Astronomical Odds

Neither Stan nor I are social butterflies. We have a few close friends…not a big network. That makes the friends we do have very special to us. We already lost a good friend we knew in college who we had fallen out of touch with, around the same time we lost our dog Plato. A couple weeks ago we got a call from a very close friend in another state, saying that he had just had surgery over the Thanksgiving holiday. This was a few months after *he* had lost his stepfather. Common surgery, nothing removed that one cannot live without. He is doing fine now, however.

This is very hard for me to write about this.

Last week we were in the hospital for four nights visiting another very close friend. He is not doing fine. He has been through so many health problems. He had a stroke 7 years ago, heart surgery a half year after that, and has been plagued with everything…migraines, sinus infections and more, and now he recently had a bad infection that was affecting his heart surgery from before, which landed him in the hospital. Yesterday, he had a brain hemorrhage and that resulted in emergency brain surgery.

Even if he pulls through this, there is no hope for him getting his life back to what it was. But I fear we will lose another friend this year. What are the odds?

He was always connected to our dogs. He fell in love with Hieronymus when he met him, and never a time would go by after we lost Hieronymus that he wouldn’t come up in conversation with us. The strange thing was that he got his stroke the year Hieronymus died. It is so not surprising that this would happen to him the year Plato died.

Back in 1996/97, Stan’s parents lost their dog that they had had a long time, and a few months later Stan’s father died.

I always had a feeling that when Plato died, someone close to me would die. I am afraid it will be prophetic.

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5 thoughts on “Astronomical Odds

  1. I believe he would want to let go if he could choose his fate at this point. I think about him a lot and will miss him very much. I can count the best male friends I’ve had on one hand and the year of 2010 looks like it is going to take half of them away from me… away from us.

  2. You always wonder if there was something we could have done to prevent this, and logically, I know there is absolutely NOTHING we did or didn’t do. This was a problem he would’ve had regardless. But still, you wonder. What if you did something differently…or what if a butterfly hadn’t flapped its wings,,,you know, quantum stuff.

  3. It also makes me wonder if the numbers are bad. I’m not sure where to look for these numbers, but it seems like some sort of cosmic connection.

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