Out of Children Wedlock?

I Don’t Heart Huckabee.

(Actually, I Heart I Heart Huckabees, The Movie…It is absolutely one of the best movies in the last 10 years…hilarious, one of my faves, but that is not what this is about)

Did Mike Huckabee actually say “out of children wedlock” when groaning ‘n moaning about single mothers? Just what does that mean, anyway? Out of Children Wedlock? I’m taking a guess it means something like empty nesters? You know, the couple whose kids have all left home? They’re out of children. Or maybe it’s people like me and Stan…we’re married, but without kids. He probably hates that too…marriage is for procreatin’ for them religulous types.

Yeah, I know, so he mixed up his words. It’s still funny.

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  1. Republicans can find something wrong with everyone. They seem to only be able to talk about people in terms of depreciation claims.

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