Runaway Boston and Other Weirdness Dream

I took Jasper out for a walk on a leash and was holding him between my legs because I couldn’t hold the leash for some reason. I think I was in Fort Collins, but wasn’t sure. Then I see this dog running down the street and I am terrified that cars will hit it. It starts to run my direction and I see it is a Boston Terrier that is fully grown and has a leash attached. I grab it, and then wonder what I will do with two Boston Terriers. Then I look and see that Jasper is gone, and I realize the Boston I caught is Jasper.

I also remember hiding out inside an unoccupied doctor’s office early in the morning at the Monona Clinic because I was waiting for something to open. I was trying to not be seen by any personnel who might be there. The office, which was more like an administrative or clerical office as opposed to physician/patient office opened directly to the outside, much unlike actual claustrophobic windowless hermetically sealed doctor’s offices.

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  1. We took our Pug, Lucifer Sam to the dog park today and around a time we were thinking of leaving we saw some people coming into the park with a Boston Terrier. Then we noticed they also had a puppy Boston Terrier too. After they came in both the puppy and the adult Boston came to see us and our pug. The little puppy (I think her name was Betty Lou) played with Lucifer Sam a lot and we think she wanted Lucifer Sam to go and live with her. They had a lot of fun together. It’s as if Ann dreamed about the dogs we would meet today.

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