Puppet Speaks to Fake Master

From Wonkette, inside the creepy mind of Scott Walker: Guy Pretending To Be David Koch Has Lengthy Conversation With Scott Walker.

What a Kochsucker.


More on this story at MotherJones, where they also have part 2 of the interview.

What a Kochwhore. All these Democratic lawmakers trying to get through, but can’t reach him. He won’t take their calls. But when Koch Komes a Kallin’, hey, he’s all ears.

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6 thoughts on “Puppet Speaks to Fake Master

  1. This is all over Twitter, and although I don’t tweet, I’m watching the Google Realtime, and the funniest tweet so far is @unsupervised:
    BREAKING: Scott Walker just seen running down the street trying to catch his refrigerator.

  2. I am very happy about the fake interview. It shows that this man is only interested in blowing up his own ego with attention from people like the Koch brother. Also…. he is very easily fooled.

  3. He is such a dupe.

    I don’t know if this is a synesthesia sort of thing or what, but have you ever looked at someone and they look like a word? When I look at Scott Walker, his face says “dupe.” It almost looks like his mouth forms the word “dupe.”

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