DREAM with Tim…Symbolic for Something?

I was in a building that seemed familiar. It was sort of like the cross between my two art studios when I was in grad school…the Inhumanities Building and the Education Building. I don’t know if Stan was with me, but there were other people there. I was on the 4th floor (the floor where Tim spent much of his time when he was in the hospital), and there were elevators near windows, which was not like any of the above-mentioned buildings. I’m looking around and anticipating seeing rooms that are classrooms, but instead they are hospital rooms. Tim was in a wheel chair, and he was going down to the first floor with some other people. I look out a window by an elevator, and I see Tim. He’s laughing and knocking on the window. Somehow he is trapped outside the building and he can’t get back in, or back on the elevator. We (me and the other people standing around in the hall) are trying to figure out how to get him back inside where it is warm. He didn’t seem too angry about it…he seemed to think it was funny.

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3 thoughts on “DREAM with Tim…Symbolic for Something?

  1. Seems symbolic…he’s outside trying to get back in, but he can’t. Maybe he wants to come back….if there is a greater consciousness, that is, like what we were talking about. His consciousness wants access to this plane of existence?

  2. Maybe he is happy because he doesn’t have to go back into the hospital. I would think his consciousness would want to talk with people he knows, just like we wish we could still talk to him.

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