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Comparative Bostons

Jasper at 7 months old
I’ve never compared two pets more than I have Jasper and Plato. They seem so similar yet so different. I didn’t have that problem with Lucifer Sam and Hieronymus. Hieronymus was fawn, and Lucifer Sam is black. That seemed to be quite the dividing line between pug confusion.

As soon as we brought Jasper home and played with him in our yard, I knew immediately as I watched his reaction to our neighbors that he had a completely different personality than Plato. Plato barked at our neighbors almost until the end. Jasper rarely does. He wiggles a lot and jumps up a lot, but rarely barks.

We took Jasper to an indoor small dog play last Saturday, and he did not say a WORD! He was eager to get to know tiny dogs, and was very submissive with dogs his own size. Plato was always antagonistic with new dogs.

Plato was an Alpha, and Jasper is a Beta, which makes a bit of a problem with Lucifer Sam, also a Beta, as they try to establish their alphaness over eachothers betaness. With Plato and Lucifer Sam, it established itself very early. Plato was in charge.

Jasper is very friendly with people. His ears go back and he wants to jump up…you can see a wiggle starting throughout his body. Jasper’s tail is not waggable. It’s like a little stumpy curlique with no mobility. People often wonder if Bostons’ tails are docked. They are not. Plato had what we called a “thumb.” His tail was thumb-size and thumblike. I could wag. It also folded itself inward before he sat down on it. As he got old, the fur wore out on it where he would sit. Plato wagged his thumb around us a lot. But it took him a long time to warm up to new people.

I was just noticing recently that Jasper’s ears seem much larger than Plato’s were. They seem like very big ears. Plato smiled and grinned a lot, a great big ear-to-ear grin. When Jasper opens his mouth to pant, it’s not a grinning pant, but just an open mouth. Jasper seems like such a happy, comical dog, but he doesn’t smile. Odd.

Plato had what we called “a pouty little lower lip” and a noticeable underbite. Sometimes you’d see his lower teeth. Toward the end of his life, he reminded me of recent pictures of Stephen Hawking. Jasper does not have a pouty little lower lip. I’m sure he has an underbite as Bostons should, (our Cat Apollo has an underbite too!), but it’s not noticeable.

They both love/d sitting next to a furnace vent in the winter. They both love/d snuggling hard next to me in the morning as I drink coffee and check email. They both love sleeping by Stan’s feet at night as he rests on the futon.

Plato had a prancey little run inside the house. Jasper bounces. I thought he’d outgrow the bounciness, but still at 7 months (yesterday was his 7 month birthday), he hops and bounces. We nickednamed him “Boing Boing.”

Around 2000 or 2001 When Plato was a few years old, I started a blog for him, which rubbed some people @$$#°!?$ wrong. Today, everybody’s dog has a blog. I decided I’m going to raise Jasper as a luddite. I think he’ll be happier that way.

Hi Me, It’s Myself.

My work situation is a little unconventional. I basically use my 2008 Macbook Pro on the couch (which is actually a futon that performs couch duties 100% of the time, but can be used as a futon if we need it in an emergency) for most of my work. I also have a 2005 iBook upstairs that replaced my desktop computer that died a few years ago. Upstairs is where I keep the beads I sell, shipping materials, and my art studio. I mostly use the upstairs laptop (which is hooked up to an old CRT 19″ monitor that was formerly used with the desktop) for managing shipping online.

Today as I was upstairs packaging up some beads, I discovered I had 7 extra, so I emailed myself a note to add them to inventory (done electronically, and managed on my downstairs laptop). I email myself notes all the time about inventory…”check quantity of this” or “bring these downstairs” (if I want to use them to make jewelry, which I also do downstairs).

I returned downstairs, checked my email and find this strange email that looks like a message from an ebay customer. And a rude one at that. I can’t figure out what they’re trying to tell me, that they didn’t receive the entire quantity they ordered? That they want more of a certain kind of bead? I get messages like that every so often, and I have to ask them what their question is. They must think I have ESP from the lack of information given. I re-read it again, trying to figure out the name of the customer. I wish they’d at least say, “Hi (my ebay id name),” and sign off “Thanks, (their ebay id name)” so I know who it is.

Then it dawned on me. The message was from myself! Yeah, like I’m going to be friendly and courteous and explanatory emailing myself!

Well, it was funny. I guess you would’ve had to have been there.

Well Duh!!! -Bya!!

Buy Recall Walker Bumper Stickers!

Dubya’s been in the news lately. Both of them! Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumber! Who’s Dubya Two you may ask? Here’s a hint: Never, ever, elect a person with “Walker” in their name. Case in point: George W. (Walker) Bush. And now, Wisconsin has it’s own little junior achiever Dubya…Scott Walker! Yes! It’s the Walker curse!

I was just telling Stan the other day how he is my absolutely most hated politician…even more than George W. And then I woke up to an epiphany this morning about the names. Weird, huh?

Dubya II, you are an embarrassment to my state, asking the Obama administration to re-appropriate the $810 million for the high speed rail to be spent on roads, when clearly this grant was to create an infrastructure not reliant on fossil fuel. What a short-sighted little boy you are. You make George W. look like a rocket scientist. At least he finished his MBA. You didn’t even get a baccalaureate.

Now governors of other states are saying “Well, give me the $810 million, then!!” They must think we’re a bunch of backward gas-huffin’ hillbillies here. And they’d be partly right. The percentage that voted for you…what is that…52% of the 40% of the eligible voting public that turned out to vote…those people ARE either gas-huffin’ hillbillies OR too stupid or too lazy to have researched the issues and the ramifications of you being elected.

Stop right now. Quit fighting the train. Quit like you did college. Keep the federal funds, build the train. It might taste bad to you right now, but think of the future, when gas is $10/gallon. I thought you were about creating jobs? Instead, if you axe this project, you’ll be losing jobs. You’ll be losing businesses here that will be created by building the train.

I voted for Barrett and Feingold. I just want to tap my heels and wake up from this nightmare. Please don’t think Wisconsin as a whole wants what Walker has in mind for us. I bet a lot of people who voted for him…business people in communities that would get the train…are now having regrets for what he is going to be doing.

Dream with Special Guest Stars Nancy Pelosi and Bill Clinton

I have no idea. Maybe something was on the radio that involved them while I was dozing off that made them seep into my dream? Anyway, the dream wasn’t creepy or anything, and methinks Nancy and Bill were stand-ins.

I was sitting on sort of a high bench next to Stan. He was in the center, and Nancy Pelosi was on his left (no, that’s not our political reference points). She was wearing dark burgundy, and smiling, looking just like she does, but perhaps acting (but not looking) a little more old-ladyish and dottering. Bill Clinton was standing in front of us, and holding up a menu-sized three-fold brochure the size of three letter-size pages stuck together. I think it was the color of Nancy’s attire. He was quizzing us on it. It had something to do with economics or real estate. Nancy had the hardest time understanding it, while Stan had the easiest time grasping it. I was somewhere in the middle. Bill looked exactly like he does now.

I think Stan and I were ourselves, but Nancy was a stand-in for my mom and Bill was a stand-in for Craig. Makes sense to me. What else could it mean?

I remember when I dreamt in rockstars. What have I become?

All Right, It’s Been Three Days, Repubs…Where’s The Jobs?

I found this excellent blog with a great article about the loss of Russ Feingold.

In case you don’t have time to read it, let me quote a part of it:

…we lost Feingold because of a stupid and fatuous voting public, who would rather throw tantrums than investigate with any rigor the actual salient facts. How the founders would cringe to imagine an electorate so pathetically short-sighted that it votes the way children have fits: I’m not happy; I want something different! We are a country of big, fussy babies, and we are cutting off our nose to spite our face.

All it would take to make an informed electorate would be a little interest and a society that encourages a culture of the mind rather than a culture of the gut. Even the stupid are entitled to their opinions and their votes, but if they want to show themselves worthy of the democracy they enjoy, a democracy that many people died and killed for in our war for independence, they are not entitled to their stupidity.

Yes. Stan and I have been saying adults have been becoming more like giant toddlers for quite a while now. And I think so much of the problem is the culture of instant gratification that we live in. It will take years to get out of this recession. It’s only been two since the last election. Because progress doesn’t move as fast as the vast majority of the electorate would like, it tries to fix it by turning the knobs the other way in a hissy fit (extinction burst!), not realizing that will just make it worse.

I think I’m more depressed now than I was in 2004 when Bush was elected for a second term. At least my state voted for Kerry. Unfortunately, I can’t make proud claims of my state this time.

Ad Nausea

The only thing scarier than having Scott Walker for at least a term as a Governor is having Scott Walker unable to finish out his term as Governor. Meet Rebecca Kleefisch, Lieutenant Governor elect. So you might want to hold off on those “Impeach Walker Now” bumper stickers, Stan. Although I understand your sentiment.

========comedic interlude========
This is a hilarious video. And it points to how misinformed the public truly is. Not that I would have known what “Keynesian” meant a couple years ago myself, not having a background in economics. But at least I would have known Keynesian ≠ Kenyan.
=======end comedic interlude=======

Red Scare

Seeing my state lit up in red on national maps is nauseating. All those years before when we were blue, along with neighbors Minnesota, Illinois and sometimes Michigan and Iowa made me feel safe. I felt like I fit here. Someone on WPR this morning said it well, like it was waking up from a bad nightmare and wondering, “did that really happen?”

I feel like I’ve been betrayed by a friend. Miss Forward, after over 20 years of friendship, just snubbed me. It’s not like we grew apart. Growing apart is a mutual thing that happens gradually over time. Gradual isn’t being totally blue in 2008, electing a President, having a Governor and two senators who are all Democrats, and then two years later getting rid of one senator, electing a right wingnut governor and also having other Republican victories within the state as well. That’s a betrayal.

What the heck happened? That’s a question a lot of Wisconsinites have on their minds. Some say it was apathy and laziness of younger voters who don’t bother to vote in off-year elections. Others say it’s the ignorance of those who did vote who didn’t really examine the people who were running, again, laziness. Maybe “more jobs” sounds good, but what about gutting health care? What about no contraception? And how can trying to stop the train be good for jobs? The train will be good for jobs! WTF?

Nationally, fortunately Colorado elected a Dem. Gov. Can you imagine if Tancredo had won? I’d be scared to visit there! Seriously! Fortunately, Reid remains Senate Majority Leader…Angle was just a freak, and fortunately Delaware saw through the circus side show that was Christine O’Donnell. But Kentucky? Not so lucky. Anti-Civil Rights Act Ayn Rand Paul? What the bloody hell? I guess that’s swearing for the British folk out there, so whoops, sorry, I slipped up, but I don’t think I can keep my promise any more, not after this election. Maybe I should rename this blog, “I Swear Not to Promise.” I guess that would make me no better than politicians, eh?

Absolutely Disgusting

The loss of Russ Feingold in the Senate, and getting Scott Walker elected Gov.

What happened, Wisconsin, land of progressiveness? Ironically, Colorado seems to have fared better in all of this.

Walker is not a Thompson-style Repub. He’s an extremist right wingnut. Hasn’t called himself a TP’er, but we know he is. And Johnson Rod for a senator? WTF?!?

These people do not represent me. They do not represent my neighborhood or the city of Madison. So many Barrett and Feingold signs everywhere. Have the Repugnican Milwaukee suburbs grown so large to overshadow the rest of the state?