Favorite Places in Madison: Radio Park

There’s this rather hidden neighborhood on the west side called “Radio Park.” I have no idea why it is named that…a web search brings up nothing about its history. But it has some of the coolest mid-century modern houses I’ve ever seen. Radio Park is entirely made up of Wright-inspired high-quality custom-built split-level types of houses. Each one is unique…no tract housing here. I would say they were built in the early 1960s. I would give anything to live in one of these homes…if I had half a million.

Click the map below for a larger view. The area is basically encompassed by Plymouth Circle with Larkin St. on the east. Priscilla Lane splits it down the middle. Take the little yellow Google Map Guy and plop him down for a street level view. Unfortunately, Google shot this during a typical lush summer, which makes the houses a little hard to see.

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