stand up, or if it would always flop forward like a puppy. I know I went through the same thing with Plato when he was that age, and he made it through that “awkward ear stage” just fine. A few days ago, Jasper’s left ear finally decided to stay up. But his right ear hasn’t changed. I am now wondering if it will be permanently bent backwards. I’m hoping he’s just at that awkward stage.

Plato when he was young
Plato when he was young...winter 1996/97
The picture above I took of Jasper today. The picture to the left is of Plato when he was about the same age or probably a little older. Sometimes Jasper looks nothing like Plato, but the picture above reminded me of him so much. Little mannerisms, like when he does the spastic paws in the air thing is so Plato. Different personalities, though. Jasper is incredibly well-behaved around people, only barks when he is playing with other pets. I don’t remember Plato being as spastic, though. Was he? Or am I just getting old?

Dream with Lamps

I dreamt Stan and I were in Milwaukee and we were walking through some urban residential neighborhoods. On the corner near an apartment were a bunch of items on the lawn, mostly lamps. They were beautiful floor and table lamps made out of glass, some with a fluted Art Nouveau style, similar to Tiffany. They were just there to be tossed out. I couldn’t believe no one had taken them, and I wanted them, but we were walking and our car was blocks away. I had no idea how we could get them to our car. I started talking to someone from the apartment building and it was inferred that an old lady died and they were cleaning out her apartment. She was supposedly a bit crazy. I couldn’t believe no one wanted her stuff. Then it was like her apartment was there, open to the public with open walls. I was looking in it, looking through her drawers. I wanted to take it all with me. I was thinking I could stay with the stuff while Stan went to get the car. But I think we decided to take the lamps with us, walking. It was very difficult. I forgot what else happened.

I had more dreams the past week or so, but didn’t write them down. Unfortuate, because I think some were rather funny. I have forgotten all of them except for one where Bill was talking in a strange accent (this was several days or a week ago). At first I thought it was Italian, but then realized it was Scottish. I asked him what kind of accent it was. It was a native accent…he wasn’t impersonating anyone. I thought it weird that I never noticed an accent on him before.

Sometimes the Urge to Swear is Overwhelming

I’m ruminating about the colors of fruit and how often they are used in describing a color theme…just thinking about how I am going to describe some themes for WP I plan to make and feature on my revised graphic site. I’m thinking about how there is a strange lack of coloration of anything bluish green in the botanical world. Heavenly Blue Morning Glories are as far toward the greenside as blue can be with flowers, and any “green” flower is actually a greenish lemon color. There really isn’t any blue or teal or turquoise inbetween a blueberry and a kiwi. Why is there this strange lack of that part of the spectrum with plants and fruit?

I google “blue colored fruit” to see if it brings any results I am unaware of. Instead, I find a forum where a mother is saying her toddler is on an “eating blue fruit” kick and doesn’t want her to buy any fruit trees that are pink, red or orange. And she’s looking for advice on what kind of bluish fruit trees and shrubs to buy for her kid.

Excuse me for moment.

J#$&@ &(%^#$F&#*#$!

Really? Seriously? You’re making a very permanent sort of investment in a living, growing thing like a tree based on the whims of a TODDLER? Someone in the forum says by the time they ripen, the kid will be in a chartruese phase. But that’s as severe as it got. No one else dared to touch the subject of buying a fruit tree best based on other factors like how YOU will like the fruit (you’ll be buying it, and taking care of it, right? Not the kid.) or how well the tree grows in your climate, or how much room it will take and how much room you have, etc. Or how you just can’t give into kids’ whims based on their fickle fascinations for a fortnight.

I mean I don’t expect kids to have to eat cheap mushy grey canned peas like I had to. But there’s a balance between deprivation and spoilage. I think exposing a kid to lots of different kinds of foods and fruits would be the best, even if they only want the “blue ones.” How long can that phase last, anyway?

It’s not like we’re talking vegetables that last a season. Yeah, I can see getting vegetables seeds for your garden that are in the color the kid wants that year, and have them help with the growing as much as possible for a toddler. But we’re talking a permanent tree! It’s just crazy!


I fixed that silly Calendar in the left hand column. Funny how you can wrack your brain trying to figure out how to fix something and never solve the problem, and then while you’re working on something else you immediately see how to do it?

I installed a version of WordPress on my Ann-S-Thesia site (I plan to run it on WP) and was just going through the routine settings configuring it, and there it was staring me in the face. You can set the calendar to start on any day you’d like…Thursday, even (although why you’d want to start the week on a Thursday is beyond me). The default is Monday. Don’t know why…all the standard calendars I’ve seen always begin with Sunday, and I think it’s confusing–at least to me–to have it start on Monday.

So, there you have it. My calendar is “normal.”

Creepy Building Dream

I dreamt that Stan and I went to Milwaukee together. We’re doing that manner of locomotion that only occurs in dreams where it’s like you’re driving because you’re gong fast, but you’re free of any physical restraints or boundaries that a car would put on you. We’re whizzing by houses and see some old school or something that was converted into public housing. We stop there and Stan and I go inside. I’m afraid we’d be hassled because we’re strangers who don’t live there. The building is very stark, concrete and industrial. We climb up some steps and Stan sees a poster for some church service and says he wants to stop by. He says it had something to do with “some little girls in the news.” (huh?) Reluctantly, I follow him, but we can’t find the door…they all look the same. Then we descend the stairs. The concrete stairs are very steep and the handrail is made of old iron pipe. Stan is walking fast and I’m having a hard time keeping up. Then he sees someone he knows, some guy in his 20s…light olive skin, black shaggy hair (probably dyed black) and brown eyes. He has a body modification style ear…it’s like a pierced ear with a large plug, but it’s not hanging down, it’s covering his entire ear. The decoration is like a hubcap. Hard to explain how the skin of the ear wraps around it. We sit down on the concrete steps and Stan is talking to this guy. Then Stan says we’re going to stay at a certain hotel for the night, but it’s not a recognizable name of a hotel/motel chain, so I fear it’s a seedy pit. I didn’t like this situation at all.

Remembered Dreams

I’ve been too busy to write down my dreams lately, but here’s a few excerpts from what I remember over the past week or so.

Stan and I were driving to a large city at night…either Denver or Milwaukee. It was snowing hard and we were exiting off an interstate ramp. We were both in the backseat and Stan was driving from there. The hood of the car was high and with the combination of the night and snow, I couldn’t see where we were going. It was frightening. I think we ended up in some public building…can’t remember the rest. But I think the same night/different dream I dreamt I was driving/biking/walking up a hill near Midvale and traffic kept coming downhill towards me in my lane. I kept dodging cars, but then a yellow school bus came down towards me in my lane, and I had no choice except to turn off into a side street to avoid it. Unfortunately, the bus decided to turn onto that side street as well. I kept trying to dodge it, but it became inevitable that the bus would hit me, and there was no where else to turn because the sidestreet was a bridge. I lay down on the ground, knowing that I will get run over. The bus runs me over, but I don’t feel anything. I’m quite surprised it didn’t hurt. Then I woke up.

Last night I dreamt I was talking to my dad (in person) and he was small and shrunken…like Benjamin Button. He was shorter than me! But he was walking,

New Design

I futzed with it way too long as it is, but wanted to get something up quickly with Jasper’s picture in it, and say goodbye to the old one with Plato. All those pictures were taken this past Saturday. I want to do something with variations, like have a Jasper theme, and an Apollo theme, etc. But this will do for now. I also want to try my hand at a style switcher, but don’t know if that will pan out (for the uninitiated, it allows the reader to change themes).

I don’t like the kerning…too gappy. Will fix it in my 2nd try.

WordPress Pretty Links – How I Fixed the 404 Problem

Warning: Geek Talk Stuff – move along, nothing interesting to read (or comprehend) here.

I fixed the link structure on this blog to have real words and dates rather than just a goofy meaningless number like ?=123. It’s silly that is the default for WordPress.

When I first tried to fix it, I kept getting 404s, so I switched it back to the default “ugly” links. After some Google research, it turns out I needed to have an .htaccess file in my WP root folder. So I copied another existing one via my CPanel to my WP folder. I then tried changing over to the “pretty” links via my WP Dashboard, and I got a message:

“If your .htaccess file were writable, we could do this automatically, but it isn’t so these are the mod_rewrite rules you should have in your .htaccess file. Click in the field and press CTRL + a to select all.”

Then it gave me a code to insert.

I replaced the previously exisiting code in my .htaccess file with the code above (I already have an .htaccess file in the folder above my WP folder).

And now it works! Yippee! I was afraid I would have to use “ugly” links for the rest of my life. I’m so glad I found the solution and was able to *competently* solve the problem instead of having something blow up and become completely unusable…as it so often used to do. I’m very relieved. One of the few times technology just made me temporarily frustrated rather than making me cry.

Runaway Boston and Other Weirdness Dream

I took Jasper out for a walk on a leash and was holding him between my legs because I couldn’t hold the leash for some reason. I think I was in Fort Collins, but wasn’t sure. Then I see this dog running down the street and I am terrified that cars will hit it. It starts to run my direction and I see it is a Boston Terrier that is fully grown and has a leash attached. I grab it, and then wonder what I will do with two Boston Terriers. Then I look and see that Jasper is gone, and I realize the Boston I caught is Jasper.

I also remember hiding out inside an unoccupied doctor’s office early in the morning at the Monona Clinic because I was waiting for something to open. I was trying to not be seen by any personnel who might be there. The office, which was more like an administrative or clerical office as opposed to physician/patient office opened directly to the outside, much unlike actual claustrophobic windowless hermetically sealed doctor’s offices.

Shaving Head Dream

IRL Stan was getting ready to take a shower this morning before he went to work and I was still asleep. I dreamt that he was actually getting ready to shave his head. I told him not to do it, but he went ahead and started attacking his hair with a disposable razor. I kept demanding that he stopped, and finally he listened to me. Strangely, his hair turned out ok…it was shorter like the way he had it in the 80s. No Buddhist Monk stylings or anything, no hack job. I did have to trim a little, however.