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Charlie Gaddafi Versus Sleepy The Gerbil

Is it just me, or is it hard to distinguish between the delusional rantings of Charlie Sheen and Muammar Gaddafi lately? Other than one speaks Arabic and the other speaks English, sort of….I did recognize a few words here and there during the interview that they keep playing over and over on the news.

I was also considering adding the megalomaniacal stylings of Governor Walker to the mix to create some three-headed apocalyptic beast, but…it doesn’t really fit. I mean the Charlie Gadaffi character is angry, grizzled, wrinkly, and drug-addled, whereas Walker is slick, smooth, and almost childlike. He doesn’t anger…he just slicks over all the issues, never directly addressing them or directly answering questions. Doesn’t miss a beat. And then afterward you’re just left wondering, “what did he say? what does that even mean?” Sort of like you’re left wondering what Muammar Sheen said too.

No, direct comparisons really can’t be made between Walker and the above-mentioned more wild-eyed narcissists. Walker’s somnambulist eyes appear to show a rather dim-witted nature–someone who’s scholastically-challenged. In fact, if I were to design a mascot based on him, I would use Sleepy The Gerbil, a pet I had as a child. Sleepy was sort of a dumb gerbil with droopy eyes and mouth sort of like Scotty’s. But his poor dumb little schoolboy looks belie the true bully inside–a tyrant who has no respect for democracy and debate and will resort to trickery just to get his way, but will use that same democracy to propel himself into power as an elected official of the very same government that he wants to dismantle.

Politics 101

The Joke That’s Been Making Its Rounds Today. It explains very clearly what is going on. No one knows where it originated, but it’s everywhere:

A union worker, a Tea Partier, and a CEO are sitting at a table. On the table is a plate with 12 cookies. The CEO reaches over and takes 11 cookies. He looks at the Tea Bagger and says, “Better watch out for that union guy, he’s going to want part of your cookie.”

Give Peace a Chance–In the Mainstream Media!

I have a theory about why the protests in Madison (over 70,000 Saturday) are not being paid attention to by Mainstream Media (MSM).

It’s peaceful. No arrests.

People marching, walking, shouting, singing, standing and carrying signs does not good ratings make.

They want sensationalism. Regardless how important these issues are–and there are even more items in the bill than what we are hearing about regarding unions–MSM won’t report on events without things blowin’ up real good, car chases, or psychotic celebrities.

It’s just too midwest nice. Well, until someone ends up in a woodchipper, people like myself will have to rely on the internet to get my news. Here’s the latest:

Walker is reportedly ordering windows bolted shut on the Capital (If this is in fact true, he is defacing a historical monument). They’re also not letting people back into the capital after they said they would return to regular business hours after it was cleaned last night. And AFSCME is filing Unfair Labor Practices against Walker.

Megalomaniacal yet?

We’re in There, Somewhere

Excellent Pictures of the Wisconsin Protests at The DailyKos

Maybe not in those photos, but we’re that crowd of humanity.

Favorite sign in that collection is: “I don’t believe in the tooth fairy, the easter bunny, or Walker’s Silent Majority.

We saw one dissenting sign during the whole protest. One guy with a pro-Walker sing. One. In fact, I didn’t even see him. Stan did. Someone must have told the guy that Rush Limbaugh was around the corner, so he ran to catch him. ‘Cause I didn’t even see him.

Excerpts from Keith Olbermann’s latest post

And that is why what’s going on in Wisconsin thanks to this nitwit Scott Walker (elected Governor while the usually bright and with-it people there of all political stripes slept), is vital to every American. Wisconsin wasn’t selected by the Koch Brothers and the Rovian Wannabes at random, nor was this year. Wisconsin was the first state to provide collective bargaining rights to public workers – exactly fifty years ago.

I told you about this buffoon Walker last September when he put out at an ad in which he showed himself wearing boxing gloves – and a shirt and a tie – while he ranted against his opponent, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett. That would be the Barrett who had been severely beaten up when he stepped in to a domestic dispute among people he didn’t know, to try to protect a woman and her infant granddaughter. Barrett might never regain full use of one hand and candidate Walker decided to advertise how he was going to don boxing gloves to, you know, beat up the cripple. Even before he took office, Gene Robinson and I told you how Walker killed off a high-speed rail line project between Madison and Milwaukee because Walker claimed the 5500 jobs it would bring to Wisconsin weren’t ‘the right kind.’

from FOK, Wisconsin and “The Union”

I Wish it was May…

…so I could stay longer at the protest. Or I could come back home and ride back on my bike. Feet hurt too much, legs and face were too cold, so we came home. The bus was PACKED…hardly any standing room left going down there. I was hoping it wouldn’t break down. I sat on Stan’s lap to make room for more people boarding. I felt so energized, I wanted to stay longer. I’ll rest up and we can head back again on some weeknight. Not as big a crowd, but we’ve still got to populate the building and get heard. So many people there…it was massive. Lots of good vibes. I hope Stan can find some old silk long underwear I can wear next time so my thighs don’t freeze. Or maybe I’ll wear some pjs underneath my pants.

Took a sign that said “I ♥ WI 14 like the ones I sell. On the reverse it was a pic of Scotty in a corner with a dunce cap on his head. It said “CORNERED!” on top, thought bubble coming out of scotty’s head saying “Look, ma, no brain!” and a comment on the side saying “Where there’s no sense, there’s no feeling.”

I made another sign that Stan carried like a couple of my recent bumper stickers. I only have two pieces of red clothing, both of which are crew socks, so I wore a pair of those. I need some more red clothing if I’m going to do this more…who knows how long these protests will last.

We picked up stray signs and gave them a good home…a couple AFSCME “It’s about freedom” signs we put outside taped over an old lawn sign.

So good to see all the support for all workers this has garnered across the nation.


I went to the protest yesterday evening. Not much time to write about it, but it is all a very peaceful protest (loud, but peaceful, yes, I know that’s an oxymoron, but it is), thousands of people at least inside the capitol, which does NOT have all the trash lying around like the right wing will have you believe. Actually, it smelled good. I smelled some alcohol, but then I realized what it was…HAND SANITIZER!

Not like the 1960s at all, where the protesters were at odds with the police. Police are UNITED with the protesters. They know that even though they are exempted from the cuts for now, they will be on the chopping block down the road.

Don’t believe any of the negative hype regarding the protesters you hear on the national media, especially FAUX News et al. It is all lies. I know. I was there.

Planning to go back today. Will be a huge crowd, but it will be very cold, so I don’t know how long we can stay. We’re taking the bus this time.

We all are in jeopardy if budget-repair bill is passed

That is not my title. That is a suggested title from someone from the comments section of the article titled “Appleton bus service in jeopardy if budget-repair bill is passed” from The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Read it. It explains better than I can reiterate here what will happen to much of the Public Transportation in Wisconsin if The Budget Despair Bill passes.

What really pisses me off are some of the commenters with sentiments like “Instead of a bus service, bike, walk, call a neighbor.” That is so idiotic and unrealistic, that I am not even going to honor it, or assault it, with my usual approach of giving a list of examples as to why that is not feasible. If you can’t figure it out, you obviously have no problem solving or critical thinking skills, have probably never had to steadily rely on any of those modes of conveyance yourself, or live in a town called Mayfield or Mayberry where it’s always 72 degrees and sunny and your neighbors are either The Cleavers or Sheriff Taylor. No, don’t just get a life, get a real life, with real problems and dilemmas that can’t always easily be solved by some silly idealistic solution that doesn’t actually work in the real world.

Okay, so I did stray a little and rattle off a rant that was a little listy example-ish. But come on. Bike, walk, call a neighbor to get to your job 5 miles across town in the snow every day? Puhlease.

Ever notice no one was ever physically disabled in Mayfield?