Who’d Have Thought…Maine?

Yes, it’s probably the most conservative of all the other New England states, and yes, it’s isolated by itself up there and is unusual in that it’s the only state in the Bottom 48 that only borders one other state…but who would’ve thought it would be so radical in its decision to remove a mural depicting its state’s labor history?

The mural has been removed. The only bright side is that it was dismantled, and what I gather it is still intact in storage, as opposed to being totally painted over and destroyed completely. Still, I would think the artist would be devastated about this. I know I would be. What’s he going to replace it with, corporate ads?

This recent slew of radical Republican governors are nothing but a bunch of corporate puppets and childish bullies with no respect for workers, artists, intellectuals, womens’ rights, hell, what else have you got?

Before our Snot was elected, I was saying during the primaries and before the November election that he reminded me of someone from grade school or junior high that would be a total little jerk and bully, making fun of everything that he didn’t understand…just something about him…his expression, his attitude, very revealing. And that is indeed what he is showing himself to be right now. A little bully destroying everything he and his puppet masters (Koch Bros.) do not approve of. Capitalism was child’s play. Corporatism is the new way.

And let me say this…you think March was weird? Wait until April.

Hey, but on the bright side, I’m hearing that they have over enough signatures already to recall Randy Hopper. The randy hopper from Fon du Lac with the Mistress in Madison. With a name like that…you just can’t make this stuff up.

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