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April 2011
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Monthly Archives: April 2011

The Royal Wedding According to Dreamland and “The Vuitonizer”

Surreal Dreamland Vuitton Bandana Royal Wedding Dress Fabric

So I wake up in the middle of the night as I always do, go to the bathroom, can’t get back to sleep, so I turn on the radio. WPR always carries BBC overnight, so naturally I am listening to a live broadcast of the royal wedding. As I typically do with the radio in the background, I start to fall asleep:
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Foreign Birdcams

Here are some birdcams I found that are not in the US. Some may be in a language other than English, so the statistics and details may be unreadable for many English-speaking viewers. They are nonetheless interesting to tune in on.
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Birds too Hitchcocky for you?
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Fun with Themes!

Since I got the latest Artisteer 3.0 I’ve been looking at all the new features and decided to redo this design.
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The Decorah eagles is probably the most popular birdcam right now. I’ve been watching it since before the 2nd egg hatched. But it is not the only one out there.
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Pretty Little Bird Cams

If the birdcams I mentioned earlier were a bit on the muted-tone side, I’ve got some treats for you:
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Baby Cardinal?

I found a Cardinal Cam: orlandobirdnest and I think a baby just hatched!

Artisteer 3.0

Artisteer 3.0 just came out the other day. This version allows for fluid width, and editability so you can create actual web pages directly in the program, instead of saving out a template and editing in BBEdit or another text editing program.
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Spooky Dream with Matt

Strange dream where I was talking to Matt.
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The Barn Owl, IMHO, is the absolute strangest bird in the world.
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If you have been addicted to watching the Decorah Eagle Cam like I have, you’ve been watching the baby eaglets go from eggs to cute babies to…those awkward years.
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Another Weird House Dream

Another dream involving the interior of a house.
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The Many Reasons Why I Hate Facebook

I do not use facebook except to redirect to my own websites and galleries. Listed are the reasons I dislike it. I will update as necessary.
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Vivid Dreams with Houses

I had a long, complicated dream last night that mostly involved people I’d never met inside of colorful interiors.
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Bittersweet Anniversary

Coming up, April 23 is the anniversary of when Plato decided to get old.
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