#%&@! Time Sheet Dream

The most reoccurring dream that I have is that I haven’t completed college…sometimes undergrad but mostly grad school. I usually have several semesters left to complete, and I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to do it and pay for it.

The next most reoccurring dream is that I’m still working at Depressions and I have to fill out one of those pesky time sheets. I can’t even remember if that is what they were called, but they were a sheet where you had to record the time you started a job, what the job’s number (like a work order) was, what you did while you were working on the job (paste-up, Mac, Penta, keying, proofreading, whatever [most of those terms are outdated, except for Mac]) and the time you ended a job. You also had to account for other things you did not on a job, like your breaks, or if you were doing Research and Development (learning how to use one of the computers, for instance), or whatever menial task you were doing…I guess that included meetings and cake parties. I think only the most anal and aspergian of employees remembered to record everything. Most people, like myself, hated using them. I guess they wanted to make sure they were billing customers correctly, and they wouldn’t want to bill illustration the same amount as proofreading, so I can see the point from a billing perspective, but as a worker they were just horrible to use. I always forgot to record something, to check out of a job before I started another, and then I’d be engrossed in something and forgot to record when I started on it, so I’d have to make a lot of wild guesses. Aaaack. It was just so left brain and I wasn’t adapted to it. It was also like something my dad would have really gotten into (hence, the aspergian character of it).

I had a dream last night that I was working at Depressions and kept forgetting to fill in my time sheet. I was also trying to find my time card (don’t know if that’s what it was called…different from the time sheet, this was the card that you put in the time punch clock which only recorded the hours you were at work, not time spent on various jobs). I kept looking in a stack of other people’s time cards, but couldn’t find mine (probably because I hadn’t worked there for like…15 years…and the place has been gone poof for more than half of that?) I can’t remember much else about the dream…I hate recording time.

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4 thoughts on “#%&@! Time Sheet Dream

  1. Strange, I never have dreams that I’m still working on education in any way. I do have work dreams sometimes, but they are usually with the job I have now.

    The depressions building is really looking shabby lately. I think it has been vacant for a long time. That job was so 1990s. I think you are a lot happier not going to that job. They seemed sort of focused on fussy little useless parts of work and were probably missing the forest for the trees – as the saying goes.

  2. I didn’t mind the work, and I liked it when they used me as a homeworker, but I did not like going there. People were a bit unfriendly.

    I wouldn’t be able to do that kind of work now even if I wanted to due to my eyesight.

  3. I’m sorry about the eye sight limitation. I can’t see any reason for wanting to do that kind of work anyway now. They were generous about the homeworker thing, but it seemed like the place was in serious decline around that time too. If they had been successful can you imagine them still shooting work over to you now? You would probably groan every time a new job came up.

  4. Assuming I could still read whatever they gave me, if it was steady work that I could count on, I wouldn’t mind it. But it seemed so sporadic, and when it did come in there was such a hurry to get it done so I couldn’t plan on anything else, but couldn’t live on the small amount that they gave me. Does that make sense? Really annoying.

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