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Daily Archives: November 3, 2010

Another Dog Video

Ad Nausea

The only thing scarier than having Scott Walker for at least a term as a Governor is having Scott Walker unable to finish out his term as Governor. Meet Rebecca Kleefisch, Lieutenant Governor elect. So you might want to hold off on those “Impeach Walker Now” bumper stickers, Stan. Although I understand your sentiment.

========comedic interlude========
This is a hilarious video. And it points to how misinformed the public truly is. Not that I would have known what “Keynesian” meant a couple years ago myself, not having a background in economics. But at least I would have known Keynesian ≠ Kenyan.
=======end comedic interlude=======

Red Scare

Seeing my state lit up in red on national maps is nauseating. All those years before when we were blue, along with neighbors Minnesota, Illinois and sometimes Michigan and Iowa made me feel safe. I felt like I fit here. Someone on WPR this morning said it well, like it was waking up from a bad nightmare and wondering, “did that really happen?”

I feel like I’ve been betrayed by a friend. Miss Forward, after over 20 years of friendship, just snubbed me. It’s not like we grew apart. Growing apart is a mutual thing that happens gradually over time. Gradual isn’t being totally blue in 2008, electing a President, having a Governor and two senators who are all Democrats, and then two years later getting rid of one senator, electing a right wingnut governor and also having other Republican victories within the state as well. That’s a betrayal.

What the heck happened? That’s a question a lot of Wisconsinites have on their minds. Some say it was apathy and laziness of younger voters who don’t bother to vote in off-year elections. Others say it’s the ignorance of those who did vote who didn’t really examine the people who were running, again, laziness. Maybe “more jobs” sounds good, but what about gutting health care? What about no contraception? And how can trying to stop the train be good for jobs? The train will be good for jobs! WTF?

Nationally, fortunately Colorado elected a Dem. Gov. Can you imagine if Tancredo had won? I’d be scared to visit there! Seriously! Fortunately, Reid remains Senate Majority Leader…Angle was just a freak, and fortunately Delaware saw through the circus side show that was Christine O’Donnell. But Kentucky? Not so lucky. Anti-Civil Rights Act Ayn Rand Paul? What the bloody hell? I guess that’s swearing for the British folk out there, so whoops, sorry, I slipped up, but I don’t think I can keep my promise any more, not after this election. Maybe I should rename this blog, “I Swear Not to Promise.” I guess that would make me no better than politicians, eh?

Comedic Interlude

Here’s something funny I came across that should bring some levity to a dark post-election day. It’s an interview with Brian Eno, but is he the interviewer in a wig? I think so.

Now back to my regularly scheduled day of depressive rants.

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