Jasper and The WeeBots

Back in the good old days when The Internet Gave You Stuff, I had accumulated a bunch of points just for having a popular site on GeoCities, which earned me points I could redeem at various places like The Museum Shop (I got jewelry and decorative glassware) and The Sharper Image, which had these crazy little old school electronic toys called “WeeBots.” I don’t know why I got a bunch of WeeBots, but they are rather fun for animals. Their batteries are wearing out, and some of them don’t work as well as they did ten years ago, as you can see from the movie. But they do elicit some fun expressions from the pets.

I don’t think Caligula is in the movie…he’s the oldest animal now, and he’s seen it all before.

I’m guessing Jasper was around 3 months when this was taken.

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  1. They all probably need new batteries too. If and when we get another new pet we may want to spend money on batteries for silly toys.

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