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July 2010
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Jasper’s Ears and Dream with Mouse

Jasper at 13 weeks

Jasper at 13 weeks with a whacky bentback ear

Last night I dreamt Jasper was playing with a mouse. Now IRL I would never let my animals play with a live animal. But I was allowing it in the dream. The mouse was about 3 inches long, not including the tail. It was pink and hardly had any fur. Apollo later joined in on the fun. Jasper was pretty gentle with it, but Apollo finished killing it off. It was sad, and I felt bad that I had let them kill it.

A couple weeks ago, Jasper’s ears started becoming a little more erect. His right ear was the first to stand up, although the tip bent backwards. His left ear was a little slower. I was wondering if it was ever going to stand up, or if it would always flop forward like a puppy. I know I went through the same thing with Plato when he was that age, and he made it through that “awkward ear stage” just fine. A few days ago, Jasper’s left ear finally decided to stay up. But his right ear hasn’t changed. I am now wondering if it will be permanently bent backwards. I’m hoping he’s just at that awkward stage.

Plato when he was young

Plato when he was young...winter 1996/97

The picture above I took of Jasper today. The picture to the left is of Plato when he was about the same age or probably a little older. Sometimes Jasper looks nothing like Plato, but the picture above reminded me of him so much. Little mannerisms, like when he does the spastic paws in the air thing is so Plato. Different personalities, though. Jasper is incredibly well-behaved around people, only barks when he is playing with other pets. I don’t remember Plato being as spastic, though. Was he? Or am I just getting old?

2 Responses to Jasper’s Ears and Dream with Mouse

  • Stan says:

    It is wild how much Boston Terrier puppies look alike. I still miss Plato a lot, and feel some sadness every day. I love Jasper too and it is a joy to care for him.

  • Ann says:

    Some things about Plato I had forgotten about, but now Jasper is reminding me. Like when I hold him and he licks my ear and he runs his little teeth along my earlobe. Plato did the exact same thing when he was younger. I don’t remember our Pugs doing that, so it must be a Boston thing.

    Then there’s the singing like a bird.

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