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Arrest Scott Walker

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Remember this poster I made and carried one night? It’s a screenshot of the Psychic Google Search box. You plug in the term “Scott Walker is” and it reads your mind. Well, Google never ceases to amaze. This morning I decided for the hell of it to enter the word “arrest” followed by a space in the Google Search box, and whaddyaknow, “Arrest Scott Walker” is the first suggestion it shows. Amazing.

Edited to add: The same thing happens with the word “impeach.” And of course, good old “recall.” Try it.

Dead Friends DREAM

Weird dream–Tim was standing on a tall utility stool, like the height of a barstool, but utility grade metal, like the kind that were abundant in the art building @ CSU. He was fixing something on a wall or ceiling. He says “I saw your friend Brian.” I then started asking him questions like “how did you know it was him?” or “how do you know Brian?” or “where did you see him?”
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Who’d Have Thought…Maine?

Yes, it’s probably the most conservative of all the other New England states, and yes, it’s isolated by itself up there and is unusual in that it’s the only state in the Bottom 48 that only borders one other state…but who would’ve thought it would be so radical in its decision to remove a mural depicting its state’s labor history?
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